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LilliElectra's Primal Journey through Uncharted Carnivorous Waters

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  • LilliElectra's Primal Journey through Uncharted Carnivorous Waters

    Hello All!
    Well I've been going primal for about a week now and am just now getting my journal up and running (there was an earlier attempt made at writing it down in notepad which failed). I'll just give you a nice run-down as to where I'm at and how I got here.

    First of all, I've been a pescetarian (a vegetarian who eats seafood) for 12 years now. That's more than HALF of my life! I decided to become vegetarian when I was 11 years old because I was horrified by how animals were treated in the meat factories and based upon what I was reading at the time, going vegetarian was supposed to be healthier for you. Needless to say, I was the only vegetarian in my family and my mom quickly told me that she would not be cooking all my meals unless I was eating at least seafood - hence my turn to pescetarianism rather than vegetarianism.

    Things were all fine and dandy for awhile but then puberty hit. As for any girl, that was like the worst thing ever. Suddenly I was chubby after having been the "skinny" kid for as long as I could remember. No matter how much I tried to exercise or diet I could never seem to lose enough weight to satisfy myself and I hated being hungry. After awhile I just kind of gave up on trying to lose any weight and just tried to manage the weight that I was already at and not gain more. Which of course, never seemed to work for very long. I just kind of resigned myself to the fact that I would always be on the chubbier side.

    Years go by, pounds come and go, and I venture out into the world as a working woman and college student AKA a busy bee that has no time to exercise or diet. Needless to say I've had enough of this weight that I feel like I can't shake. Low and behold, my boyfriend discovers Gary Taubes' books just a few months ago which I quickly absorbed. That's when things started to get confusing for me.

    I'd been a pescetarian for so long that after reading "Why We Get Fat" I felt like I was going through a not-so-midlife crisis. After forgoing meat for years and withstanding a lot of hurtful comments from "friends," I felt like everything I had known and believed was wrong. Here was a book telling me I should be eating meat and enjoying it! To a long-term pescetarian this was like trying to tell someone who's an atheist that there actually is a god. I just couldn't believe it at first. Well I could. I just didn't WANT to believe it. Had I been wrong to be a pescetarian for all those years? Was everything that I'd thought I'd known wrong? Was I going to have to give up everything I'd believed? Was I going to have to start ripping into flesh again? What was my family going to think of me? One day I just couldn't take these thoughts anymore and pretty much had a meltdown in front of my boyfriend and cried my eyes out for a good hour, feeling like I'd been lied to my whole life.

    Since then I've decided that while I know eating meat is better for you than I'd previously believed, but how the food industry treats animals is not a lie and should be taken into account. With that in mind, I've decided to slowly start eating meat again as long as it is organic, possibly locally raised and been treated humanely. So far, I've just had chicken broth and one ill-fated attempt at eating chicken which resulted in me puking my guts out (I think I was a little to enthusiastic and ate too much chicken for the first time). This week my boyfriend is going to attempt to feed me a smaller morsel of chicken with hopefully better results.

    As far as the rest of my health goes, I had a weird experience about a year ago with lactose-intolerance. After years of being fine with dairy (though hating milk so I've never drank it), almost overnight I turned severely lactose-intolerant. I couldn't even have butter or milk chocolate - it was that bad. So I did what I had to and cut dairy out of my diet and supplemented it with soy-cheese, soy ice cream, soy cream cheese, etc...if it was soy I had it. If I hadn't already been living off of over-processed foods such as soy meat, I was REALLY living off of it now. For awhile things were okay like that, but I still was getting upset stomachs every so often - I'd blame it on dairy somehow magically making it into whatever it was that I'd eaten that day. I just didn't feel right.

    Then my boyfriend and I tried the Reboot diet after watching the movie Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead which is an all veggie, all fruit diet where you're allowed all the fruits and veggies that you'd like but nothing else and really emphasized the benefits of juicing. So we did that for 3 weeks. It was great after the initial shock on our bodies wore out. We had tons of energy and still felt satisfied (mostly thanks to my boyfriend's great cooking skills). Strangely enough, after we stopped the Reboot diet and started eating "normal" foods again I wasn't lactose-intolerant anymore. I didn't even get the random stomach-upsets anymore. So now I'm a dairyatarian again thank goodness (my parents praised the heavens - can you imagine having a child that doesn't eat meat OR dairy?! so did my boyfriend who is a strict if-its-fleshy-and-delicious-then-I'll-eat-it-atarian).

    So where does that leave me now? So I eat seafood and dairy, trying to slowly wean myself onto meat, and my already busy lifestyle of working two part-time jobs and commuting over the hill as a student has drastically cut into my exercise time (not that I ever was an exercise fiend to begin with). My boyfriend is ecstatic that I'm going to give eating meat a try, though I have yet to unveil this decision to my family. I've been following the no to low carb primal diet (been keeping my carb intake at less than 50g per day) for exactly a week now and I've already lost 6 pounds!! My boyfriend and I primalized our pantry and fridge - man was it liberating to throw 15 pounds of flour, oats, grains and sugar into our trash can! I have yet to touch one of my beloved brands - Morningstar and Amy's - since they are so overly processed (and have tons of hidden carbs! yikes!) though since we still have a few packages left in the freezer, I've designated them as one of my "treats" only to be had on one of our designated "free" days (gotta love that 80/20 rule!).

    Well that's just the start of it all (and I think I've rambled on here long enough now), so I will update tonight with my actual meal log. Gonna be a long day! I'm working at my office job now and will be off to my restaurant job tonight.

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    Ok. Back again for my meal log of the day!

    ~10oz of So Delicious coconut milk over ice
    1 cup of whole milk yogurt
    ~10 grapes
    1 tsp of honey (for a hint of sweetness & to keep my allergies at bay)

    22oz Jamba Juice Berry UpBEET (had ordered the 16oz and they gave me a free upgrade!)
    1 small Safeway spinach salad w/ ~1/2 egg, 1oz cheddar cheese, small serving of almond & raisin mixture with mustard dressing
    1 small tuna in water to go cup

    1 PB energy bar

    1 small serving of edamame (I know its not technically primal but my bf had made it for me when I got home from work)
    vinegar and salt to flavor

    Snack AKA Dessert
    1 small slice of primal cheesecake

    5 mins of lunges while at the office
    4.5 hours of working at a brisk pace at my counter position at my restaurant job


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      Okay back again. I'm good at going MIA aren't I?

      Past week has been busy with school and work - especially since I seem to be working at least one double shift every week. Oh well, keeps me active, right?!

      So after my weight plateaued and then spiked upwards, I decided to start adding sprints into my workout. The weight gain seems to be attributed to muscle gain rather than fat gain since all my clothes have been fitting MUCH looser (its almost time to buy new pj shorts!). I also did one IF day last week, which went surprisingly well and easy despite doing it on a day when I had to go to school. Also, the bf has been feeding me chicken broth all week and I actually ate some chicken without feeling sick afterwards! So today I boldly asked him to get me some turkey bacon from the store and have been nibbling slowly on one piece for ~1 hour now. Still feeling fine!

      Some things I need to work on this week:
      A) Limiting my alcohol intake! As avid home brewers, my bf and I love beer and coming up with new flavor combinations (got some tasty spiced pumpkin nut brown ale brewing for Halloween time!). Needless to say, the copious amounts of beer in the house can be a temptation at times. I've tried to limit drinking beer to the weekends, but this past week we went to trivia night at a local pub on Wednesday (had 3 beers then), had a beer on Thursday night after working a double shift and wanting to indulge and relax, and then also drank over the weekend when we went to a friend's BBQ. I know that if I can drop the drinking for awhile then the pounds should start falling off again.

      B) Heavy lifting. While I do use my adjustable weights or TotalGym every so often, I need to start using them more often and/or lifting at a higher setting. Just gotta push myself harder so that I keep seeing some results from my efforts. I don't have a gym membership so I don't have the option of doing dead lifts or any other intense weight lifting. I need to figure out what's heavy around here that I can try lifting instead that I won't drop and break and anger the dear bf haha.

      C) Patience. I am a very impatient person and tend to get frustrated when I don't see results as quickly as I'd like. After "gaining" several pounds this week, despite noticing the difference in how my clothes were fitting, I still felt frustrated and sad. I need to figure out a system that will let me see some results without being dependent on the scale as my guide. Anyone have any suggestions?

      D) Writing on here! I know that if I write something down, I'm more likely to stick with it.

      Now I promise I will be back on here soon!


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        Well look! Here I am again! *pats myself on the back*

        Things have been going well. Broke through my plateau! Down a couple of pounds and am definitely fitting into my "skinny" jeans. Size 7 for the first time in awhile!! My mom says that she'll take me clothes shopping once I've lost even more weight and need some new clothes. More motivation to keep me going!

        Went to a friends BBQ over the weekend so I had to deal with the temptations of onion dip (only bread no veggies to dip with!) and chips and salsa. I let myself have a few bites and then that was it. Though then I did have a beer and 2 glasses of wine...

        I was good about working out though and played around on our TotalGym on Sunday so now I'm totally sore in my arms and back since I was doing the pull-ups on the machine. I had forgotten what it feels like to have back muscles! Haha! Did a sprint over the weekend and did floor exercises while I was watching TV in the evenings.

        My bf and I went and saw Jimmy Eat World yesterday at the Filmore in San Francisco which was a ton of fun even though I didn't know most of their music. So I just thought "hey go primal and just have fun!" so I danced a bunch and hummed along as best as I could. Had 3 beers during the concert which probably wasn't the best for my weight-loss journey but it was just sooo damn hot in there that I needed beer! I just wont drink again till this next weekend. Since I knew I was going to be drinking last night, I had an IF morning/afternoon. Had a late lunch of 2 pieces of turkey bacon and two fried eggs. On the way to the concert we stopped at Chipotle - I got a vegetarian salad with all the fixings but no rice. After the concert I had a tiny bite of my bf's leftover carnitas burrito - my first taste of pork in 12 years! I felt fine so I was glad about that.

        Went to bed late cuz of getting home so late with visions of exercising in the morning. Of course that didn't happen. How does anyone feel motivated to get straight out of bed and exercise? I have a hard time with that.

        Had a Bumble Bee brand heat & serve albacore steak and 10oz coconut milk for breakfast. My mom came down and took me out for lunch so we went to her gym and got salads. I had a really good egg salad salad (that's egg salad on top of a salad if that's confusing for anyone lol). Couldn't finish all of it so I've got the rest of it to have before I go to my second job later.

        Anyways, time for some lunges while its still quiet here at work! Be back soon!


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          Okay been way too long since I've been on here! School has been crazy, midterms were last week and I unfortunately had to pull an all-nighter to finish a paper. Interestingly enough, I noticed that after I pulled the all-nighter that it caused me to finally break through my weight loss plateau and drop several pounds. This made me wonder whether our paleo ancestors ever had a reason to stay up all night and whether this could provide some positive health implications. Of course, its not something I'll be trying on a regular basis! I was able to take a 2 hour nap before having to go to school, which really helped me from not being a total zombie.

          So after that breakthrough, I am finally down to 128.8lbs!! So excited!

          To get me even more motivated to keep the weight loss going, I've set up a goal and reward system. It is as follows:

          125lbs = hair cut & dye
          122.5lbs = kettle bells
          120 = jawbone UP
          117.5 = vibrams
          115 = iPad (from my bf) & iPhone 4S/5 (from myself)

          Also since beer is prevalent in my life due to my bf and I brewing, I've set up another system so that I won't drink a lot and ruin all my hard work.

          1 week = 1 beer/weekend
          2 week = 2 beers/weekend
          3 week = 3 beers/weekend
          4 week = 0 beers/weekend

          An explanation of my goals - as for the weight loss, I'm figuring that I can try to lose ~2.5lbs per month. A lofty goal I know, but I am determined to get myself in shape. Its not just about wanting to lose weight, but since I've never really felt "fit" I'm trying to get fit and lose weight in the process. I've based my goal weight off of what my ideal body weight should be based on my height. My range is calculated at being 101lbs - 124lbs and since I've been blessed with the family genes of big booty, big boobies, I'm striving for somewhere roughly in the middle of that range. As for how I came up with the drinking goal, I figured that I will follow the chart that I've set up and see how the different amounts of beer effect my weight. This way, once I reach my goal weight then I can go from there in deciding how much I want to keep drinking. I'm sure it'll vary depending on the week and whether we've got social events going on, but at least then I'll have a bit of an idea of how that possible 4th beer will effect me in the long run.

          Anyways, that's enough for now...time for a late breakfast!


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            Definitely been too long since my post on here! But that's what happens when you're busy with two jobs AND school!

            Weight loss has been going GREAT! While I do try and exercise, sometimes I'm just too exhausted after working both jobs in one day, especially since one is a restaurant job and I'm on my feet for a solid 4+ hours. I'm working 5 days a week, 3 of those days at both jobs and the other two solely at the restaurant. The other two days of the week I was going to school though THANKFULLY I am now done for the semester (and really looking forward to two whole days off!!!).

            Stress management is soooo much better than it used to be, even with my busy busy schedule. Haven't had an anxiety attack in forever and pretty happy overall with practically no bouts of depression (something that used to be a weekly occurrence). Weight loss kind of plateaued for awhile and my bf had to hide the scale from me as I was getting very frustrated. After he returned it to me after a month without, I had dropped another 5lbs and it slowly continued to melt off before plateauing around 127-130 lbs. I cut out all alcohol for two weeks and saw a dramatic change just from that - I got down to 125 lbs before plateauing once more. I realized I hadn't sprinted in awhile nor done much exercise (damn you work + school!!) so on of the holidays that I had off from school, I did a 1/2 day of fasting plus did weight exercises and two days after that I got up early so I could do some sprints before having to go to school. That definitely put the weight loss back into action! I lost another 5 lbs and have plateaued there once more. Time to hit the exercise again, especially now that I'm done with school till the fall. I'm trying to stay away from the scale as much as possible, as I definitely have an addictive personality and was obsessively weighing myself several times a day before my bf took the scale away from me.

            I'm super excited to be so close to my goal weight!! Though its made me realize that I could even *possibly* stand to be lighter than that as I think that I could really do with toning up more. My abs definitely need some work (where's the six pack? let alone 3 pack? lol) and my behind could definitely stand to be smaller and thighs leaned down (something I can thank my father's side of the family for...large lower half!, mom's half keeps the top half on the grandiose side so at least I'm somewhat balanced lol). I'm not super concerned with getting down quickly now that I've lost 20 lbs, though summer looming definitely puts pressure on me to tone up. I had to buy all new swim suits since none from last year fit me anymore...the tops had to be cinched so tight that my boobs were practically pulled outwards to the side to stay in the cups and the bottoms were all *literally* falling off my butt.

            Been trying to get more sun too lately as the daylight hours get longer, especially since I'm indoors every day with work. Definitely had a lot more energy as I've dropped the weight and kept to the diet 80% of the time (I can't resist alcohol as my bf and I brew beer AND mead...that seems to be my downfall more so than any sweet, bread, pasta, rice, etc). I have noticed that conventional beer upsets my stomach waaaay more than our home-brew, which makes me think that its the malt (which is pretty much a concentrated grain syrup) that most brewers use, while we use all-grain recipes which are steeped and strained. I believe that our process is a lot more easier on our stomachs (my bf has noticed the same issues as I with conventional beers) since it's similar to the fermentation process that used with nuts and veggies. Not sure exactly though since it is still involving grains. I try and not have chocolate except for maybe once a month to make up for my alcohol intake, along with other splurges.

            At this point I feel as though I've written a novel, so I shall stop here for the night, with the promise to return sooner than last time!!