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    Oh sorry, you asked about kippered. Well there are a few German import houses here in Cleveland. They sell kippered herring in cans which are supposed to be wild caught. I love herring! Can't get enough of it.


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      That dinner does look delish!

      Every time I see the word "Mandolin" I think of my Swedish grandpa. It is a bulbous banjo-type instrument and was one of the few things we got to keep after he passed away (aside from some war medals and his 'sheriff' badge he got when riding shotgun with the Wells Fargo train).

      I vow, no more homemade ice cream for me, even with the coconut milk. I just can't be trusted ;-)

      I'm really excited about the challenge. My husband is on board too. Going to take some measurements and pictures on Sunday.

      Have a great weekend!


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        SassaFrass: Freeze the coconut milk + coconut oil may be good.

        Update, weekend was ok. I realized that I have not eaten packaged foods in a long time. Beer has been a problem. I see that I have been recycling a bit more these days. That must be how I have been getting the carbs. :[

        Starting today.

        Monday 8/3/09

        B: 3 eggs, 3 bacon, 1/4c cream, 1/2c raspberries

        S: radish, 1 piece of smoked Gouda (locally made, grass fed), 1/4c blueberries


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          Same here with the beer bud! I agree i haven't had anything packaged in a while. I did unfortunately have a crab Rangoon at P.F. Changs the other night. But Micro-brews have been killing me!


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            Haven't logged in a while. Things are getting crazy, my wife and I are expecting. We truly believe that it's the reduction of inflammation through less grain activity and exercise.

            Yesterday I decided to get back on track. Give up the binging on crap (although my version of crap is what many here would call primal snacking). I simply need to reduce the excess late evening eating. Still not eating much grain, corn or soy, but there was a bout with Christmas cookies. Those are just pure evil.

            In the past. This last week of December marks one year of taking better care of myself and I am grateful for people like Mark and various other fitness gurus.

            My goals moving forward is to get back on track with eating more often to keep cravings at bay. Stick to extremely low doses of any grains (basically the occasional bowl of steel cut oats now and then) and watch out for excess homebrews. I think that is my problem-- I make beer so its hard. Just love the stuff.

            Hope this is ok to post, not selling anything but here is how I plan on getting both my PB Fitness Pyramid in and my PB Nutritional Pyramid in.

            Month 01: Cardio Circuit > Easing in

            Weeks 1-3

            M: Cardio Intervals (One On One w/ Tony Horton)

            T: Chest and Back X (P90X)

            W: REST DAY Th: Shoulders and Arms X (P90X)

            F: Medicine Ball Core Cardio (One On One w/ Tony Horton)

            Sa: Legs and Back X (P90X)

            Su: Yoga X (P90X)

            Week 4: Recovery Week

            M: Kempo X+ (P90X+)

            T: Core Synergistics X (P90X)

            W: Fountain of Youth Yoga (One On One w/ Tony Horton)

            Th: Core Ball Sandwich (One On One w/ Tony Horton)

            F: Patience Hummingbird Yoga (One On One w/ Tony Horton)

            Sa: Cardio Intervals (One On One w/ Tony Horton)

            Su: REST DAY


            Consume between 1800-2400 NUTRITIONALLY DENSE Calories daily. My plate for each meal should consist of 60-70% Vegetables and 30-40% Proteins. Keep non-nutritive fats to a minimum. Eat more saturated fats from flax, fish, muscle tissue (not the fat tissue) from pastured animals, egg yolks from pastured chickens, nuts (not peanuts).

            Eat More:

            * Chicken Breasts

            * Lean Beef

            * Lean pork

            * Cold water fish

            * “Valuable” Vegetables

            * Steel Cut oats

            * Olive oil

            Eat Less:

            * Grains and flours

            * Rice

            * Corn and corn meals

            * Sugars

            * Alcohol

            * Dairy

            * Supplementation

            Month 02: Strength Circuit > Embracing Pain

            To Be Continued…



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              Two days down so far. Last night was really tough. I seemed to have been really hungry from dinner. My caloric intake was something like this:

              B: 14c Steel Cut oats + 1 tbsp almond butter + 1/2tsp flax meal; 1 grapefruit, tea

              S: Pecans, coconut about 1/4c

              L: 1 slice grain bread + 5oz turkey; 1c spinach 1 tomato, olive oil

              S: IF

              D: 2 Chicken thighs poached in paprika and homemade stock w/onions, 1/2c 8grain rice cooked in water and 1c broccoli

              Workout was Chest and Back (p90x). I did 1/2 of it and 1/2 of Ab ripper. 35minutes total.

              Ok, I get it, grains. I am seriously trying to kill grains again all together. Really trying. In this case, yesterday was about 140g carbs all day. Not horrid, but not great. Hitting the grocery store today and will fill the fridge with veggies and fruits. Maybe I can get off the grains so I am not spiking my insulin so much. Perhaps that is why I am so hungry between meals...

              Today is a new day.



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                A week into this and I am feeling pretty good. I am still doing BeachBody workouts because I really don't have the gear to go snowshoeing or skiing around here. Looking into swimming with Monique as she is 25 wks pregnant.

                My diet today has been perfect. I did have a glass of the dreaded P90X recovery drink, but at 17g carbs it was not too bad. The rest of the day was mostly meats, eggs, leafy greens, avocados and 1 grapefruit. I have been feeling a bit sniffily prolly due to the climate here, and I have not been getting out much (I work from home and deadlines are running high now) so that may be it. Getting good sleep the last 3 nights, at least 8 hours. No TV at least 1 hour before bed and its only been Netflix of the Office. I read 1 hour before bed (comics) and NO ALCOHOL. Pretty stoked about that.

                Today I did Chest and Back and some abs. Tomorrow is a rest day. Looking forward to tomorrow. New day, and loving this energy I already have. Kind of weird though, last year I began taking better care of myself and did it almost all year but only read the book in June so it's been hard to really buckle down on the nutrition part. Not that I am a packaged food guy, I cook everything from scratch and from local ingredients. We cowpool and bought a pig from a known farmer. Both pastured. Fish is mostly line caught. Eggs are local until about October then we had to resort to grocery store "organic" but I learned the local farmer I bought eggs from is going to be at a local indoor market every other week. Only problem is we down 4 dozen a week. heh. My friends think I am going to die because of so many eggs. Idiots.

                Off to read some comics and get to bed.



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                  Weekends are so tough. I did not really cave in as much as I had in Nov/Dec but I drank a bit more beer than I wanted to, and I had some bread. I need to realize that when I "celebrate" I need to make sure I celebrate reasonably. Saturday I got married again (convalidation actually) to my wife so we had many people over. I had to offer at least one startch and made spetzle (we're eastern European descent!) to go with my goulash. I did not have any so that was good. I had about 3-4 glasses of wine. Not so bad, not good either. No cake. Sunday was when I had a few beers with my buddies at home playing some board games. Should have had one glass of wine, but none the less I did not "pig" out like I once did.

                  Since the new week I am back on track with my diet.

                  Sort of goes like this:

                  B: 2 eggs; 2-4 strips of bacon; some coffee or a pot of Puh-erh tea; 1/2 grapefruit or soem blueberries

                  L:Big salad with "Stuff" or some cooked veggie, and some meat

                  D: Big protein and some cooked veggie

                  If I snack its been a few scant dried cherries, or nuts, coconut, or some left over meat

                  My exercise has been 80%. Last week I got in 4 days so that was cool. I am doing a P90X hybrid just because it worked so I wont fix it. I skip ab ripper, but I subbed in Kempo for one of TH's One on One "Core" workotus. I have been really on myself for doing more pull ups. Since I am so heavy still, pull ups are hard for me. As a youth I never was able to do them, so I think that is one body part I never worked on-- my back. I figured out that using the modified chair system of doing a pull up helps, but even better was I learned that I can step on a stability ball and it seems harder on the resistance, but easier on the initial getting up to the ball. I just have to keep going!

                  So this week will once again be another test:

                  Failure is giving up what you want MOST for what you want in the MOMENT.

                  - I will not watch TV (Netflix) for more than 2 hours

                  - I will not consume grains in any way

                  - I will replace beer with wine if the situation were to surface

                  - I will enjoy time with my wife playing games

                  - I will enjoy my workouts

                  - I will read more, even comics



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                    Weekly update. Things are going well. I just completed a new blog site which I call "Sweat." I hope to drive some motivation and hard work through the site to help others get to their fitness goals.

                    My diet has been pretty good. I ate offal the other day in the form of "The fifth quarter" at a local restaurant. They offer all kinds of locally raised meats, grass fed cow and other animals. I actually liked some of the organs. I plan on making some porchetta with the pigs head I have in my freezer.

                    Onwards. I've been sticking to my new goals. A few grain based things here and there, but not even 10% for the entire week. Sleep is big goal this week. The alcohol thing is beginning to become an issue here. Not like I am missing work, or causing harm to myself or my family; but I really enjoy a glass of beer, or wine here and there. I know its "ok" in moderation, but is moderation once a day? I had 1 glass of wine last night. It was my own, grown from organically raised grapes form Lodi, CA and I fermeneted it myself. Pretty good actually but was 4oz bad for me? Prolly not. Just want to stay on top of my goals.

                    Tea has been really helpful. 1 pot in morning of Pu-erh tea which I love. Then in evenings I sometimes have some peppermint herbal, etc. Keeps me hydrated and I get sleepy from it. cool.

                    Diet, was good. Lots of meat last week. It was like the week of the steer. I ate red meat all week. Mostly grass fed from our buy in but not much chicken it seems. I really have been thinking about the summer and really trying to get outside more. So cold here in Ohio. Sigh.

                    My exercise was ok. I did at least 3 sessions this weekend. This week will be Yoga, Cardio, Yoga, repeat for 1 week, then I am starting a new program. I wont say the name, but I hear it's pretty "insane." I want to ramp up workouts using body weight so this may be helpful to keep me motivated and keep my attention span. My prior goals worked for 2 weeks but then I went south with it. Weird, I workout but I cant seem to commit to a regimen.


                    - More sleep

                    - Less libations

                    - More reading

                    - Getting my site up and running

                    - ENJOY WORKING OUT!





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                      Here we go. My first real fitness and health blog. Enojy.




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                        Adding you to my RSS feeds now!

                        Your wife has FABULOUS arms! Her 39 yr old body puts my (soon to be) 34 yr old body to some SERIOUS shame!


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                          SassaFrass88: Thanks! My wife is really down on herself lately since being pregnant has been really tough on her body. She is Austrian and Slovak so she keeps saying that she was blessed with "hips." Now with the baby she is doubly blessed. She keeps working out and pushing harder and harder because she is going to be birthing a baby and she needs all the leg muscles she can!



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                            This week seems to be going well. Monday was a blur (ate some CAFO wings) but that is in the past. I've been laying off the wine/beer and I am noticing better sleep and less inflamation. Kewl. I added in a bunch of greens to my week already in the form of spinach and red kale. last night I made grass fed liver for my wife and I had some as well. I had some left overs but I may save those for her. Liver is not my favorite organ, but anything fried in a cast iron skillet rocks so it was much better than I had once before. Soaking in milk/cream supposed to be better.

                            Today I am already eating light. I seem to notice I am only getting in 300-400 calories per meal and eating 3 times a day. That amounts to about 1200 calories and around 10pm I get really hungry. The hunger pangs are not going away, but I know that could be from the dreid fruits and grapefruits I am taking in per day. I crunched some numbers and I am only getting in less than 75g of carbs all day so I hope I can stay here for a bit longer.

                            My exercise has been great. It went something like this:

                            S: Yoga 45min

                            M: Cardio Intervals X+

                            T: Patience Hummingbird Yoga

                            W: Cardio Intervals X+

                            Th: Yoga 45min

                            F: Cardio X

                            Sa: Yoga 45min

                            I am trying to do a cardio/stretch week and see how I feel. So far it's been nice. Next week I wanted to start Insanity and beat myself up for 2 months. heh. I think that nutrition is going to be a problem since I am going to be burning so many calories and I will be forced to take in so much fruit and fats to keep the energy going.



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                              Well, here are my numbers. Like I mentioned somewhere else on this forum, my total cholesterol went up since I went primal. Other numbers are great.

                              Total Cholesterol: 232

                              HDL: 69

                              Tris: 104

                              LDL: 142

                              VDL: 21

                              I am trying to dig up my other numbers from last year.



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                                Here they are :

                                July 2009 14 hour fast

                                Total 203

                                Triglicerides: 90

                                HDL: 66

                                LDL: 119

                                Ok, so they told me I was ok, and no to take any meds because of it. YAY. They told me to take Lipitor because of these numbers:

                                November 2007

                                Total: 207

                                Triglicerides: 210

                                HDL: 62

                                LDL: 103

                                Scratching my head here. I dig up some info from an old blog post from 2006. Here are those numbers:

                                June 2006

                                Total: 196

                                Triglicerides: 123

                                HDL: 38

                                LDL: 138