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  • Ch-ch-ch-changing It Up! (morningmoon)

    I've been going Primal for the last week or so, after reading about others having great success with weight loss and fixing health issues on another forum site. I bought the book for my Kindle and I'm well into it. I am sooo happy with how I'm feeling, what I get to eat, and the success I am enjoying in such a short time. I am starting a journal to just keep track of things as I go along.

    I started at 182lbs and have lost 2 lbs already. I'm weighing on Sunday mornings. I have a weight goal of 140lbs but no timeline. I prefer the goal of simply being healthy in every aspect of my life, including weight.

    I'm recording a few measurements and will check once in awhile for changes.

    Waist=39 1/2"
    Arm (L)=13 1/2"
    Size 16 Eddie Bauer jeans

    I started out with my usual rebellious nature...I WILL eat oatmeal, milk, peanut butter, and some sugar. At it turns out, I'm not having near the issues with NOT eating those things as I expected. Probably sugar is still my biggest issue. And I'm not struggling too mightily with that, even. I'm dealing with most actual cravings...and there aren't many...with a spoon of coconut manna or coconut butter or even coconut oil.

    I got the real flu this week, but no "carb flu" at all. I've had it before when I did Atkins/Protein Power/90s low carb style eating. I lost 50lbs then, and have the same 50lbs to lose again now.

    I am a hiker. I spent most of the summer hiking twice a week or more in Washington's Cascades. I had a three day backpack on Mt Rainier. And I was all set to go 6 days into The Enchantments when I got stress fractures in my foot. I'm a little sidelined until I see the podiatrist and figure out what I am going to be able to do as this heals. I MISS my mountains and solitude and the feelgood that comes from walking out there. And the snowshoes and skis are whispering "let me out of this closet!"

    I'm somewhat concerned about feeding my husband. He'll eat anything I put in front of him, that's not the problem. More, it's that I won't be feeding him enough carbs, and he really doesn't need to lose weight. He typically buys lunch at work...teriyaki being his favorite. I sometimes send food with him, and have added in some of the higher carb and poisonous things still around from the pantry clean. (He really wouldn't like it if I threw stuff away or even donated it...he's like that.) Eventually that will run out and I will prefer not to restock those things. So it's something I'm thinking about.

    At any rate, I welcome comments, suggestions, and support as I move into this Way of Eating and Way of Being In The World.

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    Another hiker here! I remember when Woodinville was pastures with one skinny road going through it and Molbak's was just a few greenhouses. Heck, I used to babysit the Molbak kids! My hometown is Bothell where I went to high school and met my hubby.

    My husband, who is doing this journey with me, is very much a sugar fiend. We've been at this four months and he no longer wants to eat the sugary stuff. His cardiologist is beyond pleased that he is eating this way. As for me, you and I wear the same size jeans but even the longs are too short for me. This way of eating is something we'll be sticking with for life as we both feel so much better on it. He has dropped 25 + pounds by not eating sugar and grains where I am down 18. I NEVER tell him what he can and cannot eat. He makes his own choices!

    Glad to see you here!
    Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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      Oh, what really helps is having a high protein breakfast. It keeps you full and you just do not want to snack!
      Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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        Thanks honeybuns. I was reading your journal...what fun! Where are you? Where are you going for your birthday hike? I did the Alger Alp for my birthday on a sunny day back in February.

        I've been struggling with breakfast sometimes. Just not hungry until later in the morning or early afternoon. I don't have the knowledge yet to call it Intermittent Fasting nor do I quite get the Leptin Reset thing. But I try to eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm satisfied... When I do eat breakfast it is delicious, full of protein and good fat, and I am generally not hungry again until evening.


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          I am currently living halfway between Aberdeen and Montesano so I do most of my hiking in the Olympics. I think I'll take my sister up Mt. Ellinor on my birthday as that will give her both the old forest and great views. There are some great boulders partway up that will be a good place to have a meal before we turn around and head back down. Heck, I don't want to break her!!

          Breakfast for us is at 10:45am, so technically brunch. You are doing well with recognizing that you should eat when you are hungry and stop when you are satisfied. The best advice i can give you is to not try to do too much too soon. Get comfortable with this way of eating before you worry about IF, Leptin reset or anything else.
          Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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            Monday Monday...

            Not a song of woe today. The sun is shining, I went for a walk in the woods...urban woods, but woods nonetheless and played/exercised in the sunshine at the park. Nice. Berry nice.

            I am going to plug Starbuck's today. They have some really great bistro box lunches. The Protein Plate has fruit, cheese, peanut butter, and an egg...just have to discard the bread thingie. Today I had the Salumi & Cheese box...peppered salami, dry salami, and procuitto with asaigo cheese and olives in a little container that I am going to be reusing. I kept the separately wrapped akmak wheat crackers the Spouse, they'll go in his lunch one day soon. I think some of the other boxes would work well for a Primal lunch out...meat and veggies or fruit and nuts. Just have to lose whatever bread thing they have put in it. I think the cost is usually around $6.95, which isn't too bad for a lunch out.

            Now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

            The exercise at the park included what I call my bootcamp workout. I've been doing it Primal style for all the years I've done it, rather than the killer bootcamp workouts out there. Walking (used to run but gave that up in favor of hiking for many more years) five minutes then doing a body weight exercise, the walking, exercise... I do walking lunges, squats, tricep dips, push ups, modified pull ups, and row/chin-up thing I am calling playground row, and crunches. Today I did two rounds of the exercises. It was fun, and I feel better than I have for a couple of weeks because I have actually moved in the outdoors the last two days.

            For dinner I think I'm going to cook up a steak that's thawed in the fridge and green beans with either bacon or butter. I am steadily going through the conventionally grown meats I had in the freezer when I started this WOE and after it's gone I will be being buying strictly organic and grass-fed. I've been to Whole Foods, my local co-op market (PCC), and Trader Joe's, checking out what's available. Sadly, I've started this WOE at the end of the farmer's market season, although Seattle does have at least one year-round market I will have to visit soon. Costco, where the Spouse likes to shop, has a few organic items...more all the time, too, like ground beef and chicken, butter, and a few other things that are suitable.


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              As if I needed confirmation, but it is nice to see it officially endorsed!


              The Claim - Exposure to Plants and Parks Can Boost Immunity -