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    Great job on your progress already!

    Your journal cracks me up - I think the idea of taking your salad for a hike is hysterical You could make a BAS version of Where's Waldo!

    I once made a snide comment to my sister about how she must be a real runner now because she has spandex running shorts. She looked at me like I was crazy and said "they are so my thighs don't rub together you moron". Whoops, I had no idea! (Not because my thighs don't rub together, but because I hate to run)
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    Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )


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      Arch! The chaffing! I hate it. But I was just noticing the other day that it has subsided a lot since going primal and the permanent sores I had there are healing!?!

      IDK why but I think it has to do with better oil in the skin.

      Weird. I know it's not only the weight. I have had trouble with it since college when I weighed 50 lbs less than I do now. I just thought it was ski racer thighs.



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        I don't like to run either, but I do for frisbee. Once I started wearing compression shorts, I found I just can't stop. I feel really naked in regular gym shorts without them. Maybe because a lot of my shorts are ultimate shorts, which tend to be baggy and thin. It is a serious challenge to put on just my outer shorts and work out without compression shorts if I've forgotten them. I'll go without socks first. Or a proper sport bra. I do like the way the hold my belly in a little. I generally wear them a little higher than they are in the photo, generally pulled up as high as I can.

        Interesting about the decreased chafing with potentoally better skin oil sixpack-rc. I may have to start small with a skirt without shorts or something one of these days to see what happens to me. Though I'm totally blaming you if I get chub-rub.
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          Not a very exciting day today. My shoulder still hurt when I woke up this morning, so Iíve been babying it a bit. I headed to the gym this afternoon for 30 minutes of elliptical and was reminded that I need to start taking my gym clothes into work with me instead of leaving them in the car. Putting clothes that are only 45 degrees on my nice warm body isnít much fun. Sure in a few months there will be a minus in front of that 4, but I have to start getting in the habit now.

          B Ė Protein shake and aidellís chicken garlic and artichoke sausage. No coffee, running late
          L - Spinach salad with turkey, tomato, cucumber, celery, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, shallot
          D Ė Spaghetti squash, pork tenderloin
          S Ė Dark chocolate covered almonds, 6 oz red wine (some weird French variety. I am forced to make my selections by the availablity of a screw top at the moment).

          Protein: 129 g
          Carbs: 70 g
          Fat: 96 g
          Total Calories: 1770
          Calories Burned: 2720
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            Today I gave myself permission to not go to the gym or do anything active. I was cold and tired at the end of the day and really didnít feel up to it. The CW part of my brain that is still stuck in chronic cardio mode was convinced that I should go and power through it. But no. My shoulder still hurts from sleeping on it wrong on Monday, but it is much better. Iím trying to figure out why I was cold all day. I work inside, the heat is on (set to the 60 the misers that run the place keep it), I was wearing similar clothes to what I usually wear and the same amount of activity, but I was freezing all day. In anticipation of the same temperatures tomorrow, after work I went and browsed an outdoor store that carries a ton of my favorite style of sweaters. The ďIím a cool city sweater, but Iíve got your back if youíre stranded in the wildernessĒ style. They were having a sale and it was all I could do to not buy a bunch of them. I donít know where my size is going to end up, and theyíre not cheap sweaters, so I donít want a bunch of too big sweaters. I did buy one, it fits a little more cozy than I care for, but itís zippy, so I can wear it open for now, then zip it when I get smaller.

            B Ė Protein shake and aidellís chicken garlic and artichoke sausage. No coffee, running late
            L - Spinach salad with turkey, tomato, cucumber, celery, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, shallot
            S Ė Apple pie Lara bar (when I still was going to force myself to go to the gym)
            D Ė Spaghetti squash, pork tenderloin (leftovers, chopped and all stirred together with some cumin and butter)
            S Ė Dark chocolate covered almonds (fewer than yesterday), 5 oz red wine.

            Protein: 129 g
            Carbs: 75 g
            Fat: 89 g
            Total Calories: 1720
            Calories Burned: 2600
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              Shoulder is better!! I was so excited to get back into the gym today (If it's this bad after just a few days out, I can't imagine how I'd be after a real injury). I forced myself to go to the grocery store first though, since I knew Iíd be hungry afterwards and didnít have much in the fridge (also, canít say enough how much I love this hotel room with a kitchen).

              B Ė Protein shake and aidellís chicken garlic and artichoke sausage. Cappuccino w/whole milk.
              L - Spinach salad with turkey, tomato, cucumber, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, shallot
              D Ė Yam with cinnamon and butter, pork tenderloin (leftovers), steamed broccoli
              S Ė Dark chocolate covered almonds, 5 oz red wine.

              Workout was awesome as well. 15 min on the rowing machine to warm up and check on the shoulder, then several little super sets with my beloved kettle bell:

              3x10 box jumps
              3x20 russian twists

              3x20 swings
              3x20 front/rack squats
              3x20 clean and press

              3x10 snatches
              3x10 high pulls
              3x10 figure 8 to hold

              Still working on the snatches. This is the first time I've done them since I learned them. They felt ok, but I am looking forward to getting some feedback from my trainer next week to make sure my form is right.

              And then it was dinner time. Iíd never cooked a yam before or a sweet potato. Iíve only ever had them at holidays all candied and mashed and prepared by others. It was like a death match in the kitchen. Me vs the yam. Only one of us would come out alive. Luckily, I had a knife, a heat source, the internet, and opposable thumbs on my side. The little dude didnít stand a chance. As I was having a bit of a hunger emergency when I got home, I was happy to learn I could cook the yam in the microwave. I did, and mashed it up with some butter and cinnamon. It was pretty tasty. More yams should prepare for battle. Next time Iíll be more advanced with my tactics.

              Protein: 137 g
              Carbs: 88 g
              Fat: 83 g
              Total Calories: 1760
              Calories Burned: 2880
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                Working on the weekends just sucks. Even when the weather is bad and thereís nothing I really have to do (the hazard of working away from home, no little projects) so I may as well work since thereís nothing else to do. I did go and do some sprints at the gym (8 40 second sprints at 7.5 mph, with 1 min rest at a walk/jog 4 mph pace) plus a few of this KB sequence:

                Snatch-Windmill-Turkish Getup Sequence

                I'm relishing in my ability to do KB snatches. I feel like things are going to get way more fun now. I really enjoyed this sequence since it required a ton of focus in addition to strength I've developed. I could barely do windmills properly with no weight when I first started.

                And then I did some cooking for the week. This summer I learned that I have a serious love of beets. I hadnít ever really had them before they turned up in my CSA box. Ever since, we get them almost every week. I love them roasted with olive oil, garlic, salt, pepper, and rosemary if I have it, which is what I did today.

                Iím sure my hotel room neighbors were either tantalized or annoyed by the delicious smell of roasting beets that came out of my hotel room tonight. Since I had the oven on, I also cooked a spaghetti squash for later in the week.

                B Ė Protein shake and aidellís chicken garlic and artichoke sausage. Cappuccino w/whole milk.
                L - Spinach salad with turkey, tomato, cucumber, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, shallot
                D Ė Beef, beets and broccoli (yay for single letter meals!)
                S Ė Dark chocolate covered almonds, 8 oz red wine. The last of the wine. Not enough time left in this trip to finish another at a moderate pace, so Iíll go without for awhile *sigh*.

                Protein: 130 g
                Carbs: 65 g
                Fat: 106 g
                Total Calories: 1900
                Calories Burned: 3100

                Iíve done a horrible job with my sleeping goals last night and now tonight. Last night, I was up late watching art of strength videos (and got the idea for my awesome lifting today). Tonight Iím up late working on planning the trip which spurred my current motivation to get into shape. Itís a trip with a variety of friends and family, so itís like herding cats to get everyone into agreement. Getting there though, my visa is going to take a few serious hits this week as we make some bookings.
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                  Those beets look so delicious! I had no idea they came in so many colors and patterns. I might have to pick some up at the market tomorrow
                  Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )



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                    Originally posted by jammies View Post
                    Those beets look so delicious! I had no idea they came in so many colors and patterns. I might have to pick some up at the market tomorrow
                    Did you get beets? The red/white ones are chioggias and one of my favorites.
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                      Ah the scale. I usually don’t have big issues with the scale. It’s another data point for measuring progress. I’m struggling at the moment because last week, at home, I was very close to the psychologically important 200 lb mark (at 202). This week, on my scale here in Fairbanks, I’m at 203. I know the scales are different. I’ve watched the scale here drop all week. I saw that it was higher than the scale at home the day I got here. The question then remains, do I write down the 203 in my official log, or wait until Thursday morning when I’m home again to get on my regular scale? Hmmm.

                      I did a workout dubbed the “Dirty 30” by my trainer today. Pretty simple - 30 of each (pausing as needed, but must do 30 before moving on), minimal rest between exercises, for time. Goal is less than 20 min.

                      Assisted pull-ups
                      Push ups (on toes)
                      Box jumps
                      KB snatches

                      Time today: 17 min. Last time, I hurried though and did it more quickly, but sacrificed form. I’m more pleased with the workout today. I was very excited to get home to my quickly prepared dinner, much earlier than I usually eat too.

                      B – Protein shake, two hard boiled eggs, guacamole, cappuccino
                      L – Skipped. Wasn’t hungry (so weird)
                      D – Beef, beets, and broccoli again. Yesterday, I left them in separate piles. Today I dumped all of the leftovers in a pan together. My beef turned purple which made me laugh. After finishing regular dinner, my lack of lunch caught up with me and I added 4 oz turkey breast, and an ounce of almond butter to my dinner.
                      S – dark chocolate almonds, no wine

                      Protein: 130 g
                      Carbs: 61 g
                      Fat: 112 g
                      Total Calories: 1770
                      Calories Burned: 2600
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                        I had been worried about those dark chocolate almonds when I bought them. But I did so well for most of the week. Having just a few (only 200 calories worth) as a dessert type item. Yesterday though, oh man. WellÖ. I donít have any almonds left. I think it was because I was still hungry after dinner from skipping lunch, I had a few, and a few more, and then the rest of the container. As a reward, I felt icky, and didnít sleep well for the first part of the night. No more dark chocolate almonds for me.

                        I ended up working nearly 14 hours today. I escaped briefly while playing the hurry-up-and-wait game to spend 30 minutes on the elliptical at my usual workout time. The pull ups and push ups from the Dirty 30 have my pecs, lats, and triceps pretty sore, so I was glad for an elliptical day. I didnít have any dinner food with me, so I ate my emergency Larabar. I just got back to my hotel (9 pm) and am debating cooking something for dinner or just randomly eating. I think, since my ďhey idiot, go to bedĒ alarm just went off on my phone I think Iíll go with the random eating (not non-primal foods since that would involve a trip to the store, just picking what seems easy/tasty and plugging it into my food log until I meet my macro profile for the day).

                        B Ė Protein shake, two hard boiled eggs, guacamole, cappuccino
                        L - Spinach salad with turkey, tomato, cucumber, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, shallot
                        S Ė Lemon Larabar
                        D Ė Turkey breast, guacamole, yam with butter & oregano, plain greek yogurt with cinnamon (very odd, sort of which I wouldnít have ruined my yogurt this way)

                        Protein: 125 g
                        Carbs: 107 g
                        Fat: 97 g
                        Total Calories: 1790
                        Calories Burned: 3210

                        Interestingly about those Larabars, they are tasty, but have so many carbs, I always end up regretting them when Iím trying to balance my macros later in the day. In hindsight, I would rather have skipped the bar and kept my carbs under 100g. Ah well.
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                          Iím feeling a bit lame that my journal is currently just a food and workout journal, but work has been taking so much time that Iím lacking in other interesting insights. I do get to go home tomorrow, so that is pretty fantastic.

                          B Ė Protein shake, two hard boiled eggs, guacamole, cappuccino
                          L - Ham, tomato, cucumber, (ran out of spinach, no point in dressing without a base)
                          D Ė Ground buffalo, spaghetti squash, pesto sauce. 1 oz almond butter (next to everything else). This was one UGLY meal. And not that good, I didnít like the pesto I ended up with.
                          S Ė Peanut butter cookie Larabar, 2 egg whites (yes, I know the whole egg would have been better, but I donít like egg yolks much)

                          Protein: 127 g
                          Carbs: 70 g
                          Fat: 110 g
                          Total Calories: 1800
                          Calories Burned: 3030

                          The gym today was awesome. Iíve been really excited about box jumps, since I first started doing them on the little box. I was so scared the day I moved up to the medium (18Ē) box. Iím not really very agile, so I was pretty sure I was going to end up sprawled on the floor. After how easy the 18Ē box was in my Dirty 30 workout the other day, I figured I needed to step it up to the 24Ē box. Objectively 24Ē isnít that tall, but itís several inches above my knees, and my brain sure tells me Iím a fat kid that canít jump, so I was super excited to pretty easily make it onto the box on my first try. After staring it down for a little bit. The rest of the workout was pretty random, but still good:

                          12 box jumps Ė 24Ē
                          3 Sets of:
                          12xBurpee-clean-squat-overhead press with a KB
                          12xBack lunges w/furniture slider under foot
                          12xSlider plank w/feet going: out-in tuck
                          2 Sets of:
                          10xHi-Pull to Snatch
                          10 Turkish Get Ups
                          2x10 hamstring curls w/exercise ball
                          100 KB Swings Ė set of 20, 20, 40, 20
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                            Work then travel day. I slept for most of my flight home, which probably didn’t help me with my poor sleeping upon arrival home problems. Which continued with a vengeance last night.

                            B – Protein shake, two hard boiled eggs, two egg whites, spoonful of almond butter, guacamole, cappuccino
                            L - Ground buffalo, spaghetti squash,
                            S – Beef jerky
                            D – Ham, tomato, cucumber, small glass of merlot

                            Protein: 153 g
                            Carbs: 59 g
                            Fat: 105 g
                            Total Calories: 1930
                            Calories Burned: 2670
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                              I ended up not falling asleep until after 1am last night, then had to be up early for a conference call. I didn’t plan to go to the office, so at least I was able to take the call in my pj’s at home. DH ate everything in the fridge, so after the call, I went to the grocery store to stock up on tasty primal things to eat for the week that I’m home this trip. I also had a workout with my trainer, then painted a wall in my house that’s been on my list for awhile.

                              B – greek yogurt with dried currants, cappuccino
                              L – protein shake, almonds
                              D – Shepherd’s pie made with veal since that was already in the house.

                              Protein: 105 g
                              Carbs: 87 g
                              Fat: 110 g
                              Total Calories: 1700
                              Calories Burned: 2750

                              During my workout, spent a lot of time talking about snatches since it was the first time I’d seen my trainer since he taught them to me. Turns out I was doing them mostly correct, so yay for that!
                              50 KB swings
                              Walking Lunges w/KB
                              Sled push 115 lbs
                              50 swings
                              hi-pull, snatch 3/1
                              hi pull, snatch, windmill
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                                Better luck with sleeping tonight!
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