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    I've been basically off of drinking beer for 2 weeks now, except for last night. With St Pats day and beef on my plate, I had to down a beer. Or two. Or three. :[

    Going from memory:

    Monday 3/15:

    B: 3 Eggs(cooked in butter) 2oz FAGE TOTAL, 1/4c raspberries

    S: few almonds

    L:1can sardines in olive oil, 1/2 avocado, 1/4c red pepper, 1c spinach, 2c greens

    D: GF beef meatballs, zucchini "pasta", silverbeet, tomato sauce

    Tuesday 3/16:

    B:2 eggs (butter), 1tbsp salsa, 4oz FAGE TOTAL, 1/4c raspberries

    S: IF

    L: Ground Beef meatballs, 2C salad greens, 1/2 sw potato

    S: IF

    D: Chicken breasts cooked in bacon fat(homemade),2c asparagus cooked in olive oil

    Wed 3/17:

    B:3 eggs(butter), 1 grapefruit, green tea, 2oz FAGE TOTAL

    S:1 meatball (leftover)

    L: IF

    S: IF

    D: 8oz corned beef (CAFO boo), 8oz sauerkraut, 1 beer

    2 more beers. Boo.

    Thursday 3/18:

    B: 2 Eggs (butter), 3oz FAGE TOTAL, 1 grapefruit, 1T salsa

    S: IF

    L: 2c greens, 1c spinach, 1 can sardines, misc veggies

    S: Shakeology supplement

    D: not sure yet...

    Still basically trying to revert back to the way I was eating 9 months ago. I was much more primal then. I am averaging (according to LoseIt) 60% Fat/ 20% Carb/ 20% protein. I suppose I should be more protein and less carb, but my intake for the last few days is less than 70g per day. Excluding the few beers on Wed. Overall I am feeling much better. The autoimmune response I had 2 weeks ago is non existent. I have this massive cough I can't get rid of and I gave up dairy since March 3rd but Monday the 15th I decided I wanted some probiotics. I've been back on Kombucha but wanted some protein/fat so FAGE was in the house. I am not noticing a change or an effect it is giving me so far. I am doing small amounts, so it may just be beer that was giving me the extra bloat and pounds. Already I've lost 3 lbs in 3 weeks. Not bad I guess. The weird thing is I know I can do this, but there is always a temptation of something from my childhood I keep gravitating toward. I am learning to turn off those mental cravings. I know its psychological so I am working on that. Once this cough clears up, I can't wait to hit some HIIT workouts.