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My Progress over the next weeks and hopefully months.

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  • My Progress over the next weeks and hopefully months.

    I think ill start out with a brief history of myself. I have always had a problem when it comes to maintaining my weight and until recently my diet has consisted heavily on carbs. In 2009 I went on a diet, a typical calorie reduction diet and ended up losing 80lbs going from 225 to 145lbs in about 6 months however i think a good chunk was muscle as i saw my athletic performance decreasing. Since then i have gone through some hormonal changes that caused some fat gain, muscle loss and I swear cravings for all things carbs. Around the same time i also started playing roller derby, and over the next 10 months i became a carb pig putting on 30 pounds. Thankfully because i am so active much of it was muscle but of course some wasn't.

    Anyway that brings me to the present. 180lbs give or take, about 25% BF. I want to get that down to around 17-18%, feel lighter on my feet and just more agile overall. I think that comes out to 165 lbs give or take but i think im going to throw out the scale this time and just go by how my body is changing.

    At 5'8" i am at: Upper arm: 13", Waist: 30", Hips: 41", Thighs: 26.5", Calves: 16.5".

    yes i have huge skater thighs...