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    Worked a night shift last night/this morning. Got home at 8a had a quick nap and awake again at 0930 to go to a tangi at the marae. The funeral was for a guy that I worked with who had a freak accident leaving the 19th hole at the golf club. Luckily I arrived at the same time as another guy I work with who guided me through all of the correct protocols.

    After DW got home from work we took the dawg for a walk around the neighbourhood for an hour or so.

    So after 27 hours, and working on 1.5 hours sleep I decided I couldn't skip another workout and did pushups & leg raises to the progression standard at level 3. I was originally planning on staying at this level until 20 March, but I think it is time to level them up now, since I'm not getting much more out of them. My warmups are the progression standard for level 2, so I think I'm doing ok on that front.

    Shepherd's pie for dinner soon, then a little tv and I'm sure I won't have any trouble sleeping tonight. Two more day shifts to go. Yay.

    The mole map came back clear, although I did fib a little about how much sun exposure I generally tend to enjoy.

    Not much else to report.
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      I just dropped off 4 pairs of jeans at a seamstress, to get 3 inches taken off the waist. Cranking them in with a belt was getting beyond a joke. I might have to punch an extra hole in the belt I got 6 months ago too.

      I'm still sticking to the exercise regime, although the flexibility work has fallen by the wayside.
      Live. Grow. Flourish.

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        Well, it's been a while between updates. A few days after thinking I had the healthy lifestyle all dialled in WHAM! I got nailed with a change of season cold. It seems like it was pretty rough one doing the rounds this year, and while I felt like crap for a few days (luckily I didn't have to go to work) I got over it pretty quick.

        I had been following with interest the thread about "where's all this energy I keep reading about". Like many of the contributors, I hadn't noticed it. I seem to need to be wired up on caffeine drinks all the time just to function - I still haven't kicked the diet coke.

        I started taking Vit D3 supps, with increased doses when on night shift, without much success. I started taking zinc tabs as well, which seemed to help with the acne for a short while. Who the hell has acne problems at 42 ffs? Then I started reading about iodine, but as for taking more supps - DO NOT WANT! I do actually prefer to get my minerals etc from food and if it wasn't for the price availability of bluff oysters, I wouldn't be taking the zinc.

        So I got a packet of nori sheets from the market and I tear up a couple of strips and put them in with my vegetables when I nuke them. I had only been doing this for a few days when - OH MY GOD - THE ENERGY!!! Where was it all coming from? I figured that like an age old tv commercial from here (that unfortunately I can't find online) - "The answer's in the seaweed son."

        This was fantastic, finally the energy I was searching for. I'd cracked it. 2 days later I was hit by the dreaded lurgy, and haven't felt that level of energy since. I'm beginning to wonder if the energy spike wasn't just all of my antibodies kicking into high gear.

        Never mind, I'm sticking with the supps and the seaweed in the meantime.

        With a few things going on and some lame ass excuses, I haven't done a lot in the way of exercise in the last month or so. I took a deliberate week of rest, then had a week of exercise, then another week off for my birthday (told you it was a lame excuse) worked for another week and then got sick.

        I've gotten back into it since Sunday, dropped it back a notch and am now back to where I was when I left off. Going back over the logs just before my hiatus I notice that I had been pushing it a little hard in the last couple of weeks, and possibly leveled up a little too fast. There's a lesson in that I'm sure. I'm also going to tweak my pattern of work rest days to better fit in with my shifts, now that they're getting a little harder. At the beginning levels it was easy to find an empty office at work and bust out a few reps while nobody was looking, now that's getting a bit more difficult. Anyway we'll see how it goes. Just finished pushups and leg lifts for today.

        Soon a shower and shave, then off out for dinner.

        Despite the birthday revelries and the training hiatus, the taken in jeans still fit like a charm.
        Live. Grow. Flourish.

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          Haha, you're the maxi crop man
          Started Feb 18 2011

          Tried basic primal and almost everything else in pursuit of IBS control, mood stability, and weight loss.

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            Well, just when you think you have life and the universe all sorted out BAM! Something blindsides you. It's been a rough few months around here, journalling and internet activities fell by the wayside a bit. Dad's prostate cancer made a reappearance and he had to go and get radiation treatment, which meant him and Mum had to live away from home for 6 weeks, as the services are centralised. The treatment is over now and we have to wait for everything to settle back down before Dad can go for more tests to see if they got it this time. The Cancer Society lodge is a wonderful facility!

            Throughout all of this I have stayed reasonably on track with my diet, but probably more 70/30 than 80/20.

            I tried IF for a while, but found that it was severely limiting my workouts. I was finding that without breakfast I had no energy or motivation to workout, then after lunch, by the time I had digested my meal, the day had moved on without getting the workout in. I'm back to having a light breakfast in the morning and then working out a little later on. Progress has been slow, but it has been progress nonetheless.

            Jeans continue to get looser, and now that the workouts are back on track, muscle tone is recovering. I just need to get rid of the last of this belly fat.
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            Live. Grow. Flourish.

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