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  • Shanster's gone primal...

    Hey - new here... not sure anyone would read this but me.

    Been primal for 13 days now. Bought the book and read it before beginning so I'd have an idea about how to proceed.

    Asked the husband if he'd be willing to give it a go for 30 days. We wanted to see how we felt and if this was something we could truly implement as a lifestyle. How difficult will it be? Will we really miss the grains and traditional carbs? I don't know.

    We are focused more on how we feel vs. weight loss (tho we won't complain if we drop weight!). So far I think my energy level is more even keel... no more super sleepy moments. And my belly doesn't seem to get bloaty or poochy at the end of the day.... when I do over eat (never can get the portion control down) I don't feel sick or like I need to sleep for 3 hrs... I feel full but I'm still relatively comfortable... which is weird! But nice!

    Seemed like eliminating grains/legumes would be easier than calorie counting/obsessing/charting/tracking and obsessive exercise. I'm sort of at a loss about the whole exercise/diet psychology.... seems everyone is an expert and each thing you try is "wrong". It's frustrating. I've never been a big beliver in "diets".

    I don't use fitday at this point. I am so impatient to look up the foods and enter them!

    B: 2 scrambled eggs with spinach, coffee with a tsp o' honey and 1/4C goat milk (I have dairy goats and milk them myself so I just can't give up the dairy... )

    S: handful o' almonds

    L: Beef soup with rutabaga and turnips... this soup does have 100% wild rice in it.... read the 100% wild rice was ok occasionally in the book...we are new to this and experimenting... used an old Beef and Barley soup recipie... then tweaked it with the 100% wild rice, root veggies and eliminated the barley.

    D: left over ground beef/chicken broth/garlic/cumin/corriander/sweet potato chili; red wine

    Finding that most recipies we have can be tweaked to eliminate the grains/legumes ... having to be more mindful about eating - grains are EVERYWHERE - I'm not missing the breads or grains at this point in the journey however.

    I worry sometimes about carbs and am I eating the correct things am I getting enough veggies in and then I just tell myself to relax and stay away from grains/legumes and take it one step at a time. Plants, animals, nuts and seeds.... plants, animals, nuts and seeds.... plants, animals, nuts and seeds...

    I did a sprint work out last week --- full out sprint for 40 seconds - walk for a minute and sometimes 2 minutes - 10 reps. Think I need to move more and fit in some grok workouts but find I'm a little intimidated...not sure where to start....

    We do the slow thing pretty well - walk the dogs 2 miles most mornings on the country dirt roads and walk at a fast/business like clip.... but need to figure out the more caveman like workouts....don't know if yoga factors in at all... I enjoy that but realize I need some strength/cardio... (not chronic - I'm not a chronic cardio junkie at all....)

    In fact - think I'll change and head outdoors now for a 30 min. walk... really enjoy walking! Which is nice because most everyone else scoffs that I walk... I have to be chronic cardio I guess for it to "really" count. Was happy to read in the Primal Blueprint that slow and steady is good .... I was doin' sum'thin right!

    Now if I can just fit in a grok work out here and there and keep a sprint workout every 7-10 days....
    We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. - Oscar Wilde

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    I went on vacation... Thurs through Sunday... and I'm pretty sure we stayed primal and true to the lifestyle.

    10/13/11 Thursday was road trip day.
    B: hard boiled egg, apple, coffee with goat milk and tsp sugar
    L: we stopped at a rest area, cut up 2 bell peppers and had some cheese

    Exercise - disc golf in Palisade - husband played, I walked/jogged behind with the dog - we are good disc finders!

    S: banana
    D: we arrived at our friends house - after telling them about our eating habits - my husband's buddy promptly freaked out saying we didn't eat ANYTHING anymore.... luckliy my husband's buddy's wife remained calm... we had pork roast with apples and onions for dinner. *roll eyes* 2 glasses of pinot noir.

    10/14/11 Friday
    Up at at 'em for a 1.5 hr alpine hike at altitude - gorgeous!
    B: 2 overeasy eggs with bacon, coffee with milk and a little sugar
    S: we headed to a disc golf course but it was around lunch - I was starving - we stopped at a gas station where I bought roasted pumpkin seeds...

    We went to the Fruita disc golf course and I walked with while my husband played...1.5 hrs

    L: Husbands buddy was with us and again with the "Well, where CAN you guys eat?" We tell him anywhere... he takes us to Hot Tomato Pizza.... they have fabulous salads! I have a mixed greens salad with walnuts, dried cranberries, goat cheese and grilled chicken. Unsweetened ice tea.... I scarf it down cuz I'm hungry! Satisfying and so tasty!

    D: We cook... baked chix breasts with a slice of pancetta and a slice of havarti.... portabella mushroom caps stuffed with sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts and our homemade chevre from our dairy goats.... dessert is baked peach halves dipped in butter, little bit of cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top... and a little goat cheese mixed with an egg yolk and vanilla placed in the middle of the peaches - tastes like peach pie without the crust - delicious. 2 glasses of red wine....

    10/15/11 Saturday
    B: grapefruit, cheese

    hour long alpine hike with the dog

    L: salami slices, pickles, apple

    we go to town and I'm starving... I pick up a pack of unsalted cashews/almonds/pepitas and raisins from Bed Bath and Beyond while my husband's buddy is running errands and the husband is playing disc golf at the state championships....

    D: we meet my husband at The Hot Tomato... a couple beers and another mixed greens, grilled chix, dried cranberries, walnuts, goat cheese salad - it's so tasty.

    Dessert that night is 71% dark chocolate and some port wine shared between all back at the house.... fabulous

    10/16/11 Sunday:
    B: 2 eggs overeasy, 4 links of sausage, coffee with milk and a little sugar

    Husband goes to play golf, his buddy, his buddy's wife and I go 4 wheeling.... FUN!

    L: We meet husband in Palisade for awards... they aren't done yet so we go to lunch at the brew pub. I have 2 beers.... smoked brisket sandwich with grilled onions/peppers/provolone cheese no bun.... cucumber salad vs. chips.

    D: Nothing really - we are driving back to N. Colorado and we stop at a gas station.... I have an unsweetened ice tea and I buy a pkg of pistachios to snack on....

    I feel really good about sticking to the diet while on vacation!

    It wasn't really very difficult.... other than the husbands buddy freaking out and going on and on and on ad nauseum about how restrictive our diet was.... ?? and we don't feel it really is... we can find things on any menu and we can go anywhere to eat....or have so far and we are day 17 in....
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      10/17/11 Stayed home to recoup from vacation...laundry....clean errands. Don't think I ate as much as I should have ...?

      B: 2C of grapes approx

      S: handful of greek olives

      L: tuna - with CW mayo - haven't made the primal kind yet and 4 red leaf lettuce leaves

      D: teriyaki pinwheel steak with 1/2 of a head o' cauliflour roasted with olive oil, salt, pepper and melted cheddar, 2 glasses red wine
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      We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. - Oscar Wilde


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        10/18/11 stopped at the store yesterday - picked up some more food - our house was sort of bare bones from being away for the weekend....

        B: 2 ham and egg cups... 1.5 C strawberries

        S: handful of walnuts

        L: sweet potato/hamburger chili

        (there is butter toffee at work and it's calling my name but I'm chewing gum instead...hoping the sweet of the sweet potato will assist with my sugar craving....)

        I didn't give in... instead ate a peach and some cheese

        D: rotisserie chix and asparagus with butter

        Walked 2 miles this morning - was going to go to a PT appt for lower back exercises and manip - but he overbooked himself and I missed my yoga class to go to the PT thing... so not much work out.... short ride on my mare when I got home. I moved and played some today!

        really tired today at work and dunno why?
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        We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. - Oscar Wilde


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          B: 2 ham/egg cups, coffee with goat milk - no honey or sugar for the first time - was good!

          L: sliced turkey, peach, handful o' almonds

          D: went to a neighbor's for dinner... they had a tomato based seafood soup with fish, shrimp, tomatos and fake Krab. We brought dessert - 4C of strawberries with 4Tbl of Grand Marnier on top and real heavy whip cream that I whipped up... I did add a little sugar to the whip cream but not much maybe 1/2 of a Tbl?

          drank WAY too much wine... good grief... it just kept flowing and flowing and flowing....

          WOD: awesome dressage clinic with Debbie - 45 min of hard riding
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          We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. - Oscar Wilde


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            today is the husbands birthday - he hasn't decided what he wants for dinner yet... my birthday was the 6th of this month and we splurged with single serving sizes of dessert at Whole paycheck of a creme brulee and a flourless chocolate cake...hoping he'll want to do that again!

            B: 2 ham/egg cups, coffee with milk and again no honey or sugar

            L: Rio Grande to sit on their awesome patio... ice tea, grilled chix salad with avocado, pepitas and I ordered a side of sour cream to mix in with salsa over top

            D: mashed sweet potatoes with butter, NY strip steak and we tried BRUSSEL SPROUTS for the first time.... with butter and toasted almond slivers... they were tasty!

            Dessert - was going to have strawberries but we were too full... no splurging for birthday today! Nice!
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            We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. - Oscar Wilde


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              B - coffee with left over real whip cream (decadent tasting!), strawberries with whip cream and eggs with spinach

              L - co-workers wanted to take me out for my birthday, which was the 6th, but everyone had been sort of out and today everyone was in the office - I was nervous... always get nervous going out or to other people's houses for eating now... worry about temptation or if there will be enough primal things for me to eat... we went to Red Robin... I ordered a bacon cheeseburger with no bun... the waiter asked without blinking an eye if I wanted it wrapped in lettuce. AWESOME! They also had no charge for side salad, steamed broccoli or steamed carrots vs. fries. I paid .79 cents more for sweet potato fries... ate 1/2 my portion cuz I don't know what sort of oil they are cooked in... canola?? And I had 4 regular potato fries.... ice tea.

              D: salmon/sesame seed burgers and broccoli with butter - 2 glasses red wine.

              WOD: 2 mile walk with dogs in the AM before work and a nice ride on my mare when I got home....
              We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. - Oscar Wilde


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                B: eggs with spinach and 1/2 avocado, coffee with milk again with no sugar! yay me!

                Heading out for sprint workout with our "problem" dog... she can use the energy burn too!

                *sprint work out good - 30 second sprint and walk til recovered 10 times* hard!

                L: left over brussel sprouts with toasted almonds and butter, couple turkey slices

                D: had a party to go to... worry worry fret fret.... husband and I ate turkey and some cheese - I had some almonds. Got to the party and there were lots of veggies and some beef brisket... shew! I had 2 beers while there...
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                We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. - Oscar Wilde


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                  Welcome! Sounds like you are doing great!
                  Ancestral Health Info

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                    B: eggs with spinach, avocado and some strawberries/frozen blueberries in real whip cream on the side. Frozen blueberries sort of suck. Tough and chewy. hard to get them down actually ... not sure I can eat the rest of them.

                    We had a pumpkin carving party this day... many non-primals attending. I had broccoli florets, cauliflower, celery with cream cheese, some camembert cheese, almonds and baby carrots there for snack food WE could eat. I snacked on those items thru the day.

                    I had SmartFood popcorn, candy corn, Goldfish and gummy worms (good Halloween theme to put gummy worms in everything) for snacks for non PB... lucky me that all the junk was eaten, most of the good stuff and I had a dinner of the rest of the carrots/cauliflower and broccoli.....

                    oh, and pumpkin seeds. We baked all the pumpkin seeds with a BBQ spice rub and olive oil... delicious! No beer or wine for me - too busy entertaining and being a host.

                    Very odd buying that crap when we don't eat it.... and felt wierd setting it out... I wanted to fall back on old habits and just sort of graze without paying attention but I chose the good stuff vs. the processed stuff.

                    I made a life size/shaped heart from a mold... aorta, vena cava, veins and everything... out of black cherry jello --- VERY creepy looking and I had 2 spoonfuls of that for gross out Halloween factor!
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                      B: 2 ham and egg cups, coffee with milk

                      L: sliced turkey rolled up in a slice of provolone, banana, pumpkin seeds

                      Went to PT today for bad back issues (stem from a car accident when I was 16).... he gave me new stabilizing exercises.... hope they work! Chronic pain issues suck, suck, McSuck.

                      S: more pumpkin seeds - little buggers are tasty!

                      D: Pot roast is in the crock pot with rutabagas, carrots, celery

                      WOD: Ride on my mare, dog agility class
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                      We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. - Oscar Wilde


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                        Up and at 'em early for a walk with the dogs this morning - forgot the cool thing about walking that early in the morning in winter/fall are the shooting stars and beautiful night skies.... made a wish on a shooting star I saw this morning...

                        B: scrambled eggs with spinach and 1/2 of an avocado, 1C OJ (no sugar added), coffee with milk, 3 strips o' bacon

                        L: left over potroast with carrots, celery and rutabagas

                        30 min walk over lunch time....

                        S: handful of almonds

                        D: sirloin chili with tomato sauce/paste and we added 1 sweet potato to the dish... sour cream... a beer and 2 glasses of wine.

                        the pants I wore to work today are too big.. they fall on my hips and I have saggy pants ass....because of the Primal? Interesting! Weighed myself this AM... more because it's interesting vs. any sort of obsession. 169lbs... been at 170 seems like for the entire time I started eating Primal. I was 173 before going Primal so not huge weight loss - but I use dairy and nuts as a crutch for getting my fat and feeling satisfied.... cheese mmmmmm. (I know measurements are way more accurate and scale is really not).

                        Best benefit is that I am sleeping most wonderfully all thru the night and that is really refreshing.... no more 2:30 am wide awake and what to do cuz I have to get up in 3hrs and I'm going to be tired all day.... (a neighbor told me I am sleeping thru the night because my body is too tired without my "grain" carbs - she doesn't like that I've gone Primal.... she said it as if sleeping thru the night was a bad thing! ??? I just nodded politely...prolly shouldn't have told her but this was before I found out people react so oddly when you tell them what you are doing food-wise)
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                          No power today - winter storm and we have almost a foot of heavy, wet snow.... good thing we have boiled eggs on hand most of the time. My stomach doesn't feel so good today....not sick but not 100%....

                          B: 2 boiled eggs, a little cheese

                          L: grapefruit, handful of almonds ... I'm sorta hungry but my lunch doesn't sound good to me

                          D: Feeling better and HUNGRY... had a pile of asparagus in butter and some cheese....

                          A friend called and needed to borrow my oven to bake brownies... her oven wasn't working ... boy did those things smell GOOD... I didn't have any tho'... sure made our house seem sort of cozy with it only being 17 degrees outside with that yummy brownie scent filling my nose.

                          S: I had 1 chocolate square of 72% dark chocolate when she left with her brownies....good compromise!
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                          We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. - Oscar Wilde


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                            Originally posted by Shanster View Post
                            (a neighbor told me I am sleeping thru the night because my body is too tired without my "grain" carbs - she doesn't like that I've gone Primal.... she said it as if sleeping thru the night was a bad thing! ???
                            That made me howl with laughter this morning. Thank you!
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                              You are most welcome Gay Panda... you are generally the one making US howl! grin.
                              We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. - Oscar Wilde