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    Well... though today I didn't really eat primally, I'm starting my thread now. I've been creeping on MDA for months now, and other Paleo sites, and I think I'm finally mentally ready to change for the rest of my life. It's been hard. I've been in a cycle of binge-restrict-binge-self hate-binge-repeat. It's horrific. I'm probably at the heaviest I've been for a long time... 162-ish pounds or so at 5'3", which isn't that horribly overweight, but I feel flabby and like I haven't been treating myself right.

    I've also had a very hard time letting go of calorie counting and that sort of obsessive side to weight loss. It worked... for a time... I lost 20 pounds last year by being restrictive, and as soon as I injured my knee (due to chronic cardio distance running, go figure!) I became anxious, depressed, and a carb-a-holic. It's been pretty crummy.

    But not anymore. For the first time in my life... I stopped myself today. I've never done that before. I'm drinking some green tea and I don't want anything else to eat tonight after the amount I crammed in myself earlier today. Normally I'd just keep eating horribly into the night... but no. I'm done. I'm done pushing off change until a more convenient time as I've done so many other times. My goal is to ditch much of my flab, probably 40ish pounds of fat or so, though I know the scale isn't very reliable.

    I'm excited to start this.

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    Welcome, Abby! Congratulations; you've already taken the hardest step. It gets easier from here, and the rewards are unbelievable.

    You will find a lot on this forum to inspire you. If you want a potent dose of inspiration, check out this thread:

    Good luck and have fun unleashing your healthy potential!