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    Welcome to my Primal Journal. I'm new to the Paleo/Primal way of life and am going to use this space to stay on task.

    Presently I'm doing a 90-day "Better Than Yesterday" fitness challenge Crossfit box which is how I got introduced to the lifestyle. I was googling for recipes, found this site and have been reading up on the archives & lurking in the forums here and there for a few weeks now. The first 30 days we were adhering strictly to Whole9 Paleo & now we've tapered off to 80%/20%...but I can feel myself slipping to 25%...30%...etc and want to stay on task bc I can feel the difference when I am not as disciplined with what I eat. I really like the idea of being "better than yesterday" like the challenge states which is why I decided to start a Journal here to keep myself accountable.


    Vital stats:
    Name - k8
    Age - 32
    Location - Best of the Midwest!
    Weight/Measurements/Body Fat % - I'll post on all of this when we do our 90 day wrap-up at Crossfit bc we have a few weeks left in our challenge. I don't keep a scale at home (will prob write a post on the "whys" on that sometime soon) and don't have any way to track my body fat % outside the gym.

    What have I eaten today:

    Breakfast - Smoothie w.egg protein, almond milk, cocoa powder, banana & a cup of black coffee
    Lunch - Salad w.romaine lettuce, steak, bell peppers, pico de gallo, hot sauce & guac
    Snack - Larabar
    Drinks - Water & a cup of chai tea
    Dinner - TBD


    Crossfit this morning. It was freakin' hard. Burpees, thrusters & a 1mi run. Full details here.

    Thanks for reading!
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    Update from last night:

    Dinner - tuna w. Trader Joe's wasabi mayo (no sugar, woohoo...why is it so hard to find sugar-free condiments?)
    Drink - coconut water, cup of herbal tea

    BTW I'm glad that I started this Journal yesterday bc one of my big challenges is that I travel 1-4 days/wk for my job. So sometimes my cupboards are more bare than they should be & I have to be creative in foraging. Today I have zero egg whites, produce or smoothie stuff in the house...wah wah. I could have given up and said "hola, Dunkin Donuts, may I please have a breakfast sandwich?" but I said NO. A trip to the grocery store is absolutely on my agenda for Thurs bc I'm in town today & then traveling Weds/Thurs for work.

    What I have eaten so far today/what I plan to eat later on:

    Breakfast - a single serving packet of Sunbutter & a cup of chai tea (not a latte, just a teabag)
    Lunch will be a salad bc my office has a salad bar that ROCKS
    Dinner will be....TBD?
    Drinks - water

    Planned WOD:

    Ride my bike on the lakefront & perform in the Chicago Full Moon Fire Jam. Fire tools are heavy things when they are filled w.fuel!


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      For an array of stupid reasons (magical lady moontimes, work stress, boy annoyances, general down-on-myselfness blahs, etc) I've totally fallen off the Primal wagon since I last posted. I can report: worse allergies, crappy sleep (o hai it's 4:30a & I am totally awake!), moodiness, skin breakouts & feeling generally puffy and bloated. Yuck

      Resuming the "inconvenience" of cooking, foraging for healthy snacks rather than whatever is easy & making time for workouts pronto!


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        Rather than just leaving a "blah" post in this journal, I will say that Full Moon Jam last Tues was amazing, my ultimate frisbee team won both of its games on Saturday & my fire performance last wknd at Chicago Decompression was beautiful. Will post video once it becomes available!