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  • Primal Journal (Tidmutt) - The Second Wind

    I've been primal for approximately 8 months and prior to that I half-assed Paleo for about 6 months. This year I started tracking my food intake and experimenting with different approaches when I stumbled on the Primal Blueprint. I've been following it ever since and recently did 6 strict weeks following the Leptin Reset Rx that helped speed up weight loss for a while, but slowed down again recently. I'm not too bothered by it, although I'm anxious to break into the 190s. My real goal is to drop my body fat % into the "normal" range around 15%. I may take that further, but for now I'm focusing on that number. My weight will be whatever it is when I'm at that body fat level.

    On the exercise side I've been following a weights routine devised by Tom Venuto for over 6 months now and had some good results, stronger, tighter, more muscle definition plus I've on and off done some walking and running. Recently I've switched to sprinting once a week as per PBF. I'm now taking a couple of weeks off from workouts and planning a new routine. After some reading I'm considering Starting Strength. I'm reading the book and I started watching the DVD. I like the simplicity and the way it progressively loads more weight which I think is something I haven't pushed hard enough with to date so I like that it is built into the program.

    I feel like I'm roughly half way through this effort to lose weight and be healthy. That's why I entitled the thread "The Second Wind" as I'm embarking on the next big push to get the this last chunk of weight off. I have felt my motivation lagging recently with the results of the Leptin Reset slowing and just feeling less motivated I need to step things up and push myself some more.


    Height: 5'9
    Starting Weight: 267 lb
    Current Weight: 212 lb
    Starting Body Fat: 36%
    Current Body Fat: 26%
    Starting Waist: 44"
    Current Waist: 37"

    Goal Weight: Who the f#*$ knows? 160 - 180lb
    Goal Body Fat: 15% (for now)
    Goal Waist: 32" probably
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    Breakfast today was:

    - Ribeye fried in CO
    - Applegate bacon
    - Egg scrambled with kale, mushrooms and yellow peppers
    - Al fresco country chicken sausage

    The ribeye turned out to be kind of bad, so I chucked it and cooked up some more bacon.

    Following the Leptin Reset Rx, it's preferred that you eat a big breakfast and skip lunch if possible. I've been doing that for over 6 weeks now but today I was exhausted (lack of sleep) and had a long day at work ahead of me, so I ended up munching on a few pork rinds and some pepperoni. Not ideal and my intake is going to be a bit high today but decided this week would be a bit of a wash. I need to improve my sleep a little and I can get back on track once I'm not feeling like complete crap.

    Dinner is a new york strip on the BBQ with a big pile of vegetables, nothing elaborate. I'm going to eat just half the steak tonight, I'm pretty full still and don't feel I need half a pound of beef tonight.
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      Last night was bad, woke at 1:30am with err... Bowel complaints... I think it was caused by 2 cans of Zevia I had yesterday I suspect the sugar alcohol doesn't agree with me. I did also eat some pepperoni and pork rinds not something I eat a lot of but I'm leaning towards the Zevia. Not planning on buying that often anyway.

      This morning I had a medium sized breakfast, I'm decreasing breakfast intake a little since I'm finding I need lunch at the moment even if breakfast is 1200 calories and nearly 100 g of protein. I'll work my way back to skipping lunch most probably but for now especially with the fatigue I'm experiencing lunch seems to be necessary.

      Found a great website for Starting Strength that details some different novice programs which is exactly what I need. I've been working out at home for a while now but I think I'll go back to the gym for SS as I don't want to invest in my own barbell, weights, rack etc. right now. Going to study the program and practice the movements some more before I begin I'm not that familiar with these routines so want to have them down before I hit the gym. I also need to determine what my starting weight will be, I have no idea.

      Starting Strength Wiki

      I think this week has somewhat offset last weekend's food orgy although not completely, I'm not yet back to the level of compliance I was at a couple of weeks ago although honestly that didn't seem to I improve things dramatically at least in terms of weight loss. I'm trying to stress less about it, eat lunch if I'm hungry or tired, not beat myself up if I'm too tired to work out and thinking I might allow the occasional cheat meal on the weekend if I really feel the need. I suspect I've improved my Leptin sensitivity and might be able to cheat a little every now and then and still lose weight in fact I might be more successful this way.
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        Had some rotisserie chicken for lunch with some sliced tomato, running a bit low on supplies. Weakened and had some chicken strips as well, not great, but could be worse. I then topped that by having some ice cream. LOL I'm giving myself a break this week but trying not to go nuts and blow the last 6 weeks of weight loss. Calories and carbs are not too bad so far, if I keep dinner under control I should be fine. I'm aiming for Monday to really start over. So exhausted at the moment, giving up diet soda, lunch, being super strict for a couple of months, no cheats etc. plus having a 3 month old baby has taken it's toll on my wife and I. Still, I'm not giving up now, made so much progress.

        I feel like I need a new initiative something to focus on, a defined goal and methodology. I'm thinking of starting on a 30 day primal challenge on Monday or maybe doing the Whole30. Maybe my goal for that 30 days will be 30 days of really clean primal eating and to have done 4 weeks of Starting Strength.

        Honestly, I've had slips before, I ate heaps of ice cream and bread for two weeks after my daughter was born and I got back on track, I can do the same here. One thing I know is I can't let myself backslide, the improvement in my health and body image has been so great I can't go back, I must not go back.
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          Dinner was in an Italian restaurant, however, I ordered chicken Marsala, only ate a little chicken, mushrooms and a pile of vegetables. Had a sliver of pita bread with bruschetta, small meal in the end. Overall the macros for the day weren't too bad and neither were the calories. Not going to weigh myself this week. Discussed with my wife me heading back to the gym to start Starting Strength, so lining that up for next week. Think I'm going to follow a normal Primal diet for a few weeks, minor cheat meal on Saturdays and see how I go for a few weeks, if I keep losing weight I'll stick to that. If it's not working, I might switch to Leptin Reset for a while.
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            Made an awesome frittata this morning (based on recipe on this site). Had that with a little chicken and bacon for a satisfying breakfast and have a bunch more in the fridge for the rest of the week. Going to do a BAS for lunch and dinner is a chicken parm (no breading) that my wife makes. Just going to walk and sprint this week, I need to better prepare for Starting Strength, finish watching the DVD, practice the movements etc. So I'll aim to hit the gym with that routine next week.

            Thinking about vitamin D3 supplementation, it's been brought up over and over in the Leptin Reset thread and some people there are suggesting I should ask my wife to increase her intake to help her and our 3 month old. Need to dig up some research to show to my wife and probably check with the Pediatrician just to cover all the bases. We should probably both have our levels tested.

            I feel back on track today, focused on eating Primal and sticking to my plan. I think I gained a few pounds over the last week, but trying not to focus on that and just focus on eating well and staying positive. Would love to get below that 210 mark in two weeks. That's my short term goal.
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              Another great slice of frittata this morning plus a couple of al fresco chicken sausages (probably the most primal sausage I've found other than home made) and a little bacon. Was hungry so increased breakfast a little. Lunch will be a BAS with a hamburger patty crumbled over the top and dinner is wild salmon with veggies. I actually thinking I might squeeze a smoothie in there, feeling the need for a little carb injection so some strawberries might fit the bill.
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                So it's been three weeks and I derailed a little, although really not to bad given the circumstances. Work went crazy, was under massive pressure to solve some problems, worked weekends and long hours, had to travel, didn't eat great, lunch was provided, nothing primal of course, but I managed to keep things relatively under control. As of a week or so ago I had stayed the same weight, not sure now, but trying to refocus by getting back on the Leptin Reset for a few weeks. This week has been better but finding will power is lacking. I've been so controlled for so long I'm now struggling to get that mindset back. I need to get back into tracking and reading my usual nutrition blogs, get back into the groove. I think I'm treading water okay for now but feel my focus slipping. A friend of mine is keen to do a month of Primal/Leptin reset, we'll share our food diaries and generally use a buddy system to help retain focus. Hoping that helps keeps me on track. I also need to get moving on my plans to do Starting Strength but this week I came down with a cold and I still need to figure out the whole routine.

                I'm going to aim for Monday next week to get started on it, back to going to the gym, can't do it at home, I'm hoping starting a new routine will help me get the mindset back. Can't fall off the wagon now, 55 lb down, with a good weights routine and eating primal I can probably lose another 10 - 20 lb, in overall weight, but gain a lot of muscle and reach my goals. Can't stop now!! Got to keep going, keep my eye on the prize, buff, thin, healthy, looking great naked, it's all worth it.
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