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  • Jumping into Primal

    Starting the 30 day challenge today. (The only exception is that the chicken wings I just cooked up for a lunch later this week at work have a small amount of teriyaki sauce on them, which contains sugar. But I'm not tossing or freezing them.)

    I'm usually pretty low carb, so this should be good.

    Goal: No grains, no added sugars, no legumes. Coffee and wine will be permitted. Dairy will be limited to what goes in the coffee, and to minimal amounts of goat cheese.

    Fitness: I have a bum knee and ankle, so sprinting (and, ahem, squatting) is right out.
    Will: walk or hike daily when weather permits. Will do stretches, and whatever I need to do in the yard for fall pickup. Will take stairs at work.

    Will post something once every day (except next weekend, when I will be away from home -- I suspect that I'm not going to be able to be truly Primal that weekend, but if that's the case, I'll add on extra days. I've already paid for the food plan.)

    Today so far:

    1 slice pastured bacon, 1 pastured egg cooked in a small amount of the bacon fat, a dab of goat cheese atop.
    Some greens (a mix of beet "greens", napa cabbage, daikon radish greens, and celeriac greens) cooked in a skillet with a little butter. Most of these were made for lunches at work later this week but I needed a taste...
    1 part of a chicken wing, cooked in drizzled-on teriyaki and hot sauce. (the other five parts are for work later this week).
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    Brining (without sugar, so I know the preservative powers aren't as strong) some pork jowl.

    Simmering/stewing the rest of the pork jowl, the meatier two-thirds. With garlic, onion, apple cider vinegar and spices.

    Okay some background: I've lost 34 or so pounds over the last year by going low carb. My main weapon of success was to BRING MY OWN LUNCHES into work, rather than relying on the cafeteria pre-made slop, even their "healthy choices", which really weren't so healthy... Everything has added starches and sugars.

    I've looked around at both the Primal and Paleo plans. I've done the dairy-free check -- nope, no lactose intolerance. I've done the gluten-free check -- nope, no gluten intolerance. Well except that an excess of both leads to weight gain... But I've grown convinced that the slogan is right: there are no essential carbohydrates, and we didn't evolve to eat grains. Grains, after all, are what they put cattle on in feedlots to fatten them up. Grains as the base of our food pyramid? Methinks not.

    I notice the new "food plate" they've got going. They're beginning to backpedal on the grains, wonder why?

    At any rate, I will likely end up off this challenge this coming weekend. Here's why:

    I go to this yearly event, and they have two food plans. Vegetarian and Carnivore. I picked the Vegetarian. And have already paid for it. I picked Vegetarian because I absolutely hate, loathe and excoriate tasteless dried out chicken breast (which will be one night's choice, and probably anyway also breaded). And because grain-finished beef no longer remotely tastes edible anymore (which will be the other night's choice). On the vegetarian menu there's stuffed portobellos one night (which I love, but probably have breading in them), and I can't recall what the other night's item is. Still got to be better than dried out, overcooked chicken breast.

    I did tell them I'd be a carnivore at breakfast, so I'm loading up on bacon and sausages! Lunch will be salad, egg salad, and possibly the soup, depending on what it is.


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      Also eaten today -

      Pork jowl cooked in water, cider vinegar, garlic and celery.
      Avocado straight up