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Primal Journal-Matey...... 1.Grok around the clock

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  • Primal Journal-Matey...... 1.Grok around the clock

    Oh woe..Its way gone midnight and I feel dreadful. I ate a small piece of my daughters birthday cake yesterday and boy do I wish I hadn't!
    Stomach ache, feel sick , gurgling insides, and well you probably know the rest.
    Have spent more than a month getting all the crap out of my system too. How long does this take to get through the system?
    Now I remember why my mother used to does me up with milk of magnesia....and why I refused to eat breakfast, as a young child, before school in the morning I would curl up on the chair so that she couldn't feed me cereals.

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    I'm feeling well again, just about. I certainly won't be eating any christmas cake! How ever i made some damned fine little almond cakes as a try out for my sons birthday party next month. Husbands approved them.
    I really must empty the cupboard of all that crap food. Getting the rest of the family on side is really important to me now. Husband, surprisingly happy to follow the primal food plan. 18 year old daughter not so, won't eat fish, doesn't realy like meat, feels deprived if not given potatoes,will moan if her ham for school sandwiches hasn't got enough nitrates, ie tastes like ham!
    Never mind she goes offf to uni next year and we can indulge our selves in good food and excersize. Oh happy days!


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      breakfast bacon omlete a big one, snack hand full of hazel nuts,
      dinner bowl full of mussels in cream and garlic and huge salad with home made mayo.
      an almond and dark chocolate biscuit, cos i needed something sweet.
      still feeel a bit wobbly from eating a does of wheat.. totally self inflicted I must admit. I won't be doing it again it's now 4 days and getting better.
      Walk in the woods for an hour and feel happy, it's getting autumnal, the first frosts can't be far away and I'm looking out for sloe bushes and rose hips for picking once they have had a frost on them.
      I made a big batch of Elderberry syrup for the winter about 3 weeks ago. It really keeps the flu at bay, one glug in a glass of hot water, works wonders.
      I have ordered a bottle of Floridix magnesium, hope to go fetch it frm Asda pharmacy tomorrow.


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        21 day total tweeking

        I've bought a copy of the 21total transformation, although I've been eating Primal for about 6 months and feel loads better. GERD has gone completely and so has all my dry itchy skin, which I lived with for at least 20 years.
        I know that paleo isn't a fast fix and it's bound to take time, but have been a liitle dissapointed at not having lost any weight for 3 months now. So I have decided to try to kick start it again with the help of the journal in the book. it should give me focus and tell me were I can improve and adjust my diet to not only feel better , but look better too.

        I've decided to radically cut my carbs, to less than 20g, i was doing 50g a day up til now.
        I sit here creeping up the wall, having had a mushroom omlette for breakfast and a bowl of mussels for lunch, with a spoon of heavy cream and some crispy bacon. I am getting a carb craving, is that good or bad?
        I cut out all milk 3 weeks ago and now prefere my tea black with a slice of lemon than with milk. Haven't had coffee for a month now, and don't miss it at all.
        I have not had a 'tatoe but did have some curry the other night at my brothers place, after all life's too short to refuse a good curry when it's offered!
        Any way, I'll see how it goes, and am looking forward to some fat burning!