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  • Originally posted by ottercat View Post
    Didja go to the gulch? That barleywine packs a punch!
    Indeed I did, Friday night. Silver Gulch is my favorte place "in" Fairbanks. And oh man, the barleywine. The one this year isn't as good as the one they had last year. I actually brought a growler of last year's home with me while I was back and forth all of the time. I also like the 40 below nitro, only because I was forced to try it when they stopped having the lowbush cranberry. That one is my true favorite.
    My Primal Journal


    • My disinclination to journal continues. I think that this stems from the fact that I havenít been making much progress with losing weight, but I have been maintaining. I know that this is because some holiday treats and sugar have crept into my diet. Iíve been doing a reasonable job of making smart choices (chocolates over cookies, meringues over cake) but itís still not great. I also had to go to Fairbanks last week, ate two meals out, both with beer. Thereís been a lot of dining out in odd locations lately. I havenít been logging my food lately, probably because I donít want to own up to the sugar.

      DH and I skied on Sunday, in the rain. It was miserable, but we have to ski to get our legs in shape for our trip in February. All the strength and endurance training in the world doesnít hold a candle to actually skiing. We are really hoping the weather breaks and we get some snow soon so it wonít be miserable. Or that it snows in Colorado where we are going for the holidays.

      Monday I ditched work and went snowshoeing in the Olympic National Park with a friend. We had planned to ski, but the abysmal conditions sent us elsewhere. The snowshoes were unnecessary Ė just boots with traction were needed, but it was an awesome day. The sun was out above the mountains, with a few high clouds:

      And the fog was rolling in from the Strait of Juan de Fuca and Vancouver Island Canada over the city of Port Angeles, WA:

      Today was a gym workout with the trainer, always a good time. Iíve been trying to get some extra sleep, in hopes (ha!) that it will counteract my sugar eating, so Iím off to bed momentarily.
      My Primal Journal


      • This year sure started out with a whimper. I was in Salt Lake City for New Yearís, (after spending Christmas and the following week driving all over Colorado) and came down with some mild food poisoning on the 30th. Spent the 31st as a useless pile of goo, and felt better enough to ski (the whole point of going to SLC, despite their junky snow) on the 1st. Back home on the 3rd, the scale showed a 10lb loss since before Christmas. Oh water weight from being sick, of course I told myself. But no, a week later, and 8 of those 10 lbs are still gone. Iím excited, of course, but keep expecting that weight to come back. But because it hasnít a week later, I figured it was safe to take some beginning of the year measurements:

        Parameter: Current number (change since of primal)
        Weight: 183 lbs (-35 lbs)
        Body Fat: 33.0% (-4.6%)
        BMI: 29.5 (-5.7) plain overweight instead of obese!
        Pant Size: The 12ís are loose, a generous 10 would fit about right, if I owned any. (16 tight at the start)
        Neck: 12.8 (-.7) in
        Bicep: 12.25 (-.75) in
        Forearm: 10 (0) in
        Chest: 40 (-2) in
        Waist (at belly button): 34 (-3) in
        Hip: 41 (-5) in
        Thigh: 24 (-3) in
        Calf: 16.5 (-1) in

        Late August vs Today:

        Astute viewers will notice that I finally finished/fixed the curtains in my room sometime in the last 2 months.

        I havenít properly logged my food in awhile. Maybe Iíll get back on that next week. Most interestingly, my husband was very bored over the holidays and read Markís book as well as most of Good Calories, Bad Calories. Now heís all gung-ho on primal living, so that is pretty fantastic since he doesnít request non-primal foods from the store anymore.

        B Ė Egg ďmuffinĒ with spinach, whole milk cappuccino
        L Ė leftover shepherdís pie, cucumber, celery, cashew butter
        D Ė salmon, caramelized leeks, half an acorn squash

        I had an interesting workout with my trainer yesterday. He felt the need to see if I could do 500 KB swings in the 30 minutes of my workout. He then realized we only had 30 minutes instead of an hour, and said, ďif we only get to 300, thatís ok tooÖĒ
        ďor I can bust a move and do all 500,Ē I replied
        ďI canít even do that,Ē he said.

        And so I got to work. First set: 50 swings, 50 hand to hand swings. Second set: 50 swings, 50 hand to hand swings. Third set: 50 swings, 50 hand to hand swings, 30 swings, 20 hand to hand swings. Fourth set: 50 swings, 50 hand to hand swings, 30 swings, 20 hand to hand swings. Done. Total working time about 17-18 minutes. Had to scrape the trainerís chin off the floor to tell me what to do next (Turkish get-ups for the balance of the workout). It was pretty sweet.

        I didnít feel sore at all this morning, but now, 24 hours later, Iím starting to feel a little twinge in my posterior. I went to the gym this afternoon and ran about a mile on the treadmill at an easy pace, and then came home and stretched while cooking dinner.
        My Primal Journal


        • Wow, fantastic progress pics! You are looking great, and what a visible difference .

          And even better that your husband is now on board with you! It definitely helps.
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          • Originally posted by Greensprout View Post
            Wow, fantastic progress pics! You are looking great, and what a visible difference .

            Originally posted by BeckaSki View Post
            He felt the need to see if I could do 500 KB swings in the 30 minutes of my workout.

            And so I got to work. First set: 50 swings, 50 hand to hand swings. Second set: 50 swings, 50 hand to hand swings. Third set: 50 swings, 50 hand to hand swings, 30 swings, 20 hand to hand swings. Fourth set: 50 swings, 50 hand to hand swings, 30 swings, 20 hand to hand swings. Done. Total working time about 17-18 minutes. Had to scrape the trainer’s chin off the floor to tell me what to do next (Turkish get-ups for the balance of the workout). It was pretty sweet.
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            "Moderation sucks." Suse
            "Wine is a vegetable." Meaty
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            • Wow, you've really made some progress! Good job! Those pictures should provide some motivation =)
              Cooking Primal with Otter - Journal
              Otter's (Defunct) Primal Log
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              • Thanks Greensprout, winencandy, and ottercat. The progress is very much awesome.
                My Primal Journal


                • This week was the sort of week that epitomizes the ďski seasonĒ part of my journal title. It was a pretty awesome week, I played beach ultimate last weekend in Santa Monica (me scoring a point Sunday afternoon):

                  and came home to snowy Seattle Monday morning. Worked Monday, tried to ski Tuesday but the roads were closed, so skied Wednesday and Thursday instead. Took Friday to get some work done, and then yesterday had what may be the best day in Washington all winter. Deep deep snow, pretty dry for the coast, and did I mention deep?

                  It was so awesome to be fit enough to be able to run in the sand all weekend, have 1 day of recovery, 1 workout with the trainer (in which he worked out with me and whined and complained about how hard I was kicking his butt) and then ski like crazy for 3 days. Yes, I love the visible changes in my body, but holy cow do I love what I can DO with it more.

                  As far as food goes, Iíve been easing the husband into the full primal routine this month, so weíve been eating more carbs and primal treats than I was eating on my own. We have 3 weeks until our big ski trip, so Iím going to really focus on my nutrition, cutting out the treats, and crazy leg workouts in that time to be as strong as possible. We have 5 consecutive ski days, one rest day, then 3 more ski days scheduled, so I need to be on my game. Eating at the ultimate tournament was awesome, I boiled eggs and took them with me, along with jerky, protein powder, hazelnut butter, and ďsquirrel foodĒ, a mixture of pistachios, almonds, pine nuts, raisins, dark chocolate chips, cranberries, and yogurt covered raisins. Kept me fueled all day with plenty of energy, and a lot less muscle soreness than I was expecting.
                  My Primal Journal


                  • For the first time in the years and years that I've been hanging out with DH, he brought a cold home and got sick before I did. Sure, I still got the cold (my first since going primal) but I usually would have had 2-3 since September. This isn't the worst cold ever, but it's been so long since I've had one, I'm feeling a bit more whiny than usual about it.

                    Before getting sick, I started to see the scale move a bit, which was excellent. Of course, the reduced appetite that comes from having a cold has sent the scale rocketing down, and I know much of that will come back. It will be interesting to see where things settle when I'm better.
                    My Primal Journal


                    • Still sick. Saturday night, I woke up coughing, and managed to wake up DH (I was sleeping in the guest room, so this was a bit of a feat). He decided that I was going to urgent care Sunday morning whether I liked it or not. Poor punk woke up with a super stuffy nose (he had been almost better) and a red and pissed off looking eye. So we went on a double date to urgent care. Hot stuff. The doctor totally laughed at us, and promptly diagnosed him with a sinus infection and me with bronchitis. I’m about partway through my round of antibiotics and finally starting to feel better, so I guess DH was right. I think the antibiotics are making my digestive system unhappy. I tracked down some good yogurt in the grocery store today, so hopefully that will help. Not sure if it’s the drugs or the travel, either way, yogurt is good.

                      I’m currently sitting in a hotel room in Kodiak, Alaska. I’m here for work, and was really busy in the office, so it wasn’t an ideal time for a trip, so I’m alternating doing lunges, squats, pushups, and turkish getups (first day I’ve felt like moving my body in more than a week) with writing paragraphs in the report I’m working on.

                      B – eggs and sausage from the hotel hot breakfast, not awesome, but ok
                      L – awesome cobb salad
                      D – pre-cooked pork sausages, steamed broccoli, yogurt
                      My Primal Journal


                      • Wrote all this yesterday, then got busy and forgot to post it:

                        GAHHHHHHH, I want dessert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got back from my 10 day ski trip on Monday. Monday night, I flew to Alaska for work. Iím living in a hotel room until Wednesday. On my ski trip, I was not able to do the best job with my food. The last 6 days of it were in a meals provided situation. Luckily, they were awesome meals, but the lunches were sandwiches or wraps (you get some mighty funny looks from a group of dudes when you only eat the insides of your wrap), and the desserts at lunch and dinner won me over (oh delicious rocky road brownies and bread pudding). Dinner was good, occasional lentils or other more carby things than Iím used to, but no pasta or anything. Still, it was enough of a departure that Iím suffering. Then, to be trapped in a hotel room and trying to eat primally (which I know how to do, it just is hard) sucks. A lot.

                        But! The ski trip was awesome. I love helicopters, they are so neat. And apparently skiing powder via helicopter is the only way I can reliably get my quads to hurt. All of the squats, lunges, box jumps, etc in the world arenít enough, but heli skiing - hell yes. The last ski day was Sunday, and today (Friday) is the first day I havenít had any quad pain since then. Hereís a few pictures of the rad-ness of vacation. First up: snowcat skiing at Valhalla Powdercats. Taken by their pro photographer. My rad-ness is nearly unquantifiable.

                        Next up, after our first day of heli-skiing at Snowwater, me and the heli love our robes. This place is amazing. Itís a remote mountain lodge, and the hot tubs are at the main lodge a ways away from the guest lodges, hence the robe and boots to get to the hot tub. Amazing meals prepared in house, just right portions, a few more carbs than I usually eat Ė but probably ok considering we ski 25,000 vertical feet/day.

                        Lastly: waiting for the heli to cycle around to come get us.

                        So, awesome vacation aside, Iím going to get my butt back in gear to log my food and energy expenditure. Iím going to try Gay Pandaís even higher fat strategy as best I can in a hotel situation to see if I can kick this sugar craving. Itís not even bread or pasta, just sugar. Itís calling to me, as evidenced by my embarassing breakfast.

                        B Ė protein shake, cadbury creme egg, donut (yes, it's so bad)
                        L Ė salad with turkey, greek yougurt, chocolate/hazelnut butter
                        D Ė reindeer burger (no bun) salad, 3 gin and tonics (out with colleagues, forced to sing on stage with my client)

                        Protein: 128 g
                        Carbs: 118 g
                        Fat: 88 g
                        Total Calories: 2158
                        Calories Burned: 2318

                        No workout today, ended up leaving work late, then meeting up with coworkers for dinner and drinks. Running around all over the project helped burn at least a few calories though.
                        My Primal Journal


                        • The day started out much better yesterday. It’s pretty amazing how much better I felt having not eaten a donut. My goodness. I was a sorry state yesterday midmorning. Sadly, it took a bit of a turn for the worse at dinner with colleagues with more gin and tonics. I gotta’ stay away from those yahoos. I got a run in on the treadmill while doing laundry in the afternoon.

                          B – Protein shake
                          L – Salad with turkey
                          D – Steak and shrimp, fish and vegetable soup, gin and tonics
                          S – Reese’s peanut butter cup

                          Protein: 144 g
                          Carbs: 130 g
                          Fat: 62 g
                          Total Calories: 2166
                          Calories Burned: 2610
                          My Primal Journal


                          • Bailed out of work a little early today to go explore around Kodiak again, with one of the folks on the project. We walked around an old military fort, along the beach, and then drove to the other end of the island, and walked on a different beach (exposed to the Pacific instead of a bay), where there were buffalo! I was surprised to see buffalo this far north. Sure they were imported, but it was still a surprise.

                            B – Protein shake
                            L – Salad with turkey
                            D – Steak and shrimp, fish and vegetable soup, gin and tonics
                            S – Reese’s peanut butter cup

                            Protein: 86 g
                            Carbs: 57 g
                            Fat: 109 g
                            Total Calories: 1550
                            Calories Burned: 2475
                            My Primal Journal


                            • Yesterday, I had to go to the grocery store, and some Reese’s peanut butter eggs jumped into my cart. I never buy the regular cups, but with the eggs, the ratio of peanut butter to chocolate is so much better. I also got some regular mixed nuts (almonds, macadamia, cashew) and managed to eat way more of them than ideal. Though, the peanut butter cups did up the total percentage of fat in my day, I’m pretty sure that’s not quite how it’s supposed to work.

                              B – protein shake
                              L – Caesar salad with turkey
                              D – pork sausage, snap peas, peanut butter eggs, nuts

                              Protein: 121 g
                              Carbs: 138 g
                              Fat: 131 g
                              Total Calories: 2224
                              Calories Burned: 2300

                              When I left work, I had these grand plans for running on the treadmill, but I was really cold all afternoon, and the idea of putting on fewer clothes and running across the street to the fitness center was wholly unappealing. Instead, I did nothing, since clearly exercising in my hotel room was out
                              My Primal Journal


                              • Today is my one year Primal Anniversary which means updating measurements, photos, and the journal is very much in order. So, without further ado:

                                Starting -- 8/29/12
                                Weight: 212 -- 176
                                Body Fat: 37.6 -- 29.8
                                BMI: 35.2 -- 28.4
                                Pant Size: 16 -- 10
                                Circumferences (inches):
                                Neck: 13.5 -- 12.5
                                Bicep: 12 -- 11.5
                                Chest: 42 -- 39
                                Waist (at belly button): 38 -- 34
                                Hip: 46 -- 40.5
                                Thigh: 28 -- 23.5
                                Calf: 17.5 -- 16.5

                                Iím certainly not setting any weight loss for time records, but that hasnít ever been my goal. Iíve been feeling great and getting stronger, which is awesome. Iíve made tons of progress, yes, but I would love to lose some more of my belly (I actually donít know that I remember a time without it, so Iím not sure how I would feel about not having it at all). I would love to have a ďnormalĒ BMI, which is 22 lbs down from where I am now. Iím confident that Iím on the right track and that with a bit more time, Iíll get there.

                                For awhile I stopped tracking my food Ė the daily tedium was really getting boring. With my work schedule normalizing to be more at home than out of town, my commute jumped from 20 minutes/day to 2 hours/day, greatly reducing my leisure time, so tracking food and journaling werenít really high on my priority list. Iíve recently started tracking it in a more public way, on Twitter, (@BeckaSki if you want to follow me) which has been interesting. I have a couple of ďreal lifeĒ friends who follow me, but mostly it seems to be marketing robots. So I donít get a lot of feedback from the internet, but thatís fine. I feel pretty confident in my primal eating knowledge, so Iím not really looking for that.

                                I managed to sort things out a bit with the gym, they hired a trainer to replace the one I had been working out with. I like the new trainer a lot. After having his fresh perspective, I realized that my old trainer wasnít really pushing me as much as I need to be pushed, and wasnít really helping me work toward my goals. The new trainer though does both of these things very well, so Iím happy with that switch. My workouts have an intensity now that I really enjoy.

                                The only thing that may slow me down for a bit is that I injured my knee on Sunday. I was dorking around with a Frisbee and some friends, and ended up colliding with one of the other people. I fell, and when I got up, my left knee really hurt. Iíve tweaked my knees now and then, so I know when they hurt, but are going to be ok, this was not that kind of pain. I went to see an orthopedic specialist on Tuesday, who thought that I have a little MCL sprain, with maybe some meniscus damage, so she sent me for an MRI. I got the MRI results back earlier today, and it turns out that I have some cartilage damage behind my kneecap, with a flap (perhaps new, or perhaps aggravated) that is causing most of my pain now. The doctor prescribed reduced activity and physical therapy. If Iím not doing better in 3 weeks, Iíll go see her again, and weíll discuss options (which sounds to me like arthroscopic surgery to remove that cartilage flap). Iím confident Iíll heal eventually, but Iím not that confident that the physical therapy will do it. Iím really strong right now, so I donít think that PT to strengthen things around my knee will really help. I know you get out of PT what you put into it, so Iím ready to work with my first appointment next week. The limited exercise and mobility is already starting to get to me since I feel like I have energy to burn. The doctor really wants me to stay inactive through the weekend Ė including swimming and bicycling, which are usually the allowed things for knee injuries.

                                Summer is starting to wind down in the northwest, which is always a bit sad. We had a great summer this year, with some actual warm weather and sunshine. Hereís a few photos from various adventures:

                                Started out the summer with a lot of boating before a big muli-day trip. This is on the Stillaguamish River in Washington:

                                I went to the same ultimate tournament in Ohio where the ďwake up callĒ picture with the yellow shorts was taken last year. Itís so much more fun to play when I have energy and can move so much more easily. I played in another tournament over the 4th of July weekend, as well as in Summer League.

                                In July, we did a 5 day rafting trip on the Rogue River in southern Oregon with my dad, his girlfriend, and a couple of our friends. It was an amazing trip, and so great to just be able to disconnect from the world for 5 days without any distractions. I havenít ever been able to really turn my brain from work to vacation mode very quickly except on river trips where thereís no way to ďjust check my email one more time.Ē

                                The husband and I went to Alaska for a vacation trip, but we didnít take many pictures. Mostly my husband fished, and I napped, or went on little hikes. We did some rafting with friends and stayed in their cabin on the Kenai Peninsula and also with them in Anchorage. Just a couple of weeks ago, I went to Colorado for a girls weekend with my best friends from middle school. A few of us did the Warrior Dash at Copper Mountain, which was a ton of fun. Iím supposed to do a similar race closer to home in a few weeks called the Hell Run. Hopefully my knee will be in better shape by then.

                                So yeah, Iím going to keep on with the primal diet. I love it. Iím thrilled to be a year in, and ready to continue. After a year of CW dieting, I was already slipping back into old eating habits and putting on the weight Iíd starved so much to lose. Sure, occasionally, I wish I didnít have to be the ďhigh maintenance oneĒ when dining out or cooking with friends, but I think the benefits are worth it.
                                My Primal Journal