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  • KittyKat's Journal to freedom

    Well here we are - finally a spot to relax, write my thoughts and actions down and be accountable too me. I have a 1 year old so time for myself is rare but it feels great to finally give myself the time and planning I need to regain health and adding a bit of vanity in, my old figure!

    Without going into to the past too much my weight has generally always yo-yo'd, I have PCOS and also know that this way of life and eating is right for me and my body type.. I started on 14 September 2011 doing really low carb and probably low calorie come to think of it then I dusted off my copy of PB and remembered the health and sanity that this way of life brings so it was natural to refine my efforts and start Primal! thats been a few weeks now and its all flooding back to me... i cracked open the coconut oil and read all the Primal recipies I could find and here we are.

    The last week I have been tweaking and decided to remove milk and have lost another 2 pounds! Here are the stats.

    Weight at end of pregnancy = 198
    Weight @ 14 September 2011 = 180 via Low Carb/Low Cal then PB Low Carb
    Weight @ 14 October 2011 = 165

    Ideal weight = 140

    I am 5'6"

    I am pretty active running around after my 1 year old but also do strength training twice a week, slow walks a few times a week and HIIT twice a week.

    I only drink water or green tea with the occasional coffee with heavy cream.

    B= protein shake with coconut milk and ice - YUMMMMMMMMM
    L= salmon with lettuce, grilled capsicum, olives, tomatoes and olive oil.
    D= ahhhh I gave the family leftover chicken so had to have cottage cheese, almonds with 4 strawberries! NOT the best considering its dairy but best option of what was available. +g a green tea.

    OK also if anyone reads this please feel free to throw me some comments and suggestions...

    I am not sure what my ratios should be regarding Protein Fat & Carbs but I am trying to keep low carb becuase I know this is how my body responds best for weight loss.

    I plan to chuck in some IF maybe once a week too.

    Plan to make some yummy egg muffins tomorrow so I can have some variety for breakfasts as am a little over bacon and eggs at the moment.

    I feel focused - not tempted and am loving that even in the lsat week I can tell im leaner and am fitting back into some pre pregnancy clothes!!!! Im using some awesome tight jeans as another measure of my success. I can get them on but wouldnt want to sit down in them! HA!!!

    Back on the horse... YEEEHAAA!

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    things have been going well. I unintentionally IF'd yesterday as had breaky and lunch then didnt have anything after 3pm till breakfast this morning at 8am!.... Today the same thing happened -- it was REALLY natural not like it was a clock watching or gut wrenching experience - even with all the cooking I did for the family today!!..... im loving the simplicity of it and the fact that im just NOT hungry!! Food today =

    B - 2 eggs with heavy cream + 1 sausage + black coffee.
    L - salmon, 2 egg muffins, small handfull of blueberries, small handfull of macadamias.

    I was SO satisfied from lunch Im nowhere near hungry...

    I made a huge pie for my husband which smelt nice but just did not interest me....

    Also the last two days I have been doing a lot of walking and heaps of housework going up and down two flights of stairs with numerous amounts of washing and running around after baby and plenty of other general housework/ grocery shopping etc.

    Tomorrow we shall see if I can do a big weights session fasted. I know Ill be wanting breakfast after my workout so Ill be eating some yummy bacon & eggs .... also this morning I woke up like someone had turned a light on. My brain just woke up! No morning fog... I think this is IF related!!

    Back on the horse... YEEEHAAA!


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      I couldnt do my training session fasted as i was realllllly hungry this morning:

      B: 2 egg muffins (eggs, peppers, mushrooms, onion, bacon, spices), berries.
      L: 2 egg muffins, salmon, macadamia nuts, berries:
      D: Was going to fast but got hungry - probably due to the massive working today so had to scrounge for food. Salmon, 1 egg muffin, few strawberries, broccoli and cauliflower with a bit of heavy cream and some macadamias.

      Workout today was hardcore as had a trainer pushing me hard... did walking lunges with 8kg medicine ball and lifting that in the air at the same time, arm excercises - 3 different varieties and can not remember the name of them!, sit ups, planks, squats with medicine ball. My ass was burning but finished with 10 mins of hardcore HIIT on the stepper...

      Want to do some running tomorrow and kettlebells. Want to eat more protein tomorrow.

      Am just feeling leaner... did some clothes shpping today and fitting into smaller sizes!!

      Back on the horse... YEEEHAAA!


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        Feeling really crappy right about now.... its TTOM so maybe thats it... My brain wanted to eat but I wasnt hungry so I told it to shut up! am going to drink some green tea now... actually I think my mood is also becuase I had to miss my gym session today... I was just too sore - am moaning going up and down our stairs let alone trying to do a HIIT plus kettlebell session....

        Enough winging from me - here is my day: about 2 hours of walking.

        B: 3 eggs with some heavy cream.
        L: just over a quarter of a roast chicken with green salad and handful of macadamias.
        D: Im not hungry in my stomache only in my mind so Im not eating till tomorrow.

        Oh and I REALLY believe I have an insensitivity to cows milk as had a splash of it in my coffee at lunch as I wasnt at home to use heavy cream and paid for it later this afternoon - i got bloated and just felt blerrg.. wont be doing that again anytime soon.

        Ok off to do some relaxation now to break this mood. Tomorrow will be positive and hopefully my muscles would have recovered enough for a gym session.

        Back on the horse... YEEEHAAA!


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          Oh my oh my oh my!!!!!! i have been reading but not posting. I ended up ignoring my flu/virus and ended up with mild pneaumonia!!!! thank God for drugs as am feeling MUCH better now!... Hopefully can get back into proper strength training in a few days too.

          I have been about 95 percent primal throughout this whole sickness though and am happy about that. I have been IF'ing every day with my last meal being 2pm and then not eating at all till the next day between 7 and 8 am.... Jumped on the scales this morning and am so happy - I am now 159!!!!!!! so thats down another 6 pounds in 3 weeks - i think thats pretty good?!.......

          Im just going to keep doing what im doing until i plateau as its obviously working - im losing FAT - fitting into smaller sizes, feeling happy and just know this is how I will eat for the rest of my life!!!!! NO MORE DIETS!!!! I honestly feel so free - its liberating not being bound to food and binging on crap.... its more than vanity for me its health and vitality and treating my body like it deserves to be treated.... feeling so positive...

          Oh and today I ate:

          B: protein shake with 100mls coconut milk and ice and coffee with heavy cream
          L: BAS with cucumbers, lettuce, half tomatoe, grilled capsicum, half carrot, goats cheese, and a big piece of crumbed chicken dipped in egg and shredded coconut pan fried in coconut oil, a handful of blueberries and a handful of walnuts and two small pieces of dark chocolate.

          No snacks and no dinner as usual.

          Night all xx
          Back on the horse... YEEEHAAA!


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            Hey KittyKat..
            We seem to have a couple of things in common. My daughter will be 2 this month and I am at 165 lbs hoping to get to a strong 140.
            I have been accidentally IFing most days but mine seems to go from about 7:30 a.m. (I eat breakfast at about 7) to 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Sometimes I skip bf too. I know I need to eat in the afternoon but I wonder if I am eating dinner out of habit instead of hunger. I might try an evening IF this week.

            Anyway... just wanted to say HI!


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              Originally posted by PrimalLace View Post
              Hey KittyKat..
              We seem to have a couple of things in common. My daughter will be 2 this month and I am at 165 lbs hoping to get to a strong 140.
              I have been accidentally IFing most days but mine seems to go from about 7:30 a.m. (I eat breakfast at about 7) to 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Sometimes I skip bf too. I know I need to eat in the afternoon but I wonder if I am eating dinner out of habit instead of hunger. I might try an evening IF this week.

              Anyway... just wanted to say HI!
              Hi PrimalLace! thanks for coming in to say hi!! We do seem to have a lot in common We can do this!!!!! Its not really THAT much more to go but I know the last few are the hardest to lose!... Are you excercising?... I have had to have a break from the gym as have been sick but I am SO excited to get back into things and Im sure I will have less frequent IF days once this happens. You might want to try a bigger breakfast and lunch to enable you to skip dinner?..... I really love not having to worry about dinner and Im sure its better to sleep on an empty stomache...

              All the best and Ill have to come and see your journal
              Back on the horse... YEEEHAAA!


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                I have not been exercising.
                I did just order a pull-up bar though and plan to start doing the Simple Fit workout 3 days a week starting tomorrow. I do feel best when I am working out... strong and healthy.

                Do your hubby and kiddo eat dinner? Do you prepare it or do they fend for themselves?