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  • Thootie Queen's Primal Journey

    I consider tomorrow to be Day One.

    I have hypothyroidism, a gluten intolerant husband with ADD, a daughter with sometimes dangerously low blood pressure, and a host of other health issues that still remain unaddressed. I am currently taking Synthroid and although it is an improvement, it is not fixing my thyroid issue. I have psoriasis that I believe is either connected to dairy consumption or sugar consumption. I have what I believe to be endometriosis but have been having a horrific time getting a single doctor to take my pain complaints seriously.

    By going primal, I hope to get my health back, lose approximately 50 pounds, and help my family become more healthy. My husband is not completely on board but he has already completely cut out gluten containing grains. He is more than willing to eat whatever I cook and to cook things that I can eat. The only time he is non Primal is sometimes with snacks and if he eats out.

    I have actually started the primal thing a few weeks ago with some great results. I have already lost 8 pounds without being strict at all. Today is my birthday so we did dinner out last weekend and we always have some type of cake for our birthday at work. I knew that I was not fully prepared to make a stand and say no yet so I just decided to go ahead and do what I needed to without stress for the weekend/birthday and then to pick up and remain strong. I really only gained about a pound or so back and I stayed primal for most of the weekend except a couple of desserts.

    When it comes to primal fitness, I have sort of been doing that by accident. I take Hapkido classes and we have some days that are pretty hard core cardio type workouts (sprints). Some days are full of a million and a half pushups, sit ups, squats. The rest are mostly technique classes that although they are not too hard, you still work up a sweat.

    My reason for starting a journal now is the accountability and also so I can track a little closer what my reaction is to certain foods. I am going to take an official starting weight tomorrow morning and I suppose I really need to take some pictures.

    Any comments, advice, and even criticism is always welcome...

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    So Day one starts off with great news... not only did I still maintain my former weight loss, I am now even lower. I officially start this journey at 198.9. No more 200s thankfully. I do not eat breakfast ever (hate even thinking about food in the morning). So food for the day...

    Breakfast - nuttin'
    Lunch - probably about a pound of salmon, yummy
    some baby carrots
    Dinner - unknown since I will be at class and the husband will be cooking


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      It is another day. I ended up not eating really anything last night for dinner. Class was a major workout and I never can make myself eat after a hard workout. I did have a couple of squares of dark chocolate but that was it. I really have no idea what I will be eating today. I will probably end up running out at lunch time to find something decent to eat. I have some beef jerky at my desk and a can of salmon so if all else fails, I will at least not starve.


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        Breakfast - nuttin' again
        Lunch - cobb salad, plums
        Snack - raw almonds and cashews

        I really didn't want to resort to nuts but I couldn't find anything else in the store that is filling enough and fast for work. The only beef jerky that I could find had way too many ick ingredients. I need to get to the store this weekend so that I can stock up on food.

        I have class again tonight. I am so sore from last night so hopefully I won't feel like completely dying tonight.


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          Today was okay.

          Breakfast - nuttin'
          Lunch - BAS and a chicken leg quarter with skin
          Dinner - Caprese salad and a chocolate canoli... just the cheat I needed after the past few days.

          I am hitting a wall. I am still losing weight and I still feel great. Class is going well since I am very slowly becoming more adapted to physical exercise. I am just so sick of being overweight. I am sick of spending hours searching the internet for a store that will sell clothes to fit me. I am too big for regular sizes and too small for plus sizes. I just want to be able to feel good in the clothes that I am wearing and it just isn't happening for me yet. I have some money and the whole weekend to go shopping. I don't know if I really want to do it anymore. I am really afraid that I will have a full mental break down in the middle of a store.

          I just hope to wake up tomorrow in a better frame of mind.


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            New day, new mood...

            Late Breakfast of chorizo and eggs
            Lunch will probably be some shrimp and veggies
            Dinner will probably be the same


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              Obviously already fell off the wagon...

              I have had some physical medical issues to deal with which required a ton of different doctors until I have finally found the one who will delve further into my pain. I finally have my laproscopy scheduled for the end of this month to see what is causing my unbearable pain every month. So at least something good has been going on recently.

              The fall off of the wagon was caused by a million different things but ultimately because I am a perfectionist... all or nothing. We ran out of primal groceries this week (still getting used to buying the right amount), I was in a lot of pain which made me unable to actually prepare meals, and I had some training classes to attend at work which means catered lunches. I know how to eat around a CW lunch. I am very capable of doing it, but they had some amazing looking cookies so I just had to have two of them. The next day, I just decided that I didn't stick to it the day before so why should I today. And then lunch on Friday with a great friend... may as well finish off the week with a bang, a trip to the grocery store, and a new determination.

              So I recognize what I have done, I am dying tonight because I ate half a pint of gelato (gotta love lactose intolerance), and I am stocked up on food. New day, new commitment. I have rejoined my gym. I know that I won't be able to go more than maybe a couple of days a week (martial arts class 4 days a week) but I decided that I am willing to spend some of my personal money for a commitment to get my butt on a treadmill for some sprints, and to go to a class every so often just for a change of pace.

              On that note, I won't even bother writing what I have eaten... just really bad and a lot of it. Tomorrow morning's plan is to go to the gym for some sprinting. Once I get home, it is time to bond with the crock pot. We just haven't been spending enough time together lately.


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                Wow. So sticking to things is not my strong suit. I have purchased and read the 21 day transformation book. Tomorrow starts Day 1. In my defense, I have had a lot of things going on this month but overall I made the choice to eat like crap. I haven't gained any weight but I certainly haven't lost any. I already restocked my house with the foods that I need to eat. I have to do this. I have still just been feeling blah and I know that this way of eating will make me feel better.

                I am going to weigh myself tomorrow morning and measure. I might even get all kinds of ballsy and take a photo. Then no more scale until this 21 day thing is over. I do know that Thanksgiving falls in there so I am going to be very slightly lenient. I really love turkey the most so it won't be too hard for me to stay fairly primal throughout the holiday.