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BeckaSkiís Mission to Get In Shape for Ski Season and Life

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  • BeckaSkiís Mission to Get In Shape for Ski Season and Life

    Three weeks into going primal, I keep having the thought, ďoh, I should post this in my primal journal,Ē and then remembering that I donít have one. Or didnít, until just now.

    I took my big ass salad for a hike today. Here it is at the top of the Angel Rocks trail in the Chena River State Recreation Area outside of Fairbanks, Alaska. The trail is a3.5 mile loop, which seems not too bad, until you realize that the 900 feet of elevation gain is all in about a mile. It was a gorgeous fall day, and this time of year at this latitude you have to take advantage of as many nice days as possible since theyíll be gone soon enough.
    B Ė Aidellís chicken and apple sausage, 1 oz blueberries
    L Ė Salad (spinach, cucumber, celery, tomato, ham, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, shallot)
    D Ė Monster New York strip steak, roasted veggies with truffle oil, 40 Below Nitro Stout from the northernmost brewery in the United States (a special treat)

    Not a normal day for me
    Protein: 151g
    Carbs: 94 g
    Fat: 114 g
    Total Calories: 2125
    Calories Burned: 3320
    Itís way past my primal bedtime, so that will have to be it for today.
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    Yes, I want to get in shape for ski season, but there were more things than snow that triggered my desire to lose weight and get in shape. No matter what Iíve seen on the scale, Iíve always had this vision in my head that I still looked pretty good. I have been deluding myself that I have a decent shape, Iím in good enough shape for most of the things I like to do, but itís not that bad. Like Iím sure happens for many people, that changed when I saw this picture of myself at an ultimate frisbee tournament in June:

    Itís a bad angle, I was in the middle of a deep breath, itís the yellow shorts I told myself. Or really, I weighed 218 odd pounds with an overabundance of body fat.

    Previously, I had successfully lost a substantial amount of weight with conventional wisdom Ė low fat, increase protein and veggies, some whole grains, lots of cardio, some weight lifting. I was pretty happy with where I was at the low end of that effort, but lost all my hard work when I started to travel almost 100% of the time for work. Since Iíd had success with CW before, I figured Iíd do it again, which worked, sort of, I lost 4 pounds between June and August.

    So for stats:
    Female, 29, 5í-6Ē tall.
    218 Ė 06.18.11
    212 Ė 08.29.11 Ė Switched to primal
    207 Ė 09.19.11

    Body Fat: 37.6
    BMI: 35.2
    Pant Size: 16
    Neck: 13.5 in
    Bicep: 12 in
    Chest: 42in
    Waist (at belly button): 38 in
    Hip: 46 in
    Thigh: 28 in
    Calf: 17.5 in

    For activity today, I had to move 6 55lb buckets around for work, then went to the gym, rowed on an indoor machine for a few minutes, and then did three circuits of each of these, no rest within a set, minimal rest at the end of the circuit:
    Set A: Front Squat, Assisted Pull-Up (Iíll get the unassisted someday)
    Set B: Seated row, KB clean and press
    Set C: Walking lunge w/leg lift, hand to hand KB swings
    Set D: Box jumps (18Ē box today, first time on it. Claimed it), Get-up sit-ups.

    Hungry today, and cleaning out the fridge:
    B - Aidellís chicken and apple sausage, 1 oz blueberries, small cappuccino with whole milk
    L Ė Salad (spinach, cucumber, celery, tomato, ham, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, shallot)
    S - Lemon LaraBar
    D Ė 6 oz Chicken (breast and thigh), 7 oz spinach, pesto sauce, 6oz malbec
    S - EAS ready to drink protein shake

    Protein: 126g
    Carbs: 82 g
    Fat: 198 g
    Total Calories: 1832
    Calories Burned: 2980

    Dishes, packing, and a much earlier bedtime than last night
    Last edited by BeckaSki; 10-11-2011, 09:30 PM. Reason: Found some circumfrence measurements
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      Travel day yesterday. I travel almost 100% of the time for work. My work currently involves a whole lot of time in Fairbanks, AK. Despite the amount of time I spend there, I still end up in a hotel room rather than an apartment (strange corporate travel rules), so Iím limited to a tiny fridge, usually without a working freezer, and a microwave. ďCookingĒ primally is a bit of a challenge. I have been eating a lot of rotisserie chickens from the deli at the grocery store with heated frozen veggies (squash, broccoli, spinach). I generally pick the meat off of the chicken and microwave everything together in a bowl with some spices and a bit of olive oil. Not pretty or glamorous, but it gets the job done. I eat a salad with more chicken, or good sliced lunchmeat and lots of veggies. Iím fortunate in that I can leave my ďkitchenĒ at work when Iím at home so I donít have to fly back and forth with it every time. The restaurant scene in Fairbanks isnít very good, so this seems like a better option, but it gets boring. Iíd love ideas to help switch it up.

      B - Aidellís chicken and apple sausage, small cappuccino with whole milk
      L - Reindeer polish sausage on a bun, lettuce, tomato
      D Ė Chicken breast w/lemon herb sauce and side salad and two glasses of red wine (served on my flight, I was surprised with the meal since it is usually mac and cheese, or something else I wonít eat now. I was prepared with some veggies and lunchmeat in case the meal on the flight wasnít going to work for me).

      Protein: 85g
      Carbs: 106 g
      Fat: 77 g
      Total Calories: 1701
      Calories Burned: 2940

      The bun at lunch was the first bread Iíd eaten since going primal. After lunch, I was sitting at my computer and started to feel pretty strange, almost a drunk woozy feeling. Iím not sure if it was the bread, but it was strange and Iíd like to avoid it.

      Activity for the day consisted of hauling my luggage around, running around at work, and then walking through the airport.

      Sleep was bad news yesterday. I didnít get home until 11:30 pm, then didnít fall asleep until 1:45 am, woken up by DH when he got too hot in the middle of the night, then again when he got up just before 5. The alarm at 6:30 this morning was not a welcome companion. Lots on my mind with work, not much activity, and the transition from work to home gets me every time.
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        Hi BeckaSki! Welcome!

        I'm new myself and I have been thinking about my goals for my primal transformation and one thing I definitely want to do is ski again. I used to race and last time I skied I broke my ankle. Probably because in the 10 years after my college days I gained about 70 lbs and was still skiing the same. I was coming down a great steep run in hip deep powder and hit a stump which caused a stress fracture on the arch of my foot.

        I skied 5 more times with it injured and just endured the pain until I was skiing on rented skis at Whistler and, no matter how much I told them to tighten the bindings, they wouldn't. I borrowed a screwdriver to crank them down a bit and they basically came out and said if I did they would take them back. Whatever. I was a certified binding tech so I know what their liabilities are and why they wouldn't do it. But I was a 245 #er that still skied like a racer. Those mofos have to be cranked up a little.

        So of course first run I'm skiing a mogul field and my ski pre-released and the fall broke the stress fracture free a little. Hurt like hell and I was taken down in a stretcher (only time in my ski career). It took almost a year to heal to the point where I could hike again. That was the last time I skied. 8 years ago.

        Since then I've been thinking I should ski again, but I am afraid to at my current weight. (now 234 down from 254) So I think once I get down around 190-195 (hopefully late this season) that I'll give it a shot again.

        I love your blog and your writing style and I will keep following and cheering for you. It looks like you're off to a great start!



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          rc, that sounds like a brutal ski injury! I've been really lucky and only carted off the mountain once, after hitting a tree in middle school. (Came away with some awesome bruises and pine needles in weird places but no real damage thanks to my helmet) I grew up racing in middle and high school, wasn't ever very good, but turned out to be a good instructor and coach. I stopped teaching after a semester off from school where I really just skied for myself. Made it really hard to go back to linking turns on the bunny hill on powder days.

          You will be so amazed at how much more fun skiing is when you're lighter. A few years ago, I lost about 65 lbs CW way (from 230 down to 165), and the impact on my skiing was astounding. I'm so mad at myself for letting that go. I turn 30 in January and my dad turns 60 in March, so we are planning a trip for late February to the interior of BC to heli and cat ski, so that’s helping keep me on the straight and narrow right now.
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            Itís such a joy to be home and in my kitchen again. This morning was a bit rough as my husband doesnít usually keep the fridge very stocked when Iím gone. This afternoon I procrastinated at work coming up with a bunch of primal recipes to try and hit the grocery store on the way home. This is the first weekend since going primal that I will be home and not have houseguests in town.

            B Ė Apple Pie LaraBar, 1 oz almonds, cappuccino
            S Ė Small honeycrisp apple
            L Ė Spinach salad with ham and carrots drizzled with olive oil and vinegar
            D - Steak Alaska that I brought home from Fairbanks (a blend of pork, beef, and caribou), broccoli, half a huge heirloom tomato from the CSA.
            S Ė Protein powder, since I didnít manage to eat enough elsewhere

            Protein: 115g
            Carbs: 110 g
            Fat: 95 g
            Total Calories: 1710
            Calories Burned: 2660

            Honeycrisp apples are one of my weaknesses. I hadnít ever had one until a colleague forced me to eat a piece of his once years ago. They are so sweet, and so crisp, they have ruined me for other apples. Also, they can be sliced in the morning or the night before and donít really go brown by the next day like most apples. Now I lurk in the produce section of the grocery store starting around Labor Day until they come in. I donít care if theyíre on sale or not, I donít care that they are sometimes as much as $5.99/lb, I need my apples. I counted one year, and I ate almost 30 lbs of apples (after coring even) between Labor Day and just after New Yearís when they arenít in the store anymore. That first trip to the store when they arenít there is always one of the saddest days of the year for me. Iíve noticed my carbs have been a bit high lately. Since Iím trying to stay under 100 g/day Iím going to have to reevaluate my choices so there is room for some apple love in my life for the next few months.

            Indian Valley Meats, home of Steak Alaska and other tasty Alaskan game meats
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              Originally posted by BeckaSki View Post
              rc, that sounds like a brutal ski injury! I've been really lucky and only carted off the mountain once, after hitting a tree in middle school. (Came away with some awesome bruises and pine needles in weird places but no real damage thanks to my helmet) I grew up racing in middle and high school, wasn't ever very good, but turned out to be a good instructor and coach. I stopped teaching after a semester off from school where I really just skied for myself. Made it really hard to go back to linking turns on the bunny hill on powder days.

              You will be so amazed at how much more fun skiing is when you're lighter. A few years ago, I lost about 65 lbs CW way (from 230 down to 165), and the impact on my skiing was astounding. I'm so mad at myself for letting that go. I turn 30 in January and my dad turns 60 in March, so we are planning a trip for late February to the interior of BC to heli and cat ski, so that’s helping keep me on the straight and narrow right now.
              I've always thought about teaching but now I shoot weddings so the hours don't really match up

              I've also always wanted to go heli skiing in BC. I have a friend that goes every year and she raves about it. Definitely on my list.

              My worst ski injury left me temporarily paralyzed but I made it down the mountain on my own. Doctor said if I ever raced again I could be paralyzed permanently. Man that really messed with my head when I was racing the next week

              Something about skis always turned my brain off...I've done stuff on skis that I wouldn't do with a parachute!

              Of course now I'm old and slow (until PB anyway). But I think my risk profile has totally changed. I see blue in my future.

              My wife doesn't ski. But she hangs out in the lodge pretty good.



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                I had a great workout yesterday with my personal trainer. It was awesome to see him after a couple of weeks of working out on my own, and have him say, ďhave you lost weight?Ē Heck yes I have. I had a great workout, he was impressed with my strength improvements, which Iíve done on my own in the gym in Alaska. Today was a long day of work, I was tired, still catching up from the poor sleep on Tuesday night. I came home and ran 4 uphill sprints in my neighborhood. Google Earth says it was only 0.08 miles each time, but it sure felt farther than that. I was having a super hungry day today. Perhaps a result of the workout yesterday

                B Ė Aidellís Chicken sausage with bacon and pineapple (mmmm, so good), 2 egg whites, cappuccino with whole milk
                S Ė Honeycrisp apple, of course
                L Ė Salad with leftover Steak Alaska, tomato, carrot, celery, parsley, olive oil, and vinegar
                S Ė 1 oz almonds
                D Ė Lamb skewers with yogurt mint sauce from the blog, grilled zucchini, and half a heirloom tomato.

                Protein: 113g
                Carbs: 84 g
                Fat: 110 g
                Total Calories: 1760
                Calories Burned: 2520
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                  I had an awesome day today. The whole day was like a play day. Iíve been planning all week to ďworkĒ from home, taking a conference call and answering select emails/phone calls, which I successfully did. I also was able to get some sewing machines my mom recently sent me out of their boxes, set up, and make some significant progress on some curtains Iíve wanted to make for a long time. I took a break at lunchtime to have a snack then go work out with my personal trainer. I was his last appointment for the morning, and he has been really excited about training me lately, so I got a full hour workout instead of the half hour I was anticipating. Learned the KB snatch, which was awesome and fun. Went home starving, having a food emergency, as my friend calls them, and threw together a big, big ass salad. Finished my curtains, had another snack, then went to my 8pm fall league ultimate game. It was a good game, my teamís first loss of the season, but a good learning experience for us. I got home around 10:40 snacked again since I knew I was way under on protein and calories but couldnít really face eating anything and went promptly to bed.

                  B Ė Aidellís chicken sausage with pineapple and bacon, cappuccino with whole milk
                  S Ė Honeycrisp apple, 1 oz almond butter
                  L Ė Monster lettuce salad with carrots, celery, cucumber, tomato, turkey, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar
                  S Ė Ĺ cup plain greek yogurt, plum
                  D Ė skipped
                  S Ė Protein powder, Ĺ c whole milk, 2 oz almonds

                  Protein: 127g
                  Carbs: 112 g
                  Fat: 97 g
                  Total Calories: 1780
                  Calories Burned: 3278
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                    Originally posted by sixpack-rc View Post
                    My wife doesn't ski. But she hangs out in the lodge pretty good.
                    I'm pretty sure my husband picked me because he has to work to keep up.

                    It's crazy what ski racers do to themselves. The adrenaline of the sport must really screw with our brains.

                    We went heli skiing for a day on our honeymoon in New Zealand. I was pretty hooked then, despite the really terrible snow (we hit a really crappy weather window), it was an amazing time.
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                      It starts out slowly, gently, a little dry skin rubbing against each other as one moves. The more movement, or the faster, a little sweat starts to lubricate and cause sticking all at the same time. Just a bit more movement and it degenerates into rough red, stinging, painful: inner thigh chub-rub. Itís one of the number 1 reasons I didnít wear skirts in high school and college. They day they came out with spanx, I was ecstatic. I didnít necessarily care about keeping my tummy in place, but my poor inner thighs would be sheathed in protection and rub against each other without harm. I wished I could wear them with athletic shorts. Then I discovered compression shorts. Oh! The joy! ďYes, I find that they really support my musclesĒ Iíd tell people. Really, itís to prevent inner thigh chub rub. Rue the day I forgot my compression shorts for ultimate practice. This has been on my mind lately since it has been humid in Seattle this week, and at my ultimate game Friday night and yesterday afternoon, I sweated through my compression shorts, and they started to move around, not providing the protection Iíve grown accustomed to. Word on the street from similar figured people I know is that a little foot powder down the shorts really helps things out. Next timeÖ

                      B - Aidellís chicken sausage with pineapple and bacon, 2 egg whites, cappuccino with whole milk
                      L Ė 4 oz wild caught coho salmon (by my husband, yesterday), mixed veggie salad with tomato, cucumber, carrot, radish, celery
                      S Ė honeycrisp apple after frisbee
                      D Ė Butter Chicken Curry from the blog, Ĺ cup brown rice (for social reasons). Small handful of grapes, 2 glasses of Syrah

                      Protein: 126g
                      Carbs: 126g
                      Fat: 92 g
                      Total Calories: 2056
                      Calories Burned: 3092
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                        Weigh in day today, and the end of 4 weeks of primal eating. Thereís no doubt in my mind that Iím going to stick with this for a good long time. Yes, itís a little late to the game, but I think itís time for some measurements. Sure, these wonít be a true ďbeforeĒ, but I still have far enough to go, that significant progress can be made.

                        Weight: 202 lbs (was 212lbs 4 weeks ago) HOLY CRAP! 10 lbs in a month!
                        Body Fat (using handheld bioelectric impedance): 36.3%
                        BMI: 32.6
                        Pant Size: 14 or so, now, 16 was cozy 4 weeks ago
                        Neck: 13.5 in
                        Bicep: 13 in
                        Forearm: 10 in
                        Chest: 42in
                        Waist (at belly button): 37 in
                        Hip: 46 in
                        Thigh: 27 in
                        Calf: 17 in

                        Despite wanting to be in shape for ski season, the ďand lifeĒ part of the title of this journal will last a lot longer than any given winter. I think I need some goals. ďGet in shapeĒ is a great goal, but itís not very concrete. I donít like the idea of having a specific weight in mind, since the scale can fluctuate so much over the course of a day, week, and even month. Itís a good tracking tool, but I donít want to have all of my success tied to it. Long term health is my goal, but again, thatís not very concrete. Instead, I think Iíll shoot for:

                        Healthy Body Fat: 21-24%
                        Healthy BMI: (which corresponds to 115 - 154 lbs for my height)
                        Size 8 pants (or maybe less, I have no idea what itís going to be like when I get to a healthy weight)

                        I would love to lose an inch or so in my calves. I know thatís a weird thing to care about, and thereís no way to target losses, but my ski boots will be so much more comfortable if that happens.

                        B Ė Aidellís garlic & gruyere chicken sausage, cappuccino with whole milk
                        L Ė 4 oz Turkey, cucumber, celery, 1 oz almond butter
                        D Ė Greek Meatza (First meatza Iíve made, not totally sure about it. This wasn't a flavor of pizza I'd usually eat, so that may be clouding my view. It was tasty, but I'm not sure it was rave worthy.)
                        S Ė Greek yogurt with one scoop of protein powder

                        Protein: 136g
                        Carbs: 47 g
                        Fat: 88 g
                        Total Calories: 1540
                        Calories Burned: 3060

                        I didnít do any official exercise today, Iím pretty stiff from the double workout Friday (personal training and ultimate) and ultimate yesterday. Ran a few errands, did a couple loads of laundry, packed for travel tomorrow, and worked on some miscellaneous house projects that required numerous trips up and down the stairs. Iím surprised just how many calories puttering around all day burned.
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                          Every time I go through an airport I end up hot, sweaty, and disheveled. Iím not sure how it happens. Iím a frequent flier, I usually leave myself enough time, my bags arenít too heavy, I know everything I have to remove for the TSA to avoid a groping. Yet every. single. time. I emerge from security all flustered. I think it must have something to do with the pressure of feeling like I have to do it all at warp speed. The Oatmeal describes it best in this comic.

                          B Ė Aidellís garlic & gruyere chicken sausage, pluot (plum/apricot hybrid, super tasty), cappuccino with whole milk
                          L Ė leftover meatza from last night, honeycrisp apple
                          D Ė Taco salad, which came on a bed of chips I didnít eat, it was short on lettuce, high on chips, pretty unhappy with the situation.

                          Protein: 103 g
                          Carbs: 75 g
                          Fat: 78 g
                          Total Calories: 1410
                          Calories Burned: 2420

                          In addition to my airport scamper, I ran around a little bit at work checking on things, and then went grocery shopping after dinner. Iím trying out a new hotel, this one with a simple kitchen. It should make eating a whole lot easier for the next week and a half. Looking forward to getting back into the gym tomorrow. Also, to go with my goals post from yesterday, I pasted photos from 4 weeks ago and yesterday together. I really donít enjoy taking progress photos, but already Iím glad I did. It is nice to really be able to see the difference in my shape.

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                            Funny how only ten pounds can create such a change in one's figure. What a difference you made in one month!
                            JOIN THE PANDA SHOW!!! Primal With A Side Of FABULOUS and PANDALOONERY!


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                              Sleep has been really problematic for me lately. The issue comes in pieces, but mostly related to the amount I travel. I get used to sleeping by myself in a big bed, dark and quiet room for 10-12 days at a time. Then, I fly home, get in late (11:30-12:00), try to hop in bed right away and go to sleep, but I canít turn my brain off from the travel and things I need to do, and how early I have to get up in the morning to make it to the office on time. It also breaks my normal routine of shower, stretching, reading before bed. To top it off, DH is generally lying there, sleeping blissfully, either breathing loudly or snoring. There are not words to describe the agony of being exhausted, wanting and trying desperately to sleep, and being unable to while having to listen to someone else sleep contentedly. Iíve come up with a few ways to try to fix the transition to sleeping at home that Iíll try out next week.
                              1. Shower before bed like I do normally, maybe quick, but get it done
                              2. Donít plan to go to the office the morning after a late flight. Take the morning or whole day off and sleep until I wake up.

                              When Iím traveling, itís a different set of problems because I donít have easy internet access during the day, so I crack out on it at night and find myself up way past a reasonable time to go to bed. Over the summer I was having problems too because it was light almost 24 hours/day, so I never got the daylight cues to go to bed. Itís not such a problem now, but I still get sucked into doing more work or surfing the internet after I get home from the gym and have dinner. So for now, Iíve set an alarm on my phone for about an hour before I want to go to bed to remind me to get on with my bedtime routine shower, stretching, and a little reading in bed. Hopefully it will help me get my sleep better under control.

                              B Ė Wasnít hungry, but it was cold, so I had my usual cappuccino with whole milk
                              L Ė Spinach salad with turkey, tomato, cucumber, celery, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, shallot
                              D Ė Last piece of leftover meatza, and some cheesecake that jumped in my cart when I was at the grocery store searching for hot pads. Stupid cheesecake. I donít feel well now.

                              I went to the gym today with a plan to do a big leg workout today since I managed to sleep on my shoulder wrong and it and my neck are really sore today (hence the heatpad purchase that lead to cheesecake later in the day). I crapped out partway through my workout (tired, shoulder pain), but still did:

                              Front box jumps 3x10 on an 18Ē box
                              Side box jumps 2x10 each direction on a 12Ē box
                              Backward lunges with furniture sliders
                              Dead Lifts

                              Protein: 90 g
                              Carbs: 92 g
                              Fat: 93 g
                              Total Calories: 1560
                              Calories Burned: 2800
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