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Pedalpress' Primal Blueprint Journal #1

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  • Pedalpress' Primal Blueprint Journal #1

    First post, been on a 4HB / Primal plan since 9/10/11. Went from 170 to 162, waist 35.5" to 34".


    Smoothie with greek yogurt, almond butter, coconut milk and probiotics
    Poached egg and roasted beets, sweet potatoes, leeks and beet greens.

    Salmon salad sandwich (no bread)

    turkeyburger (no bun), corn on the cob, salad.

    WOD: Mostly rest with the Daily 12 at wakeup, after a day of hunting and 2 arm kettlebell swings.

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    Had a cheat with whole milk in coffee and immediately felt bloated and pain in stomach. Lactose?

    Two eggs, salsa, mixed greens, avocado.

    Missed Lunch, because soup day at work was cream based.

    Dinner: Steak taco with corn tortilla, onions, salsa, cilantro.

    Exercise: Daily 12 and 25 two handed kettlebell swings. 40lb.


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      Hi pedalpress! 4HB is what led me to primal, too! Starting by getting rid of simple starches to fix my acid reflux. Dug deeper and went mostly primal when I was trying to find out why my asthma was also going away (WHEAT). I don't have a problem with dairy, so I still consume (too much of) it. Trying to cut back, but having to be 100% strict on wheat (cheats mean the asthma comes THUNDERING back) has made it harder on me to give up other stuff as well.

      Just a warning to watch your eating: looks like too little to me. I know you want to lose some weight, but you don't want your body to hunker down in starvation mode. I've dropped from around 176 lbs to 147-8 (depending on the day). I'm not ripped, but you *can* see my abs. Here was today:

      My breakfast is usually FOUR eggs scrambled with ham, onions and sausage, then a medium (12oz?) whole local milk mocha with real whipped cream around 9:30. Lunch today was homemade chicken salad and a banana. Then a glass of chocolate milk when I got home before heading out to a tennis clinic. Dinner was a huge salad with lettuce, ham, a couple of olives (all I had), pecans and olive oil and vinegar.

      I think you *may* hit a wall and need to INCREASE you calories to meet your weight loss goals.

      Good luck! I look forward to reading of your success!
      Life is short: Void the warranty.


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        Great advice Gunnk!

        My goal was to go from 170 to 155 sticking to a 4HB style plan, then up the calories and fitness and live primal. I'm at 160 19 days in, and it does seem like the last few came slower.

        I've avoided a lot of meat because living on an island in Alaska limits me to what I can catch and shoot, or store bought options that are pure industrial farm style stuff I'd rather keep out of my body. Looking for a grass fed cowshare to ship up from Washington.

        Haven't got a deer yet this year, so fish has been the bulk of my meat intake. Not that I'm complaining about eating locally caught king salmon!

        You've clearly had success, so I've got a lot to look forward too.


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          Breakfast: Three eggs with onion, mushroom and spinach.
          Lunch: big salad with avocado, tomatoes, mixed greens, seeds and nuts; baked salmon.
          Dinner: turkey burger, no bun, salsa, avocado, onion, yam mash.
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