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  • Seriously now Tooround!

    Well, if I needed a fright ... I got one.
    One Thursday morning at work I started having chest pain.
    I spent 8 hours in emerg, stayed overnight and had a stress test before they declared that I could go home.
    It's not cardiac ... probably chest wall, muscle type thing but .... oh ee frightening.
    I kept a close eye on my lab work as it came through (I work there so I could get away with that
    Everything points to me being just marginally low in a couple of electrolytes, 20 lbs over weight, out of shape and a worrier.

    Have I told you all that my doctor and I were working on my BP? He put me on HCT and tested my lipids for baseline and I was supposed to see what I could do with lifestyle factors. I had a follow up in October.
    But he died in a diving accident in August. Our small hospital and community are devastated. I'm not the only one who thought he was wonderful!

    So John and I have kinda been in limbo. No one has taken over the practice ... we're already so short of drs. But in emerg I had Dr Smith. She used to be my headnurse and went back to school. She's slow as molasses, almost ploddingly thorough but she wants us. She would be "honoured to look after the both of you". I almost cried with relief. It's a nightmare caring for an ongoing health challenge without a family doc.
    So now I've got a family doc and an internist

    John had to drive me about 40 minutes away to the hospital where they do stress testing (treadmill) and we had a lot of time to talk about what we've been eating. IN fact when I got home, I just about fell into bed for 3 hours and he went to buy groceries. We both know we feel sooo much better if we stick to plan and we should be encouraging each other and stickin' together.

    So through one thing and another, I have four days off. Some of the social activities are going to have to go or get cut short ... I'm just feeling drained! Rest, gentle exercise, good food and I think I'll hug a few loved ones And somebody should load the dishwasher

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    I went for a walk yesterday and did some light-weight and stretching exercises for my shoulders and chest.
    I had a couple of little sweets at a wedding luncheon but besides that my diet was aces.
    After being so weary for a few days I didn't sleep very well until after midnight.

    Today we're off to dedicate our second grandbaby. If we go to a restaurant after, I can probably stick to chicken and salad.

    I feel good and optimistic!


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      152 lbs

      I had all kinds of nonalarmist excuses made up for yesterday but couldn't do it, so I drove an hour and a half to take my Mom's husband to an eye appt. While he was being seen, I walked around a couple of blocks ... couldn't get up any speed. By the time I got home, I was wiped! and slept for 3 hours. I did a few productive things in the evening and slept surprisingly well.
      I thought I ate very well too. BAS and a steak with some pepperettes and cheese, an avocado ... Oh well, I guess I'm healing. I still don't know what was broken but it's healing


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        You're back

        That must have been scary...I'm glad it wasn't cardiac...I'm glad you found a Dr.
        Take care of yourself and slowly build up the walking. It'll come.

        Did I tell you that I'm glad you're back?
        "Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what you pretend to be." Kurt Vonnegut
        "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." Douglas Adams
        "Moderation sucks." Suse
        "Wine is a vegetable." Meaty
        "Every decision you make, from what you eat to what you do with your time tonight, turns you into who you are tomorrow and the day after that." Cmdr Chris Hadfield



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          It was scary and I thought I'd gotten over it but ... I have to go for blood work and an ECG tomorrow and I'm nervous all over again. I don't know if I think they will find something they missed the first time er what.

          In one way I'm looking forward to it, at least to having my triglycerides checked again. I couldn't really get my hands on the results from the ones they did while I was an inpatient. I'll have to go back in the history of MDA to see what they were in the spring. I do know that my good chol is high still. But I"m afraid of the ECG. What if I still have a flattened ST segment? What if it's worse? What if I've had this chest discomfort (which I thought was inflamatory) for a week and it really was heart? What if it's heart and I knew all along I could prevent that by eating healthy?
          Can I correct it? Can I regain my health?
          Is there any other good reason for having chest pain for a week? I'm a nurse, I should know this!
          I need a big glass of wine and a nap! But then I'd probably miss the cut-off for fasting (for blood work) and starve before 9:10 tomorrow morning.

          OK ... I'll stop now. Onward and upward ... right?


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            Yes, onward and upward! Sorry/glad about your scare. Each time I have had to go to the ER it has motivated me (unlike some people who get discharged after bypass surgery, light up a smoke and head for McDonalds. Pfft!) I hope everything goes well for you.
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              150.4 lbs

              Ick! McDonalds! Thanks Hedonist. I do feel better now that they are done poking me. Next Thursday, I have an appt to discuss all that with my new family Doc.

              I meant to buy a food scale today but forgot. I guess I can work away at cleaning up my diet without getting nitpicky enough to weigh things just yet. I did, however, buy new containers. It's not that hard to load up a few containers with salad and smaller ones with dressing. In the morning before work, all I have to do is grab a protein and my container-of-the-day.

              I also dragged my elliptical out from where it was shoved up against a wall.

              I feel a little more like me (instead of a hypochondriac). Best get at some housework, my one day off goes by pretty quickly.


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                My packed lunches are working very well. I've been on the elliptical everyday. I woke up in the night a couple of times but fell back to sleep very easily.

                I'm not sure why it's so hard to string together a few good days some times.