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  • A Fox goes Primal

    Ok, so month long reader, first time poster. I started moving toward paleo/primal 3 weeks ago by dumping softdrinks, sweet tea, and grains all in one day. The caffeine headache only lasted 2 days. Over the past 3 weeks I've lost 19.8 pounds; 15 in the first week. When I started, I'd just hit 312, was having a ton of stomach problems, and happened onto the diet through a article talking about the Paleo/Primal Conference. This led me to Free The Animal, which lead me here.

    I bought the kindle version of the Primal Blueprint, read it in a day while at work (I work private gate security. Plenty of time to read), and started prepping for an all out switch within a week. And then I did it. My last non-primal meal was a large burrito with nachos and a Mt. Dew.

    Anyone who is interested, the last 3 posts at The Rant of a Fox are all primal related. I've even made a nice little title graphic for my before and after with the after spot ready to go when I feel I'm where I want to be. Please feel free to make comments on my blog. I'd greatly appreciate the feedback and I'll try to keep this thread updated with the latest updates!

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    A little off topic, but is an awesome website! I forgot about this one after reading the book until a recent article link on there led me back here.


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      It really is. I'm a big Ron Paul fan, and one of the independent Twitter news feeds (@RonPaulNews) links a lot of articles. So, I'd have to say that Libertarianism is at this point probably the best thing that has ever happened in my life because it keeps leading me to information that I would have never been exposed to otherwise.

      I'm amazed so far at how quickly I'm dropping the weight. I have almost tried every diet in the book (I've been overweight since my parents divorced when I was 12) and this is the first one that actually works. The sugar cravings are becoming more and more infrequent and I keep a bag of grapes in the fridge for when I get a craving. This latest bag may end up in the trash before I am able to finish it. My stomach issues are also lessening, and I haven't had acid reflux in 2 weeks. I was getting to the point where I had acid reflux after EVERY meal, no matter what.

      The only issue I'm having so far is that I feel I'm eating not enough vegetables. More than a half a 'serving size' worth of veggies make me feel sick as of the last 3-4 days and I have no idea why.


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        One thing it could be is low stomach acid. Next time you eat a bunch of vegetables, drink some water and lemon juice, the 100% pure stuff, as much lemon juice as you can handle. Or vinegar. If this alleviates the problem, then you know your culprit. If not, then I dunno lol.

        Low stomach acid is something a lot of people deal with actually, from what I've read. I think it is linked to the low salt craze because table salt is NaCl. Stomach acid is HCl. There is plenty of hydrogen available from water, but table salt is the only source of chlorine I'm away of. Thus, low salt in diet could lead to low stomach acid and problems digesting.


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          New blog posts. My latest 2 posts are probably the most important though. Rant of a Fox