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    I first started eating paleo in January 2011. I feel much better since I started this journey. I have lost about 15 lbs, and have more to lose. My weight/fat loss has since stalled. I joined in the 30 day challenge, but my progress there also seems to have stalled.

    My goals for the challenge were to improve sleep quality and reduce stress. I have made some progress on both points, though there is more improvements to be made. In the last few month, I was put on allergy and asthma meds. Since the Primal Blueprint challenge started, I have gotten myself off of all the asthma meds, and only the occasional allergy med. I'm still having some digestive issues, which seem to be related to having been sick and/or the meds.

    I am taking the next few days to re-group/reassess. Today I cleaned out my pantry and fridge. I had cleaned out my pantry earlier in the year too.

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    Yesterday I ate well, went to the gym for an HIIT workout followed by a relaxing swim. Slept well. I plan to do a pilates workout today and make a soup for dinner.