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    I found this site from a friend today. I have been sick for two weeks with cold, bronchitis and sinus infection. I am on second round of antibiotics. I do not want to be sick and I do not want to be on antibiotics. I believe in Jesus and I believe He created enough for me to eat well and live well. I also am overweight (about 70 lbs) and I want to lose weight.

    I read a lot of the articles on this sight and am very impressed. It seems to be the answer to my prayers.

    So I am starting my Journal today.

    Here goes.

    Name: Rose

    Weight to Lose: 70 lbs

    Goals: 1. To be healthy

    2. To lose 70 lbs

    3. To learn how to eat better the primal way.

    4. To exercise regularly.

    5. To spend more time outside, playing and

    having fun.

    6. To spend time everyday in Prayer with Jesus

    7. To lose weight and eat healthier so I can

    get off of medicines and get of Sleep


    I will write what I eat for one week to help me get focused, may be longer if I have problems.

    Breakfast: 2 blueberry muffins (with a lot of white flour and sugar). I ate these before I read the articles.

    V-8 berry Juice


    Lunch: 1 egg over easy in olive oil, small amounts of grits and dab of butter, wild salmon and saute' onions, mushrooms, green onions and garlic in olive oil.

    I ate mushrooms and I don't like the way they taste but I made myself eat them. They were't that bad, but ate them with the salmon and other veggies.

    Drinkin a glass of filtered water with fresh squeezed lemon now.

    Medicine Today: For low Thyroid, acid reflux, antibiotics, decongestant and antihistamine.

    Thanks Mark for putting all of this together. It was like it was meant for me to read. More later