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Metamorphose's Baby Steps Toward a Better Me.

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  • Metamorphose's Baby Steps Toward a Better Me.

    Argh, where to even start. Was in pretty good shape and pretty active until I was about 20 then have slowly put on the pounds. My heaviest non-pregnant adult weight was around 240 lbs (ARGH! tell me about it, I'm only 5'4"). I didn't even weigh myself when I was that big. The heaviest weight I've seen on the scale is 224.

    A little about me; I'm 5'4", I don't feel comfortable disclosing my current weight amongst all you fabulous hotties that are so much farther along in your journies than I am. We'll say it's not my heaviest recorded weight anymore, but nowhere near where I would like to be. Of course I would like to be smaller and LGN, but I would like my body to do the things it used to be able to do when I was a dancer (tap, jazz, and ballet...not THAT sort of dancing, LOL).

    I'm on an extremely tight budget and that sometimes affects what I can afford as well as I must cater to several picky eaters. Well I don't HAVE to, but my personality is such that I really like making people happy, so there we are, LOL. I've been known to just pass on what everyone else is having and just make a salad. I would like to eventually be feeding everybody what I can eat, but that's slow going.

    Also my exercise time is pretty limited since I prefer to be alone (or only in the company of people doing what I'm doing). Exercising with people sitting there watching me creeps me right the hell out). I suppose that's odd, but that's me. *shrugs* Forcing myself to exercise with the kids staring at me would just make it not happen. That being said, 3/4 of my kids are pretty active (one is a teenager and so she knows EVERYTHING about diet and exercise and Mom is a fool...LOL)

    Right now, I'm doing the Angry Birds workout from and I'm sorta using this blog to keep track of what exactly I'm doing. I track my diet on, but the exercise journal over there is really lacking. For those of you curious about the workout: The Angry Birds Workout Plan | Nerd Fitness

    I started with level 1 everything on Saturday.

    30 squats in 2 sets (level up, yay!)
    40 incline push ups in 3 sets
    30 one arm rows (both sides) in 1 set (level up, yay!)
    60 sec planking in 3 sets. Planking is WAY harder than it looks!

    They suggest doing this every other day, so I guess that's what I'll do and try to take walks, do yoga, or play Just Dance on the off days.

    Today, I'm on level 2 for squats and rows and 1 for push ups and planking. Also, I added a "butt lift" sort of exercise I found in a book that I do immediately after I do each set of my squats and just do as many as I can tolerate (you sorta lay with your upper half on the corner of a waist-high surface and lift your legs and bring them together):

    50 squats in 3 sets
    33 "butt lifts" in 3 sets
    40 incline push ups in 3 sets
    20 inverted rows in 4 sets (arrrgh, and just barely and I think my form is really bad, but I'm not sure, TBH).
    60 seconds of planking in 3 sets.

    No leveling up today, but I figure the more I do this, the better I will do.

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    You know what's funny about me doing the Angry Birds workout? I've actually never played Angry Birds. LOL.

    Today I am less sore than I was after the first 2 days of my Angry Birds workout (I'm doing it every other day, as the site recommends; yesterday on my "off" day I did a bunch of Just Dance 2. Very fun. Plus I'm going to a Halloween Party in a little over a week so I gotta freshen up my dance moves (one of the perks to having a friend who's a professional DJ, for realz).

    Anyways, today I did:

    50 squats in 3 sets
    40 incline push ups in 2 sets (level up, yay!)
    36 "butt lifts" in 3 sets (starting each set immediately after the squats and just doing as many as I can)
    20 inverted rows in 4 sets (arrrrgh, these are awful! But less awful than they were Monday, just a little)
    60 seconds of planking in 2 sets (another level up!)

    With the exception of the push ups, I'm on level 2 for everything now. :-) Not awesome, but I'm improving.
    60 seconds


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      Woo hoo, I leveled up in my squats today! Of course, I'll probably regret this when I have more to do Sunday, LOL.

      Ate very well yesterday, go me. LOL.

      Today I did:

      50 squats in 2 sets
      36 butt lifts in 2 sets
      20 regular (not inclined for the first time) push ups in 3 sets
      20 inverted rows in 3 sets (getting better at these, but I still feel like my form isn't that great)
      2 minutes of planking in 4 sets. Feeling this one in my abs! My goodness!

      Halloween is coming, must avoid the candy! So far, so good. I keep seeing the bags of candy corn and not buying them. Mostly I'm not even remotely craving the bad stuff I usually do. Not even tortilla chips. Even tho there is an open bag on the counter and I could so easily nom them. I've completly left them alone. Used to be a HUGE weakness of mine.


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        Workout today! Yesterday we played on a playground and did bits of the obstacle course. A guy walking a dog watched me walk with my arms across some dip bars which was embarassing. I think he meant well.

        Anyways, today I did:

        70 squats in 4 sets
        50 "butt lifts" in 4 sets
        20 inverted rows in 3 sets
        2 minutes of planking in 3 sets.

        I don't know if I look any different yet. I'm trying to be patient. Ate very well today, except had a small slice from a frozen pizza. But it didn't even taste good. Perhaps that shall be my last.


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          Was busy, busy, busy yesterday but I made sure I got my workout in first thing so it would get done (and dudes, I even wound up having to put my laundry off for a day because of it). Yay prioritizing, LOL. Don't worry, I have plenty of clean drawers.

          Anyhow. Monday I wound up doing yoga which felt really good, but I'm not sure how "exercise-y" that is.

          Yesterday I did:

          70 squats in 3 sets
          50 "butt lifts" in 3 sets
          20 inverted rows in 3 sets (but I sorta hurt the back of my neck this time. I think I was somehow pulling harder with my right arm)
          2 minutes of planking in 3 sets.

          Not sure that I look any better. I'm weighing myself tomorrow. I feel different inside tho. Like my butt and legs feel tighter, maybe my upper back too. I'm also not craving the crap I previously craved and couldn't resist. Need healthy, proteinaceous things to feel sated and well fed.