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    I've been on the primal diet for about a month now. I'm starting to add in exercise, starting with walks & hikes. I'm intrigued by the idea of barefoot walking, so i splurged tonight and ordered a few pairs of the Merrell barefoot style shoes. I figured this would be a good way to support my efforts to get outside everyday and move around! I also figured this was a good milestone with which to start a primal journal, since it seems to be "sticking".

    Eating a primal diet has been amazing. I'm feeling better every day, and I'm so happy thinking about how my body is balancing out, becoming healthy, and functioning properly. I've also lost 12 pounds so far, which is really encouraging!

    My goals are to continue to lose weight until I reach my goal (which is somewhere around 175-192 since I'm 5'10" tall). What I'm looking forward to most is getting back in shape and being active. I miss skiing, and I would love to have the stamina to go backpacking/camping for several days.

    I'm hoping that keeping a journal here will help me stay focused and keep me "in the loop"!

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    Went foraging today, both at Whole Foods, and in my back yard today.

    Picked up a bunch of coconut milk at the store since they had it on sale for $1 off! Sweet deal! Also got a couple different super dark chocolate bars to try out. I've been very strict for the past month about no chocolate or other "treats", wanting to give my body a chance to adjust to this different eating style. Since things are going well, I thought it might be nice to have some dark chocolate on hand for an occasional intensely flavored snack.

    In my back yard, I picked a few handfuls of raspberries. Tasty! There are still quite a few green ones, so if it doesn't get too cold too fast, I might get the chance to pick a few more handfuls this season. During the summer harvest there were TONS of raspberries. I picked well over 16 pounds, and most of that is in the freezer, which will be an awesome flavorful addition this winter.

    I haven't really bothered with weighing myself or taking measurements lately, but I'm noticing other remarkable changes. Over the past few days my energy has been really high. I've kept up my daily 30-45min walks (which are getting easier & easier), but the most miraculous thing is that afterward, I still have energy left to do something else! My house is getting really clean!


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      Breakfast was a quick one of 3 scrambled eggs and coffee.

      I ate lunch out today, at a restaurant called "The Counter". It's a burger joint, but they offer hormone free, antibiotic free beef! They also prepare your burger on a bed of organic greens--without a bun if you don't want one (which I don't!). I got mine topped with bacon & avocado, and it was wonderful. Felt really good to eat in a restaurant and stick with the things that I want to eat.

      My new shoes finally arrived! I ordered a pair of Merrell Pace Gloves, and a couple of pairs of Merrell Pure Gloves, just to try out the different styles. The Pace Glove was the winner for me. The Pure Gloves were also really nice, but I only wanted to keep one pair, at least to start out with. I think the Pace Gloves will be awesome for everyday walking, and even hiking. I tried them out when I went for a walk tonight, and although my ankles definitely felt the workout, overall, I love the way they feel on my feet. They really do fit like a glove, with plenty of room around the toes.

      I went "foraging" again in my back yard. We have several thriving kale plants, so I picked a big bunch to cook up for dinner (along with a couple tasty sausages).

      My one indulgence today was a tall cappuccino for afternoon coffee with friends. It was delicious!


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        I mentioned in my first post here that I've lost 12 pounds so far. Well, I seem to be stuck at a plateau there since I haven't lost any more than that.

        It would have been nice to see some more downward movement on the scale, but I'm ok with it. I know that if I keep eating this way, and keep working on exercise, that my body will change for the better.

        On my walk this evening I thought a lot about how you can achieve anything by just taking one step at a time. I think that sums up my attitude about this process. In some ways it'd be easy to get overwhelmed by the big picture of what I'm trying to accomplish (losing weight & getting fit). When overwhelmed, it would be easy to just give up, admitting failure before I've given myself a chance to succeed. Ultimately, I know I want to do this. I might not be the perfect picture of health at this point, but I know I'll get there. My plan is to just keep taking steps.


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          I had quite an interesting weekend.

          On Saturday night, I went out to dinner for the first time since going primal (aside from the lunch out with other primal-minded folks, which was an easy experience), and I did the best I could. It was an outing for a friend's birthday, and we went out to a fancy restaurant. I avoided the bread that was served with the meat & cheese appetizer plate. For dinner, I ordered the duck breast, and was assured that all the other components of the meal were served around the meat, so I'd be able to avoid whatever I didn't want to eat. When it arrived I was a little disappointed. The meat looked awesome, but it was served on top of the starchy puree, and the sweet cherry chutney was spooned right on top of the whole thing. I scraped off as much of the chutney as I could, and avoided the starchy puree as best I could as well. I ate up all the watercress, which was also concealed beneath the meat. Overall I think I did well with the experience, and I wasn't to stressed about receiving a less than ideal presentation. I enjoyed the dinner very much, and even had a nice glass of pinot noir along with it. I skipped dessert, but so did a few others in the party, so it was pretty easy!

          Sunday was a long day. I helped a friend out at a Natural Living Expo. I started the day at 5:30am. Breakfast was a hearty omelet with goat cheese & some prosciutto, along with a nice big cup of coffee. I brought along some snacks including hard boiled eggs, celery, carrots, nuts, strawberries, etc., but only had time to quickly eat a couple eggs & a stalk or two of celery since we were so busy! I never got super hungry, and even at the end of the night, felt satisfied with a couple more eggs and some nuts, although I had some cold sliced leftover lamb when I got home at about 9pm.

          Today I was definitely a day for rest. I slept really late--til about 1pm, then took the afternoon to sit in the sun and read (the Primal Blueprint of course!). Hoping to get back into my routine of walking tomorrow, but my legs were just so sore, I decided to give myself a break.

          Today I had a big omelet with goat cheese & a couple sausages. Nuts for a snack (ok, and a couple squares of dark chocolate too). Tonight I'm planning either some organic chicken coconut curry, or maybe some grass fed beef burgers on a big salad.

          Feeling good about my decision to just carry on with this style of living, and not focus so much on the weight for right now. I was reading through the part in the Primal Blueprint today where Mark addresses this change of focus, and it was just the right info for me to take in at this moment. It really is about enjoying the process and letting the effects settle in naturally.


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            I'm happy to report that I've broken through the plateau! I didn't bother with the scale for a good week and a half, and when I last checked again, I finally have lost another 3 lbs, for a total loss of 15 lbs so far!

            I don't feel the need to hop on the scale every day, but it is nice to be able to check in every now and again, and nicer still when it shows downward movement. It encourages me that I am indeed doing the right thing, and that it's working!

            I've gotten into an easy pace with my diet, and I'm still working on the exercise portion. I started doing some of the basic exercises including push-ups (on the wall for now), squats & the beginner planks. I'd like to start working on pull-ups, but I'll have to figure out how to get access to a bar.

            I've been keeping up with walking, and I went on a trail yesterday that I hadn't hiked for a while. I was amazed at how far I could go. I could have gone farther, but time was a constraint. It was so awesome to finish up a long hike, and not be totally wiped out!