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Going Primal in the UK!

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  • Going Primal in the UK!

    Hi All

    Following on from my introduction thread, I figured I'd start my journal!

    I got hold of the primal quick and easy cookbook and will be basing my meals around that bad boy...

    So far I've had the Brocolli quiche and the cauliflower pork and rice, along with eggs and bacon for breakfast and the tuna salad for lunch...

    I'd say I've been about 90% primal for 3 days now - day one was easy enough, day 2 was a little bit fuzzy and today has been a headache day...

    I'm a little worried about not getting enough carbs - my rough calcs for what I've eaten seem a bit low, as in pushing 30 grams - I need to really get involved on fitday and work it out...

    I'm really enjoying cooking as well - for me I was never forced vegetables as a kid and really struggle to eat them at all now - I'm hoping that my taste buds will adjust soon so I can enjoy all the great looking food!!!

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    Why are you going that low on carbs? I wouldn't go that low unless a higher level wasn't working for me. If you are trying to lose fat or reduce blood sugar level or something, 50-100 should be fine. If not, then go lower.

    You don't absolutely have to eat lots of vegetables. I do because I love them. There are many ways to make veg tasty. Hint: butter. More
    Ancestral Health Info

    I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

    Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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      No panic - I popped it all into myfitnesspal and I took about 120g of carbs - so not too bad at all!

      Thanks for the link - I'll have a cheeky look later - butter and veg is next on my list - might try a primal Sunday Roast if I can figure out how!


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        Originally posted by GLD1 View Post
        might try a primal Sunday Roast if I can figure out how!
        What's to figure out? It's pretty primal already...if you leave out the Yorkies!! ;-P

        Hi! from another UK Primal btw! *waves*
        Finally uncovering the real me!

        My 'Serious Six' journal.


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          Pub sunday lunch, you know the 5.99 carvery jobbie.......great stuff they are. Turkey, Pork with root veg and Colli.......cant be beat lol.....
          Oh yeah...and from UK too..


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            Hi guys - good to know there are plenty of us about! What sort of places do you guys shop? I'm mixing up asda, waitrose and riverford organics at the moment


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              Oh yeah, loads of us about!

              I'm loving getting our veggies (and an occasional meat box) from LoveKent - if you're in London (or Kent) they deliver and are fantastic and cheap, much cheaper than abel and cole and the like. Been nothing but pleased with them.

              The meat boxes are also lovely, and you can specify gluten free (yummy wheat free sausages!) if that's your thing.



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                Hello and welcome. I'm also in the UK. My food shopping is a mixture of Abel & Cole veg box (good quality but pricey - thanks for the Love Kent tip catemarie - will check them out), Waitrose, local butcher (beef bones for stock!) and other supermarkets sometimes.

                The roast dinner will be one of the parts of your diet that doesn't really need to change. Potatoes cooked in goose fat or dripping - yum.

                My tip for eating your vegetables - soup! Since my veg box arrives on Tuesdays, Monday night tends to be my soup night to use up what's left. My favourite at the moment is butternut squash soup with smoked paprika. With bacon bits.

                Since last week I've been using paleotrack rather than fitday - encouragingly it tells you when you've been strict paleo (never for me as I eat butter) and it tracks your omega 6/3 balance which is useful and interesting.
                Well and happy - Journalling a primal life in London


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                  In terms of supermarket type places I go between Sainsbury's (dairy and household stuff), M&S & Co-op (the latter two do lovely gluten free sausages which are basically just meat and spices) but actually buy most of my meat and veggies online, at the farmer's market, or from the local greengrocer and fish from the fish van that comes round once a week.

                  It has taken a while but I feel like I'm getting into my groove now.
                  Finally uncovering the real me!

                  My 'Serious Six' journal.


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                    Awesome - thanks for the replies! I will try all your suggestions soon enough

                    Any links/ideas on pre preparation for food? I'm looking at ideas to cut down cooking time, and am next to clueless!


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                      Well, day 4 is almost over - grilled pork and carrots for tea. Managed to stick to the programme pretty well so far - geting used to the food portions but the good news is I seem to be hitting everything in terms of the carbs/protein/fat aims.

                      Still have a monster head ache (two days now!) and I'm feeling really tired (I wish I could nap in work!) but I think I've figured out my best sleep pattern going forward...

                      Tomorrow is my sprint day so hopefuly I won't shock my body too much!!!

                      Two other major bonuses so far - I suffer with really bad acid reflex - that has been much reduced and when I do get it, it's not too bad!

                      Secondly, my teeth are a lot cleaner - which is a very unexpected bonus!
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                        The headaches, lethargy, lack of concentration and especialy the fuzzyness will last a good few months the older you get and the higher a carb user you were.


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                          Well I'm 27 years young - and feel pretty good this morning - hopefully I'll have a quick transition as I've gone a bit cold turkey!


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                            Day 5 and first training session - 4 x 30 second bike sprints - my body and lungs could have done more but for some reason I got an instant headache as soon as I started pedalling - It's been a pretty good day otherwise - head was a little fuzzy but nothing major and I'm starting to control the hunger pans a bit!


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                              Hey there,

                              I steam a load of broccoli/cauliflower/asparagus on a Sunday evening so I have loads of pre cooked veggies for snacks/breakfast lunch on the go. You could do the same roasting tomatoes/pepper/onions etc.

                              I also often make a big batch of casserole (essentially just chuck some briefly fried off meat and veggies in a lidded pot with stock or bone broth, a glass or 2 of wine/sherry/booze a handful of herbs and maybe some whole garlic gloves, lid on in oven at 180 for a couple of hours. Cook longer for cheaper cuts of beef and it melts down to beautiful yumminess) once a week, portion it up, freeze some and keep some in the fridge. Same with batches of mince.

                              Either that or I cook a whole chicken and a whole ham/gammon joint and slice it up for salads all week. And boil 1/2 dozen eggs to be kept in the fridge. So yeah - basically I have 2 big cooking sessions a week and that's me done!

                              I'm also from UK and have found Waitrose on a monday to be amazing for massively reduced 'posh' meat - usually less than half price. Same goes with Sainsburys - 15 minutes before closing on a Sunday (I currently have a freezer full of SO organic salmon fillets reduced to 50p a pack!) I also have a favourite local butcher who saves me weird bits of animal and bone (I had an ox heart from him recently - yum!) in the knowledge that I am also going to buy lovely bits of steak, lamb, pork, venison and whole chickens from him. He'll also make me up sausages with any mix of animal/herbs and without any rusk/breadcrumbs/potato flour. He's a good man!

                              My veggies come from Brixton Farmers Market or local farm shops mostly - salads get topped up from the supermarket. But I'm going to have to have a look at Love Kent too now.

                              As for your roast - slow roast shoulder of lamb or pork - awesome with mountains of veggies.

                              Happy cooking and eating!