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    Thought I'd give this a try. Very familiar with this type of thing. I actually track every piece of data using an iPhone app called "LoseIt" It will tell you everything!

    Here goes. Go easy. I am learning. I am 200lbs this morning (was 247lbs in Jan 09), still doing P90X 2nd time(doubles) and some kettlebell workouts.

    Day 01?: Primal Food Intake Today:

    B: 2 organic local eggs(1/2tsp organic butter), 1 grapefruit, green tea

    S: 1 can of tuna, 5 almonds

    L: 1/2 avacado, 1/4 red pepper, 1c fresh broccoli, 4oz turkey breast

    S: greenberryshakethingy supplement

    S: 1/2c cherries and banana

    D: 3/4 golden trout (whole cooked fish)-1tbsp olive oil and tarragon, 1c brussel sprouts in olive oil, 1/2 avacado

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    P90X Doubles !! *bowing to your fortitude*


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      Day 02ish: Primal Food Intake Today:

      B: 1banana + 1/4c organic local 2%milk + greenberryshakethingy, green tea

      S: none

      L: 1avacado, 1 small yam, 4oz turkey breast

      S: 1c strawberry and banana

      D: curious about tonight. Usually meat + veggie. I grow my own greens so maybe a grilled chicken breast salad. Olive oil + home made red wine vinegar. avacado + tomato + red cabbage


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        DiabetesCanKissMyButt: Thanks! Please do not bow to me. I am the student here. Doubles is fantastic and I am really going to miss doing all that working out. I haven't hit the fitness lifestyle part of the book so don't spoil it for me! Doubles is great because it allows me to really sweat which is great for my spirit. I guess I should meditate more! Thanks for being the 1st person to talk to me here!


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          Missed posting the last few days. I was eating lots of meat this weekend because we bought a local grass fed cow. I rendered all the suet and was so happy I fried a sweet potato. Made a burger last night from it. wow. flavor and it was only peppered and salted.

          Here is today so far:

          B: 2 organic eggs fried in a thin pat of organic butter, 1 greenshakeythingy (think BeachBody)

          S: 10 almonds, 1 can tuna

          L: 6oz grilled chicken breast, 2c mixed greens, balsamic vinegar + olive oil, 1/2 tomato

          S: 1c watermelon, 1 piece of raw broccoli, 1" carrot stick, 2 radishes

          Dinner: will be making some rainbow trout (whole fish) on the grill, asparagus in olive oil, maybe some mixed greens?


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            mmm, rainbow trout. Takes me back to my childhood- fishing for trout in the creek behind our house and mom frying them up for dinner.


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              My Eating Accountability for today:


              8oz WHOLE organic un homogonized milk

              3 organic local eggs cooked in 1 tsp olive oil

              1 nectarine

              Snack 1: 2oz cheeze, 10 almonds


              3 cups of greens from my garden, 1/2 avacado, 1 tomato, 1/2c red

              cabbage, 1/2 carrot, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp balsamic

              8oz grass fed beef burger patty

              1oz gouda slice

              Snack: My favorite

              Merk bar (almond flour, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, dates, coconut

              oil mashed into a log)

              1c blueberries

              Dinner: (on deck)

              8oz grilled chicken + home made hotsauce(omfg is this amazing)

              1c asparagus

              2c mixed greens + oil + balsamic

              Snack: 1 tbsp almond butter



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                I love hot sauce! Care to share your homemade recipe? Thanks!


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                  Oh man. Its from Sauveur. I love that magazine.

                  Home Made Hot Sauce

                  Slightly time consuming, but really simple.

                  2lbs of fresh cayenne peppers (tops removed)

                  3 Tbsp sea salt (or kosher)

                  Add all peppers in food processor. Add salt. Puree until a liquid

                  paste. Place all contents in mason jar. Place jar in a dark cool area

                  for 3 days. After 3 Days, add 3 cups of white vinegar. You can add the

                  mixture to a bowl and then mix well and then place in 2 mason jars or

                  cut back on some of the vinegar to make it fit in one. Place the mason

                  jar back into the dark cool area. I put mine in a root cellar. Leave

                  undisturbed for 5 days. After 5 days, mix well, and pour through a

                  sieve. You should have hot sauce. Trust me, this "aint no red Devil."

                  Discard the solids, or keep them as a paste and use in some Asian






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                    6 days later and my eating is all messed up. Trying to eat more fats and cleaner animal sources. I've been eating duck eggs lately. Pretty good actually. Still having problems with the issues of eating foods from my old diet. I am not eating any grains, but I had some lentils the other day. I also notice my hunger is off the hook! Saturday I ate grass fed ground beef burgers and a local chicken breast, a bunch of capers, olives, buffalo mozz, olive oils, and then I was passed a lentil salad. I kept eating so much that night.

                    Yesterday was ok. I still am doing Shakeology and may still keep it up. Its helping for afternoon fuel. I know its probably not wise, but its only 140 cals total. It can;t be killing me, since its all carbs from berries anyways.

                    Here is today's meals:

                    B: Shakeology

                    S: 1/2avocado + sardines

                    L: mixed greens, red cabbage, red peppers, 1/2avocado, 3oz duck confit + olive oil + vinegar

                    S: organic nectarine

                    D: question mark...I forgot to take some beef out. boo



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                      Last night Dinner: about 8oz of Grass fed local round steak seared in rendered lard from local pigs, 1/2 summer squash sautee'd with olive oil and onions, cabbage and vinegar

                      Today is going well. I tried to skip a meal, but then I had to hit the farmers market this lunch break and with so many great fruits there I had to hit a banana.

                      B: Shakeology + 1/2 banana + 4oz bleuberries + 4oz whole organic milk

                      S: 4 almonds + 1 banana

                      L: chicken wings(home made braised in butter and home made hotsauce); 4oz round steak strips(leftovers), 2c mixed greens, 1/2red pepper, 1/4c red cabbage, 1tbsp olive oil/1tbsp red wine vinegar

                      S: 1/4c blueberries + 1/4c cherries + date and nut bar home made

                      D: 1/2 Bronzini grilled (whole fish), Brussles sprouts, cabbage slaw?



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                        You rock!!

                        I don't think i've ever had whole organic milk.. Just reminds me of the Conventional Wisdom part of the book. I've always thought that whole milk was the worst possible milk to drink. I will have to give it a try! Keep up the good work bud!


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                          Hey gang! I know I have been slacking in my journal, so I thought I would post a few days of eating. I have been pretty good with my diet. A few slips here and there, but never any grains, legumes, soy, corn. When I usually slip it is a situation where I have to order dinner at a restaurant and I know I am eating commercially raised meats or I've ordered a charcuterie plate that albeit was local meats, it was cured using nitrates. I never eat the grain, rice, or pasta that would normally come with the meal.

                          Its been about 2 months I think since I started reading the book and following the grain free lifestyle. I love it, but last night I actually felt like I was hungry and there was nothing that would satiate me. I ate nuts, and it worked but being 37 and once a fast food and foodie, I was thinking "where is the grilled cheese?" I do not really miss it, but it was more psychological and I had to work on that. Hard to teach an old dog new tricks.

                          What is also cool, is other than canned tuna/herring, almond milk, coconut milk, olive/palm/coconut oil, and Shakeology we buy nothing pre made or packaged. We shop at our huge farmers market here in Cleveland. We've purchased a pig(ready in OCt) and a 1/2 cow. Chickens I am told are raised in VA but not fed hormones, chemicals, or corn. I hope. I think we are doing well. I hope we are.

                          Ok, onwards.

                          Monday 7/27/09

                          B: 3 local eggs cooked in butter and lard; handful of blueberries, pot of Jap green tea

                          S: IF

                          L: Spinach salad (red onions, carrots, red cabbage, spinach, tomatoes) with chicken thigh

                          S: Shakeology Chocolate

                          D: [ate really late; my Vietnamese neighbor came over and his mother made us dinner] Mackerel steaks in a Vietnamese soup (tomatoes, fish sauce, onions, sugar--GASP, some thing that is now growing out of my back yard she planted, and a bunch of leaves she grows)

                          S: 2 local brews

                          Tuesday 7/28/09

                          B: 3 local eggs, 1/2c blackberries, pot of green tea(gunpowder)

                          S: IF

                          L: Big Ass Salad (mixed greens, red cabbage, tomatoes, carrots), can of kippered Herring

                          S: Shakeology Chocolate with a wee bit of almond milk

                          D: Chicken leg and thigh cooked in red curry (coconut oil, coconut milk organic of course, 1/2 sweet potato, 1c cauliflower, green beans, water, red curry paste--NO MSG, etc)

                          S: coconut flakes, sunflower seeds, 2 brews

                          Wednesday 7/29/09

                          B: 4 local eggs cooked in butter/baconfat, 1/2c blackberries, 1 pot green tea




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                            Ooooh. A Vietnamese neighbor that cooks for you, that's a treat!

                            I need me some Shakeology.

                            That red curry sounds delish!

                            I hear ya on the satiation. Last night I ate pecans, but was so hungry (or just craving a cold treat), but we were out of eggs and meat. The only thing left was canned tuna. I caved and made (& ate) ice-cream. Man, was I bloated!

                            Seriously, after too many carbs my throat gets sore, my head aches and my belly looks like I'm 4 months pregnant! Ahhhhh!

                            Kippered Herring huh? Where do you get that? I'm 1/4 Swedish and my ancestors love that stuff. I think it's pretty nummy myself.

                            Have a great day!


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                              SassaFrass88! Thanks for reading. Sorry to hear about the icecream. I Love icecream and there is actually a market here that has a dairy farmer that makes his own icecream using milk from cows that are ONLY fed grass. He uses local honey and its amazing. He was telling me that his cream has massive amounts of Omega 3's! I laughed and said "I get it. I just hope others get it too!"

                              Wonder if you can freeze some berries and home made Greek yogurt? Tart, but low on the carbs...

                              Here is my update, I am trying to keep on this for the Aug 3 challenge. I want to be primed up!

                              Wednesday 7/29/09 cont.

                              S: Almonds

                              L: Tuna with some peppers from my back yard + olive oil, blk pepper and herbs, the apple snack, and some mashed carrots and broccoil

                              S: Recovery drink

                              D: (BEST DINNER EVER) mock pasta primevera: summer squash cut into thin pasta like using a mandolin, grilled chicken olive oil + backyard tomatoes, peppers, carrots, broccoli, and garlic + shallots. Top with parm cheese. WOW. it tasted like pasta. Serious.


                              B: 4 eggs, almonds, 1/2c blackberries

                              S: missed

                              L: Shakeology Greenberry with lemons and almond milk

                              S: 1 can tuna with siracha, 1/2 apple, 1 nectarine, 1/2 lemon

                              D: ??