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  • Journal today. Success story tomorrow...

    Hey everyone! Well I'm just another person trying to make the switch over to primal . Theres much to be said about my body composition over the last few years, but I won't bore you with the details. In short, I have turned to the primal blueprint in order to lose fat, gain muscle, and improve my health. Over the last week of trying to switch primal I've cheated quite a bit, but learn something new every time. I don't think that I am one of those people who can regularly exercise the 80/20 rule. I have always been a bit of an "all or nothing" type personality, and that paired with an extreme sugar addiction doesn't help much in the way of moderation. Also, I feel like absolute crap every time I indulge in something non-primal, so I really don't see the point of doing it anymore. Primal foods just taste so much better too!

    For now I am also going to do my best to avoid alcohol. I had some on Friday and Saturday, which led to this weekend being a total disaster. I can't drink while being low-carb, and the decreased inhibition from the alcohol led me to having a bunch of crap foods. Usually I am able to recover easily during the weekdays as my schedule helps me keep my mind off of food after a screwup. However, this being the weekend I did not have much of a schedule to keep and just stuffed myself with processed sugars and grains.

    For the 3-4 days last week that I was able to stick to only whole primal foods, I felt incredible. Right now I regret the drinking so bad because I was bouncing around with more energy than I had in years on Friday. I was also so damn happy, for absolutely no reason! I just couldn't stop smiling. I would give anything to get that back right now, but its comforting to know that all I have to do is go back to being primal and I'll be there in a few days . I could literally write on for pages about how great this lifestyle is for me, but I'll spare you since you all probably know all about it by now :P. Thank you for reading and I hope to update my progress at least once a week.

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    Welcome. I'm an all or nothing type too. Since starting in late August, I've had a few non-primal eating adventures. I sort of think it is nice to be reminded occasionally how terrible I feel when I make bad choices. Nothing like a little negative reinforcement to get you back on the wagon.
    My Primal Journal


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      I agree! In fact right before this weekend I was having some sugar cravings. Its funny when you go back and have those foods; they don't taste anywhere near as good anymore.