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    I slept Thursday night, hooray! Admittedly, I did use an advil pm to get me started, and went to bed really early, but it was highly necessary, and enjoyable. I went to work in the morning, and marveled again at how strange it is to go from working in the field at a client’s project site, in relatively grungy clothes, working by myself, running around doing stuff all day to the cubicle land. I’m looking forward to my project in AK wrapping up for the client’s sake, but I’m not looking forward to a full time return to cubicle world. I decided at about 1pm to go home, since I didn’t have much to do and I was tired, so I took an excellent nap with the cats.

    Then had a snack and went to my Friday night Frisbee game. I love playing under the lights in the fall when it’s not yet cold.

    Played hard, came home and had dinner and went straight to bed, and slept well again. Woo hoo!
    B – almonds, turkey breast, cappucino
    L – leftover shepherd’s pie
    S – honeycrisp apple, almonds, little bit of dark chocolate
    D – 2 chicken and apple sausages

    Protein: 113 g
    Carbs: 77 g
    Fat: 96 g
    Total Calories: 1636
    Calories Burned: 2860
    My Primal Journal


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      Slept well again last night, which was good since I had a busy day planned. I slept in a little since I was still catching up from lost sleep Wednesday night, hung out with the cats a bit, then started painting my master bathroom. I painted it recently, but don’t love it, so I’m painting an accent wall (it’s a big enough bathroom for an accent wall) and I’ll see if I like that better, or if I need to rethink the color entirely. I didn’t really eat breakfast, and had to stop painting to eat some lunch before heading to my ultimate game. It was a glorious day to be outside, sunny with only a little breeze, which is very rare for Seattle this time of year. Got home, finished my wall, then went to a Mongolian barbeque place for date night with DH. I wish my Frisbee games were spaced out a little more in the week instead of on back to back days, but there’s nothing I can do about the schedule. I could play on only one team, but I like playing twice a week, so two teams it is.

      B – cappuccino, not hungry
      L – turkey breast, tomato, cucumber, almond butter
      D - Mongolian barbeque with chicken, steak, broccoli, spinach, onion, pineapple, tomato, spinach, zucchini, and sesame oil.
      S – Half a small pumpkin ice cream in a cup from Cold Stone

      About that ice cream – I usually love ice cream, I can (could?) eat ice cream like it’s my job, but that one today. I ate about half of it, feeding many bites to DH, then THREW THE REST AWAY because I was done with it. Oh my god, what is wrong with me?

      Protein: 110 g
      Carbs: 76 g
      Fat: 101 g
      Total Calories: 1642
      Calories Burned: 3060
      My Primal Journal


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        Busy with projects today around the house, finished painting the base coat on the bathroom wall, did a bunch of cleaning, which was long overdue. I also spent a good bit of time cooking for the week, egg muffins, roasted an acorn squash, a spaghetti squash, and a chicken for quick consumption later in the week. We’re having some friends over this evening, so prepped for the salmon chowder and cranberry-apple primal pie (they’ll never know, mwahahahaha) I’m planning to serve.

        Didn’t hit up the gym, by the time I finished my projects and cleaning, there wasn’t enough time to get to the gym before people turned up. Took a well deserved little nap instead.
        Also, weigh in day today: 198 lbs even. I’m glad to be below 200, since it’s pretty important for my mental outlook. I’m down 15 lbs since going primal 6 weeks ago, 20 from the picture at the start of this thread from June.

        B – cappuccino, aidell’s chicken pineapple and bacon sausage
        L – Little bit of salmon (hubby caught it this morning, wasn’t hungry but didn’t want him to feel like his efforts were unappreciated) tomato
        D – salmon chowder, spinach salad with pears and walnuts, more red wine than is appropriate for a Sunday night
        S – cranberry apple pie(ish) w/whipped heavy cream

        I really hate primal baking! I’ve been trying to bake almond flour pie crusts and they freakin’ suck. I make a badass flour pie crust, which I learned from my French mother in law (the only good to come from that woman). I’m thinking of calling the occasional piece of pie made with an awesome pie crust (which is nearly as much butter as flour) part of the 20% and giving up on this almond flour crap.

        Protein: 127 g
        Carbs: 103 g
        Fat: 88 g
        Total Calories: 2025
        Calories Burned: 2750
        My Primal Journal


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          Boring day in cubicle land today. I really need to remember to get up and go for a walk at lunchtime, no matter how crappy the weather is. It will refresh my brain a lot. I did enjoy telling someone that the leftover salmon chowder I heated up for lunch was a product of my kitchen, not a restaurant.

          B – egg “muffin” with kale and sausage, cappuccino
          L – leftover salmon chowder
          D – chicken roasted yesterday and really great Acorn Squash Soup
          DH joined me to work out with my trainer this afternoon. We are going on an epic ski trip this winter, so today’s focus was legs. At the moment, I can say my hamstrings are going to cause me some difficulty tomorrow, perhaps the other parts will get in business too.

          30 box jumps

          4 sets of:
          12x Weighted step ups
          30x KB swings

          3 sets of:
          20x Leg Press
          20x Little jumpy air squats

          3 sets of:
          10x Glute/hamstring raises (like leg lifts, but start from kneeling, and lowering your lower body to the floor)

          3 sets of:
          30x leg on bench, lunge position, mini-hops

          Protein: 109 g
          Carbs: 77 g
          Fat: 93 g
          Total Calories: 1585
          Calories Burned: 2700
          My Primal Journal


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            You are my kind of person!
            Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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              Originally posted by honeybuns View Post
              You are my kind of person!

              Got an attention getting reminder about gas stoves today when I came home and noticed the house smelled pretty gassy, and the cats were lethargic. Packed them up and put them in the car, then came back in to investigate. It turns out that the knob on one burner of the stove had gotten bumped to between “light” and “off” and was leaking just enough gas that in a closed up house, it built up over the day. Opened the windows, and went to the gym (boring elliptical day) (with the cats in the car) to let the house air out. Everything seemed ok after the gym, so let the cats back in the house and carried on with the day. Now very diligent in checking the stove to be sure it really is off.

              B – egg “muffin” with kale and sausage, cappuccino
              L – leftover acorn squash chowder and chicken
              D – pork chop stir fried with bok choy, carrots, kale, leeks, tomato, spinach, and sesame oil
              S – protein powder and a wee bit of dark chocolate

              Protein: 140 g
              Carbs: 90 g
              Fat: 108 g
              Total Calories: 1890
              Calories Burned: 2921
              My Primal Journal


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                WOW!! Good thing you caught that in time!
                Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.


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                  Originally posted by honeybuns View Post
                  WOW!! Good thing you caught that in time!
                  Yeah. When I walked in the house I was doing the "stinky trash or something horribly awry" debate. Called DH from outsie and he tried to convince me of the stinky trash arguement. Admittedly, there was 2 salmon carcasses and a bunch of other horribly sinky things in there. I'm glad I let my moderate paranoia about natural gas lead the way on this one.
                  My Primal Journal


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                    Played hooky from work today and finished painting my bathroom. I woke up and just didn’t feel like going. I haven’t spent more than 2 consecutive days in my cubicle since sometime in 2010, so why start now? I did have to participate in a couple of conference calls and do a smidgen of work from home, but I got to do it in my pj’s and then work on the bathroom the rest of the day. I stenciled one of the walls, which seems like it wouldn’t be that hard, but it took all day. I had to stop to go to the gym for my appointment with my trainer, rush home, eat dinner, and finish up. I’m glad it’s done, and super excited about the results.

                    B – egg “muffin” with kale and sausage, cappuccino
                    L – Spinach salad with chicken, avocado, cucumber, tomato, and cranberry walnut dressing
                    S – Dark chocolate for motivation while stenciling, and a plum before the gym
                    D – Spaghetti squash, diced tomatoes, tuna, green beans mixed together with assorted herbs
                    S – protein shake

                    Workout was awesome, as always when working with my trainer. He’s got a large diameter rope that he loops around a piece of “normal” equipment, and makes me hold the ends, squat, and then swing my arms in various motions. Followed that up with KB snatches (I think I finally have my form under control), and some Turkish get ups. Solid work. I won’t see him again for about a month between my travel schedule and his scheduled vacation during my next trip home. I’m hoping I can keep up the intensity in Fairbanks like I did on my last trip and make some significant progress.

                    Protein: 127 g
                    Carbs: 93 g
                    Fat: 69 g
                    Total Calories: 1484
                    Calories Burned: 2570
                    My Primal Journal


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                      Today I finally booked the trip that has helped kick my butt into gear. It’s an eight day trip, 3 resort skiing days, 2 snowcat days, and the crowning glory: 3 days of unlimited vertical heli skiing. The trip is to celebrate my 30th birthday and my dad’s 60th, both of which are next year. It is going to be an amazing trip, and will help be the carrot-on-a-stick to get me into the gym and doing hard leg workouts for the fall, and then skiing a ton, even in the rain up until time for the trip.

                      Today was a woefully inactive day – work, then a haircut/color, then back home barely in time for dinner. I was up a little later than is good for me yesterday, so I’m off to bed early tonight.

                      B - egg “muffin” with kale and sausage, protein shake, cappuccino
                      L – turkey, cucumber, carrots tomato, almond butter, celery
                      D – steak, beets
                      S – almond steamer

                      I wandered around the house feeling vaguely hungry and generally dissatisfied after dinner, and then I realized: more fat! Hence the almond steamer (whole milk, whipping cream, and almond extract steamed) Still nowhere near the amount of fat I’ve been eating, but I’m not hungry anymore, so I’ll just go to bed and eat more fat and be more active tomorrow.

                      Protein: 131 g
                      Carbs: 50 g
                      Fat: 58 g
                      Total Calories: 1271
                      Calories Burned: 2400
                      My Primal Journal


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                        Got up early Friday morning to drive to work instead of riding the bus. Leaving my house 40 minutes early puts me at the office 80 minutes ahead of schedule. Traffic from where I live is terrible, and I generally ride the bus, unless I have things like Frisbee to get to in the evening. I don’t mind bus riding, I usually nap on the bus, and it is way better than stewing with road rage in the car. Growing up in the mountains in a tiny town with no traffic pretty much spoiled me for life.

                        I was feeling pretty melancholy on Friday. One of my dear friends had her baby. While I’m thrilled for her, since she really wants her little girl, I am feeling a little sorry for myself since our friendship will have to change. She’s one of my favorite people for going on spontaneous adventures with, and I’m certain the spontaneity will have to take a backseat to baby raising. Or our adventures will have to take a different tone. Really, the whole thing is just me being selfish, but I can’t help but feel a bit mopey about it. She’s the first of my good friends to have a baby, so it’s a bit uncharted emotional waters for me.

                        B – egg “muffin” with kale and sausage, protein shake, cappuccino
                        L – Asian chicken salad with carrots, almond, onions, cabbage, and a bit of dark chocolate
                        S – 2 hard boiled eggs, greek yogurt, olives, artichoke hearts, and a small bag of feeling sorry for myself candy corn
                        S – protein powder

                        I drove to work, so I could easily get to my Frisbee game, which was awesome. I had a pretty serious snack before the game, which I haven’t been doing because I haven’t been especially hungry. Based on how well I played, I’m thinking more snacks before Frisbee are a good thing. It was a really close game, and I caught the game ending point, which was sweet. Usually, I find myself with an unshakeable defender or just in the wrong place to actually score.

                        Protein: 115 g
                        Carbs: 188 g
                        Fat: 75 g
                        Total Calories: 1891
                        Calories Burned: 3150
                        My Primal Journal


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                          Slept in a bit yesterday, then baked a cake for a friend’s birthday. She requested a carrot cake, which is one of my favorites to make. It was really weird baking this cake and not really feeling tempted to taste the batter, or the frosting. I ended up having a small piece with her when I delivered it, and it was good, but a tiny piece was all I wanted.

                          While the cake was baking, I worked on my Halloween costume. The Frisbee team I play with on Saturdays is going to a Halloween tournament in a couple of weeks. It’s a costume tournament, and this was my last chance to really work on my costume, since I’ll be in Alaska for the next couple of weeks. I am pretty excited about it, my mom recently gifted me her sewing machines, and I’m way out of practice, so a costume that doesn’t have to be perfect is a great way to work on my skills.
                          Saturday afternoon Frisbee was excellent as well. It was warm and sunny, a nice treat. We also ended up really smashing the other team, which I felt bad about. I’ve played on teams that get seriously beat a lot, and it’s not much fun. I eased up a little on my defense in the second half.

                          B – 2 eggs, 5 pieces of bacon, greek yogurt, cappuccino
                          S – chicken thigh
                          D – Pot roast with carrots, parsnips, broccoli, and leeks, glass of merlot, tiny slice of carrot cake

                          Protein: 110 g
                          Carbs: 59 g
                          Fat: 80 g
                          Total Calories: 1536
                          Calories Burned: 3634
                          My Primal Journal


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                            Again with the sleeping a bit extra Sunday, then got up and finished the last of the sewing for my costume and got the house ready for friends who were coming over for lunch. We had fresh caught salmon and salad, and they brought a super tasty asparagus soup, wild rice, and a blackberry crisp. I had a teensy bit of the rice for manners’ sake, and a bit of the crisp as well since it was mostly blackberries, and I sure love berries. DH commented on how little overall I ate at lunch, and was surprised I wasn’t hungry. I haven’t been really hungry much lately. I meant to get to the gym, but that didn’t happen before having to leave for the airport. I was very excited upon my arrival in Fairbanks as it was just starting to snow.

                            B – 2 eggs, cappuccino
                            L – salmon, salad, asparagus soup, smidgen of rice, small bit of blackberry crisp
                            S – merlot (wine in the afternoon is awesome)
                            D – beef jerky and a KIND bar on the plane

                            Protein: 102 g
                            Carbs: 125 g
                            Fat: 78 g
                            Total Calories: 1914
                            Calories Burned: 2424
                            My Primal Journal


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                              I was excited to wake up to a snowy morning today, albeit dark, since the sun didn’t come up until nearly 9. Made me want to run around outside and frolic. Got some hard boiled eggs and yogurt on the way to work, and made a salad at the grocery store salad bar. Good enough start to the day. Work was great in that we are making some serious progress and started the 30-day performance test of my treatment plant over the weekend. That means the end is in sight for this project, which is tremendously satisfying.

                              I had a great workout this afternoon, too. I’ve noticed that I have been eating better (lower carb, fewer cheats) and working out with more intensity in AK. I think it is related to the fact that I don’t have anything to do up here other than work and work out. I need to start thinking about how to maintain my intensity at home.

                              B – 2 eggs, yogurt, cappuccino
                              L – spinach salad with chicken, tomato, cucumber, bacon, blue cheese, olive oil, vinegar
                              D- protein shake, broccoli with butter, dark chocolate almonds

                              30 box jumps on the 24” box
                              4 sets of:
                              12 step ups on an 18” box w/40 lbs
                              30 KB swings
                              2 sets of:
                              16 Walking lunges w leg extension/20 lbs
                              16 Walking triple dip tactical lunges w/20 lbs
                              4 sets of:
                              12 Exercise ball hamstring curls (I can’t ever get over how hard these are)
                              12 get-up-sit-ups w/10lbs
                              2 sets of 10 ab rollers.

                              Protein: 115 g
                              Carbs: 62 g
                              Fat: 103 g
                              Total Calories: 1616
                              Calories Burned: 2812
                              My Primal Journal


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                                Woke up this morning an hour and 20 minutes after my alarm went off - face glued to the pillow with drool. I must have really needed that sleep. Good thing this morning wasn’t a telecom morning or I probably would have been scolded. Home early with little to do, so I may go to bed early tonight to see if I need any more sleep that I didn’t know I needed.

                                B – 2 hard boiled eggs, protein shake, cappuccino
                                L – Spinach salad with cucumber, celery, tomato, turkey, olive oil, vinegar
                                S – Chocolate covered raisins (darn coworker)
                                D – Spaghetti squash with tomato, ground buffalo, asiago cheese (omnomnom so good!),

                                The best counteractant to a boring elliptical trainer workout (aside from good music):

                                A ridiculous festive shirt. Any workout involving hot pink with silver zig zags is automatically improved about 80%. Which is why I never wear this shirt to lift. I don’t think I could handle the greatness of my lifting workouts being increased 80%.

                                Protein: 128 g
                                Carbs: 102 g
                                Fat: 78 g
                                Total Calories: 1720
                                Calories Burned: 2650
                                My Primal Journal