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    Some background - I've been doing something resembling the primal blueprint for a few months(increasing fats and proteins, reducing sugars). I've been pretty much grain-free for a couple of years, and over the course of 2008 dropped from about 205lbs to 124lb (largely as a result of quite severe calorie reduction). Unfortunately, I've been packing on the pounds a bit recently, and am now hovering at about 150lb. I'm 5'9, so although this isn't hugely overweight, I'd be more comfortable at about 135lb (which may still sound quite heavy, but lower than this and my face starts to look a bit gaunt and horrid). I'm not willing to lose the weight by the same means as I used previously (i.e. subsisting on a diet of fruits and vegetables with the occasional hemp protein shake thrown in for good measure). I still incorporate a lot of fresh produce into my diet, but am pretty much convinced that long term calorie restriction is a BAD idea. In my case, I'm fairly certain it was the cause of (or at least, a contributory factor to)a disordered approach to eating (bulimic episodes) and some general health issues (e.g., I stopped menstruating for 16 months. Since increasing fats and proteins (and calories in general) I seem to have resumed a "normalish" cycle, thank goodness).

    Along with losing weight, I'm also looking to build some muscle - I walk a lot (usually 2hrs a day) but other than the occasional, rather half-hearted attempt at yoga and weights, I've never got around to building exercise into my daily routine. (At my lowest weight, I was a classic example of "Skinny Fat" I'm just "Fatty fat". The difference? I look worse in clothes than before but pretty much the same out of them).

    But come the New Year, come the New Me...... so my goals:

    1) To lose 15lb by eating only natural, whole foods - no sugars, grains, vegetable fats or dairy; lots of protein, animal fats and vegetables. Until I've achieved the weight loss, I'm planning to eliminate nuts and fruits, as I'm pretty sure that eating these to excess(once a binger, aways a binger?, though I hope not!), along with the odd bit of cheese has caused the recent weight gain. Fats and proteins = good, fats and protein with excess carbs = not so good, me thinks.

    2) To exercise daily (add sprints 4* a week, lift heavy things for half an hour 2* a week, do 1 hr yoga 2* a week)

    3) Incorporate regular, mini fasts into daily routine(I tend to pick at food continuously, mainly as a result of boredom. I'm hoping Intermittent fasting will help break the habit).

    4) (More of a long term goal) Stick with it! Eating this way makes me feel happier and healthier - I will NOT compromise my health by thinking I can achieve my goals faster by dropping the fats and calories - Man cannot live by fruit alone!

    That's pretty much it.... sorry for such a long ramble (if you're still with me, give yourself a pat on the back). I will be updating my journal daily (stop groaning!)for accountability and so that I have a log of my progress. So, until tomorrow... a Happy New Year to you all!

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    So, yesterday was the first official day.


    Breakfast - IF

    Lunch - Large Mixed Salad followed by Lamb Curry (sweated onion, garlic and herbs with some spices and curry leaves, added lamb and a tin of coconut milk, and cooked down for an hour). Served with sprouts (odd combination I know, but very nice nonetheless)

    Dinner - IF

    Drinks - water

    Exercise - 2hr walk with some sprints

    Felt fine all day - no hunger between meals, which was nice.

    On to today:

    Food (so far)

    B- IF

    L- Large Mixed Salad, followed by Braised Duck Legs (definitely one to make again - sweated 2 leeks, a carrot, thyme, rosemary and sage for 3 min, added a few whole garlic cloves and some olives and cooked for another 3 min; added seasoned duck legs with enough chicken stock to cover, brought to the boil and then transferred to oven dish. Cooked at 220 degrees C for 30min (skin side down, then for 1hr at 160 (skin side up). Very yummy.

    Am full now so planning to IF again for rest of day.

    Went for an hourís walk this morning, quite tired so not planning anything else. All good so far...