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  • Primal Challenge (Cameron Crazie) triathlete

    Height: 6í4Ē

    Current Weight: 202 lbs

    Goal (Racing) Weight: 165-170 lbs (but basically just get super-fit again)

    Activities: Triathlon

    Tomorrow Iím going completely Primal for as long as possible (hopefully for life, with the 20% in there at times of course).

    Yeah so hereís an abbreviated version of my story, and how Iíve come to this point in my life, and how it is absolutely essential that I make lasting changes for my health and longevity. Please donít be turned off by the length. It will be a fast read and I would appreciate any help or insight, encouragement.

    My recent life (last 3 years) has been a slow hell, a doctor-stumping storm of unfortunate events. Basically at the start of my freshman year here at Duke my problems began (acutely). That November, I suffered from a GI bleed that nearly ended my life. I ended up in the ICU at Duke for 3 days, receiving 5 blood transfusions. The culprit: 3 duodenal ulcers. Weight: 145lbs.

    This led to a near 2 year severe anemia: a lot of fatigue until recently. April of the following year began intense and terrifying binge eating (highly processed/sugar foods). Weight: up to 155 lbs.

    Going home helped me stabilize again, got a job, and hung out with the family a lot. Return to school resulted in day-in day-out bingeing again for weeks, until I had a mental break down and put myself on medical leave for the year. I had no idea what was going on, absolutely terrified, especially b/c I pride myself in being fit, fast, and healthy. Weight upon return home: 196 lbs.

    Therapy, antidepressants, and family stability, not to mention good food, took me out of the depression within a few months, and I felt so good for the whole winter, spring, and most of the summer. During this period I had achieved a new level of fitness. I took up racing triathlon (absolutely love it!) and broke through with some early success. Raced a couple Duís in March placing very high despite getting lost on the ride of both races (one race was 1st into T1, other race 2nd behind an ITU dude), did a Ĺ IM in May í09, placed 9th overall in a field with pros; then had an offer for free coaching on a development team. Last summer hit up about 6 races, one every weekend, top 10ing all, getting 2nd OA in the 5th one; then went to Tuscaloosa for Age Group Nationals. All in all, tons of fun!

    In April, I went into my doc for follow-up blood work, something alerted him, and he sent me to a hematologist/oncologist where an MRI revealed a pituitary tumor. At this point, I had nearly 0 serum testosterone, and total blocking of LH/FSH (basically NO libido).

    Anyway went back to school and was doing just fine for the first month, got an offer to run on the track and XC teams, took it, then changed my training. About this time, I began binge eating again, starting once every week or two, steadily progressing into every day. Amidst a course load with 4 neuroscience classes, my stress shot through the roof (though mostly from the weird eating/insatiable cravings). I was also embarrassed about the weight I was gaining and having to be around all the other fit guys and gals on the team while I was gaining lbs and losing fitness. Survived exams, somehow ended up with two Aís and 2 Bís despite everything, then went home for recovery. I lost a couple lbs the first week back, but have since gained them back thanks to Christmas treats in my face 24/7.

    I just finished reading Markís PB and am super excited to begin. I did a primal day this week and felt so awesome. My mind felt clear (Iíve also just finished detoxing the antidepressants, thank you God. I think they may have been contributing to the recent bingeing b/c I went into a hypomania, not sleeping for over 40+ hrs at a time) so Iím looking forward to tomorrow. I really need to get the sugar cravings to subside, and from looking at other posts, PB seems to be a great way to do it quickly, plus I love meat. I still want to race tri though, but I did see mention in the book of Mark Allen, Mike Pigg, and Simon Whitfield, all legends, who adhere to similar principles. I guess I need to take a few months and turn my body into a fat burning machine through long, slow runs and rides; similar to running down a deer/antelope on the plains for hours until it falls over from exhaustion.

    Yeah, so if anyone has some tips or something for training primally, I welcome them all. I also want to begin climbing since I quit the track team (to reduce stress) so any WODís for climbing would be sweet! Thanks for reading this far!

    Thinking about running in those fivefinger things as well, any warnings or comments?

    Oh yeah, and Iíve also had chronic diarrhea (TMI?) for my whole life, making me think of lactose intolerance and/or celiac sprue? Is PB good for getting rid of this problem? It really sucks some times.

    And the bingeing is still a problem sometimes; but my uncle (who is primal) said that the craving goes away after 2 months.


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    Okay, did the calculations from the book and it looks like I should be aiming for these totals daily for optimal weight loss:

    Fat- 148g

    Protein- 163g

    Carbohydrate- 50-100g (depending on activity)


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      Hi Cameron,

      I am also a triathlete, and will be doing my first Ironman this year. I know that endurance sports and PB are somewhat at odds, however my personal experience has been amazing with both. I have so much more energy after following the PB for the last 4 months, have lost 30 lbs, can run faster and farther than ever before, and just feel great. As I get into longer distance training, I might incorporate some sweet potatoes, or slightly starchier veggies after long workouts, but aside from that I have no plans to change back to the typical high-carb endurance diet. Plus I can incorporate the sprinting and interval work as speed work. I have had no problem reconciling the two, however purists might advise us to lay off the long distance stuff.

      As for the GI issues, I bet PB will solve that for you as well. Personally I had the opposite problem. And despite a diet super high in fiber, I only went #2 once or twice a week. Then I would have the horrible "oh my god I'm gonna crap my pants" feeling at like mile 8 of a long run as a weeks worth of poo decided it had been jogged loose. (I know...I'm a classy broad) Now I eat way less fiber, a.k.a. "carbage" and have much more regular eliminations.

      So welcome, good luck, and let us know how it goes!


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        ha! you just made me laugh from the long run comment ! I know that feeling oh too well! many a public place has felt my wrath. I get pretty good at hiding/getting it done in the middle or urban areas. personally i find it very amusing, like a game.

        Which IM are you doing?

        Do you eat any different around your workouts, i.e. have your only carbs for the day then? Or do you compromise and have a recovery drink or something? or do you even need it after you have converted to burning mostly fat? just curious.

        And have you been doing the WOD crossfit type stuff on top of tri training?



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          I am not Type A enough to plan specific carb intake around workouts, I just eat when I'm hungry and keep the carbs under 100g right now. I haven't seen any issues with my recovery or energy, but I'm mostly doing shorter higher intensity stuff right now trying to get faster before I start laying on the distance.

          As for cross-fit type workouts, I really want to get into that soon so I can get stronger before Ironman (IM Wisconsin), but I haven't yet. I do some weight training, but not nearly as much as I should be doing. The cross-fit gym membership is on the list for after bonus time. I am thinking I would like to do at least a couple days of cross-fit each week in addition to my training. I'll work it in somehow!


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            what!? a non type A triathlete! dont believe it!


            anyway-have you read the Paleo Diet for Athletes? similar principals to PB with guidleines for eating before/during/after long workouts


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              Aha thanks for the Paleo for athletes tip, KXS.

              Yeah so my first day went pretty well. I had so much energy all day, and never got hungry at all.

              Here was my day...

              B: 2 eggs in Olive oil on bed of spinach (not hungry though)

              L: 6 oz of roast beef and turkey breast w/ mustard and spinach greens, all rolled up like a wrap.

              D: 2 Bowls of chili w/hamburger meat, 6slices roast beef, 6slices turkey, T almond butter

              WOD - 3x [5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats]

              into 20 minutes or so heavy bag punching, 4 minutes tabata squats, 4 minutes more heavy bag, 2 minutes pushups.

              Then went to the mtn and snowboarded for 4 hours.

              Kind of had a stomach ache and headache during the morning and early afternoon. i think i may have been doing some detoxing, or starting to burn ketones or something.

              stoked for some more Primal!


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                Yesterday I got some experience with IF, though it wasn't on purpose. I said in an earlier post that my first day of PB, I had experienced a headache and stomach ache a little bit. Well that actually escalated into full blown vomiting and diarrhea yesterday, so I was in bed all day and definitely wasn't eating anything. Good news though. I lost 9 lbs! So it was worth it, for sure.

                Weight: 193lbs


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                  Today was a good start to the new year. I ate when hungry, and stopped when no longer hungry (my new year's resolution) though my stomach couldn't handle too much food today anyway. This morning I tried to do a P90X workout, but during my first set of pullups my stomach starting to turn and I had to lay down for a while. So after a trip to Border's (my favorite store) I went for a 20' walk with my mom and brother. We were going to go for more, but my brother decided he wasn't feeling good enough, too sick to walk. Funny thing though, he had sooo much energy on the way back. After dinner he and I played 3 games of ping pong. Planning on going for a nice easy run tomorrow, and hopefully getting back to that P90X workout.

                  B: 2 2/3 oz Bacon + Apple

                  L: Salad w/ 3 oz bacon, mushrooms, lettuce, tomato slices (didn't eat very much of it though)

                  S: CHicken breast

                  D: Chicken breast + a few green beans

                  S: 1/2 apple + T peanut butter (I know, but I didn't have any almond butter left)


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                    Another good Primal Day today. Got to the grocery store and picked up some much needed almond butter. I think I am doing really well with my NY resolution of eating when hungry and stopping when full. and i can tell I am losing BF. Also, I'm starting to cultivate some plans for a thru hike of the appalachian trail for this summer. Pretty exciting!

                    Here's today:

                    B: Apple + 3oz bacon

                    S: 1/4 apple + T almond butter

                    L: 2 oz bacon + Chicken breast

                    S: 1.5 oz bacon

                    D: 6 oz tuna steak + 3 cups steamed broccoli + salsa

                    S: Bacon and Chicken breast

                    Today's workout was P90X Chest and Back, Ab Ripper X plus some good ping pong with my brother. I was planning on running but the wind is like a crazy 40+ mph and very cold. maybe tomorrow.

                    And I've also come to realize that bacon is the most wonderful smell in the world when it fills the house after cooking it. They should, or maybe I should, make a bacon-scented candle. I'd make millions.


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                      Great day today, what is it, my fifth on PB? Yep.

                      here's what I ate today:

                      B: none, decided I would fast (time TBA) every Sunday.

                      L: Sweet Potato (med) with 2T Almond butter, 1T peanut butter, and 1/2 oz bacon

                      S: 2 oz turkey bacon + Chicken breast+ 4 oz tuna + 4 oz wild salmon

                      D: 2 T almond butter + 2 chicken breasts

                      S: T peanut butter

                      My workout today was really good. I went out running in the woods, at an abandoned construction site I did heavy log carries up a hill and pushups on a cement block. I think I'll use that site and turn it into a Grok gym. Then I ran a couple miles over to the nearby power lines and did hill sprints up a 20-25% grade (reeeally steep and muddy) seven times then ran home. I felt it was a good Grok workout.


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                        Today started off not too great, I got on the scale b/c I thought for sure that I had lost some weight, but it happened that I have gained two lbs, up to 195. However, the more I thought about it and read about others on the forum gaining a little initially, I'm confident that what I gained was muscle and I've definitely lost quite a bit of fat. My stomach is not as flabby, a little tighter.

                        I've also been doing plenty of exercise so that would explain the muscle gains. I figure that I'll gain muscle up to a point before it starts to incinerate all the BF. I'm also feeling very clear-minded otherwise and my gas and GI issues have greatly improved. I like this PB stuff

                        Here was my day today:

                        AM - Ab Ripper + 6M run on the hilliest, nastiest terrain I could find. During the run, on the way out and the way back, I stopped at a construction site and did pushups, burpees, and heavy log carries.

                        B: Apple + 4 egg omelet + strips of chicken + 2T salsa

                        L: Chicken Breast + 2T almond butter + apple + cauliflower flourets

                        S: 2 oz bacon

                        PM - another run on the same terrain, I'm naming it the 'Powerline Loop' of 6M

                        D: 10oz Turkey + Sweet Potato + 1 1/2T of unsalted, fresh butter

                        I'm going to be running a lot again, at a slow pace and over rough terrain, b/c I just talked with the race director of Bel Monte Endurance Run 50 Miler and I will be 'sweeping' (IE running last and picking up all the trail markers) in order to get my feet wet in ultra running with a free entry. So, time to train.

                        I'm interested in fueling Primal style for an ultra. Obviously the staple jelly beans, brownies, sandwiches, etc are not Primal. So what do I eat? Honey?


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                          Day 7.

                          Another Primal Day. I can't believe it's already been a week. The days go by faster b/c I am more satisfied with what I'm eating now.


                          W: P90X Shoulders and Arms

                          B: 11 oz leftover turkey...mmmm

                          L: 4 oz turkey + large sweet potato drenched in butter

                          W: 60' run easy on Powerline Loop

                          D: 8 oz tuna + Sweet potato in butter + 4 oz turkey + 3T almond butter

                          During my run I saw a cocaine deal go down, so I called the Police and reported it; the second dealer I busted since I came home for Christmas break. I just hope I don't get shot any time soon. I'm not a snitch, I just happen to be running by when they go down. And I don't like having drug dealers in my neighborhood, especially so close to the high school. They are a cancer to society.

                          If that didn't make my day interesting enough, I also just had periodontal surgery, a frenectomy, today so my mouth really hurts and is all bloody. This is definitely a time where I am forced to eat 'mindfully' and slowly.

                          Last night laying in bed I had an extremely strong feeling that I shouldn't do the ultramarathon. I also don't like to run 2x a day, everyday. I've decided to go back to tri. I LOVE tri so much. My plan is to not plan any racing this year and just focus on getting to my optimal body composition while laying a huge base until next Spring when I will carefully plan a racing season and own people. I'm looking ultimately to take the 2011 early season to win some money, meanwhile doing some time trials for my track coach so he can get in touch with USAT for the collegiate recruitment program. That is my dream! And I know I can make it come true with a little patience and a lot of hard work/ play (b/c triathlon is so fun.)


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                            Just got back from a nice, slow two hour run. Really enjoyed just jogging along, feeling like I could go forever. Also went to the mall and got some new clothes today. They look good even with the added weight right now, and they will look really good on me when I get lean again!

                            Here's my day for eating. I even managed to stay Primal at the mall food court at Subway:

                            B:4 oz salmon + 2.5 oz bacon

                            L: Subway chicken breast salad with double meat and red wine vinegar dressing and herbs

                            W: 2 hour run

                            D: 1/2 spaghetti squash with cinnamon and 2T almond butter mixed in + Chicken breast + 3 3/4 C steamed broccoli

                            D: Apple


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                              Day 9.

                              Another great day. I haven't gotten on the scale in a while, and don't intend to until I feel like I'm lighter. Probably once a month will be good.

                              Got the results from my endoscopy today, my ulcers are totally healed and my biopsy came back negative for Celiac Disease. Good to know, but I don't plan on eating grains again any time soon anyway. I also told the doc that I've cured my life long chronic diarrhea by eating Primal, high fat and high protein, no sugar, and he just kind of had a blank look on his face. I didn't press it. I know he's for some reason doesn't think nutrition plays too much of a role in disease, like most other MDs. And he's a gastroenterologist! What?!

                              Yeah, when I am a doctor, boy am I ever going to shake things up Especially in med school. Ooh, I can't wait! Question everything.

                              Ok here is my day:

                              W: P90X Legs and Back, Ab Ripper X

                              B: 1/2 spaghetti squash slathered in 3T almond butter w/ cinnamon

                              L: 3T almond butter + 2 chicken breasts

                              W: 13 mile easy run at a slow pace

                              D: Two sweet potatoes, one with 2T butter one with 2T almond butter, about 7oz rotisserie chicken

                              D; apple