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  • Ch-ch-ch-changes

    First week of the challenge, going to chart my progress. Started on Monday the 12th at 171.8 lbs. Have eaten pretty primal since with the following exceptions:

    Meats are not organic/ grass fed yet
    Had 3 glasses of wine total for the week
    Haven't had enough veggies - too many nuts and dried fruit

    I think I will count my two long band rehearsals (a total of four hours drumming and sweating) as my "slow pace" workouts. I also spent the day today doing a lot of stuff around the house and garden that involved squatting and reaching and lifting and thought about Grok as I did so. I "sprinted" by running up the stairs in my house several times today as I went about my work (can feel it already!). Tomorrow I will try to get at my weight bench or do some pushups and such.

    Sleep: Still have too much light in my bedroom, awaiting installation of new blinds, but have slept with sleep mask half the nights. getting 6-7 hours, should get to bed earlier to get more.

    Short term weight loss goals:
    160 lbs by Halloween (to fit back into my cute Halloween costumes!)
    150 lbs by New Year's Eve (hope I'll have a handsome date by then )

    Long term goal - to grow younger, firming up and strengthening my body so that it looks the way my mind feels - young!

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    Meats are not organic/ grass fed yet - Meat doesn't have to be organic/grass-fed to be primal.
    Had 3 glasses of wine total for the week - Three glasses of wine in a week is totally primal.
    Haven't had enough veggies - too many nuts and dried fruit - Ok, just work on it.

    think I will count my two long band rehearsals (a total of four hours drumming and sweating) as my "slow pace" workouts.
    Oh hell yes.

    You can get younger. Grok on!
    Ancestral Health Info

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    Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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      Yes, I know they don't HAVE to be grass fed, but when I initially lost weight on a paleo diet, my meats were much cleaner. I think that's been a part of my weight gain in the last year - too much of my meat coming from restaurant and fast food sources, where I don't have as much control over the contents.

      And I suppose three glasses of wine is not that much, but not sure it won't stall my weight loss if I'm not careful. I think the ritual beer and pizza after band practices was doing me in, even though I rationalized that it was only once a week. I'm going to try to set a goal of only two glasses of wine a week, at least until the weight starts really dropping.



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        Oh - forgot to mention sunlight:
        Couldn't get in the sun during the work week, but laid out for an hour today.


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          Today's report:
          Wt this a.m.: 169.4
          Exercise - none (very sore legs from yesterday's stair sprints, and busy prepping to host book club dinner)
          Sleep - 7 hours solid
          Food - eggs with small amt cheese and nuts with dried cranberries for breakfast. Nuts and dried fruit for lunch. Nectarine for snack. Salad with berries and nuts, home made vinaigrette, and JUST the meat and cheese from the sandwiches for dinner. 2 glasses white wine. BUT - slipped on dessert, one piece of plum tart. (Not so much from craving as from sense of social obligation.) 4 chocolate covered almonds for snack.


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            Ugh - weight is up 1.2 lbs to 170.6 today after eating that piece of wheat-based dessert last night - that's a lot of swelling and inflammation for one piece of tart!


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              Aha don't worry about that up 1.2 pounds. Its bloating, swelling and inflammation like you said, and it will go away as fast as it came as long as you just eat what you normally do. I know that it is too easy to look at scales the day after a lapse in control and feel see that you put on all the weight it took you a month to lose, but its a lie! Just keep on the primal, track looks like you are doing great so far!
              Quit being paranoid, Brianna! Everyone is way too wrapped up in their own problems to be hating on you.


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                Thanks Brianna! Don't worry, I know full well that it's bloat - you don't put on over a pound of fat overnite! And although daily weighing may not work for some (too discouraging) it works well for me (keeps me honest). And my math skills are good enough to understand about averages and statistical variation

                I just thought it was interesting/ useful feedback that my scale gave me - no, I CAN'T have that piece of cake. It motivated me to be really good today though and I swear my fingers are already less puffy this afternoon, I'm sure tomorrow morning the scale will move back down.


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                  Today's food:
                  B: three organic eggs scrambled with a smidgen of organic cheese, tea and coffee
                  S: Large handful sunflower seeds
                  L: Large salad with chicken, avocado, bacon, veggies, etc, coffee with 1/2 scoop protein powder
                  D: Salad with chicken, olive oil vinaigrette
                  S: Handful of nuts and dried cranberries, 5 choc covered almonds

                  Exercise: 45 mins continuous drum practice


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                    Today's weigh-in: 170.2
                    Down but not all the way down from that darn cake!

                    And only 5 1/2 hours sleep last night.......I need a new boyfriend who doesn't keep such weird work hours, lol.
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                      UGH! Due in part to some fiddling with my thyroid meds, and in part to just plain cheating too much on my diet - weight has actually gone UP to 175! Time to buckle down for real, and get serious.

                      Factors possibly aiding and abetting wt gain:

                      Above mentioned hormone tweaks
                      Foolishly sleeping with my laptop on next to my head each night

                      Being irregular about my vitamins

                      Not enough regular exercise

                      Not enough veggies
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