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Tired of being tired.

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  • Tired of being tired.

    My name is Mike. I am 44 yrs old, 6'5" tall and have recently hit my heaviest point of 286.5 lbs with my quasi- scientific body fat % scale reading a whopping 42% bodyfat. I hve been carrying around 114 lbs of fat on my body and I am tired.....Tired of being tired. Tired of feeling depressed, sabotaging my mental well being for a momentary sugar/carb high... Tired of thinking my best days are behind me. Tired of only being able to utilize 5% of my wardrobe, passing over dozens upon dozens of very nice articles in my closet that I can't fit into....Tired of self consciously pulling portions of my t-shirt out from between the folds of my skin like fluffing a beadspread to cover the rolls when I sit down....Tired of waking up every godamn morning sore from doing nothing and thinking about when Ill be able to sleep next....Tired of walking by the things that need to be fixed around the house that i just haven't had the energy or time to get to.....I am tired of being the "big guy" with the baggy clothes..... My 45th birthday is coming at me like a ton of dingdongs, I have a beautiful wife that's in great shape, two sons ages 18 months and six yrs. I am tired of excuses, self loathing, staying up late after my wife goes to bed eating any kind of sugary carb I can get my hands on so she doesn't witness my weakness...

    Started the 30 dY challenge Monday. Downloaded the book, the cookbook, have been poring over the success stories and mentally morphing into a positive mindset affirming that this one decision will enhance the enjoyment of every aspect of my life, as well as enhancing the relationships i am fortunate to have with my family and friends, every day of my life. I do not want to get too far ahead of myself here as Im only only three days in, so I'll just mention that this week, I have been a more stable person, experiencing no fuzzy headed, crashing I just need to take a nap moments. I have not felt one tinge of sacrifice or craving for processed foods. I have lost 2 lbs which at least points me in the right direction. I look forward to updating you with my progress. My target weight is 225 so I have three 20 pound milestones to achieve.

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    My Dad is an older Mike who is in a similiar boat, and I WISH he would get tired. Tired of all of the things you are tired of. It sounds like you have started down the path. Now, it's just about perseverance. I am rooting for you!!


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      Not sure if this is the right way to add to the journal, but it's something...weighed in this morning at 281.2 lbs. Losing 5 lbs in a week might seem huge, but I need to remind myself that when your starting close to 300, this is a rounding error. Long way to go, yesterday, was crazy. I had a few bites of scrambled eggs before rushing out and running my son to jiu jitsu. Didnt get home till 1 pm had a bowl of berries with cream and felt like a (un)caged tiger full of energy. I spent the entire afternoon on a ladder scrubbing the eaves of our house with a sponge to remove the grit and dirt that I had been walking past for what seems like years. After that, I cleared out a flower bed that had been neglected for just as long. Lots of digging, pulling up big roots, rocking out to tunes and enjoying the sunshine. Where did this energy come from? It felt like I was on a couple red bulls and it was awesome. A sense of accomplishment and a slight workout. I was physically beat, but I still couldn't get to sleep, just replaying the day, trying to figure out what I ate that gave me a turbo boost. Must have been what I DIDN'T EAT, like my old favorite breakfast, lucky charms... I may have overdone it, cuz I'm beat today, but it was worth it and what I get from this is a message from my body to go to sleep early tonite, so I can hopefully rebound with another great day tomorrow.. Today I had three egg muffins for brkfst, steak salad for lunch (at a restaurant, not that great) glass of cab, dinner was grass fed bone in ribeye with cauliflower, followed by some berries....and another glass of cab. Will post a before picture soon. Therapeutic to see the "real, current me".. I wish I could p ush a button and get a Specific workout plan daily. I have to get the workout portion of this endeavor cemented into my being as I have the dietary choices.... I think this journal will help.


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        Good for you for making a change and reaping rewards so quickly! If you can keep that attitude it'll go easily for you, I'm sure.

        Maybe you tapped into all that stored fat your body hasn't been burning until now, eh?
        Today I will: Eat food, not poison. Plan for success, not settle for failure. Live my real life, not a virtual one. Move and grow, not sit and die.

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          30 day challenge- three weeks in, 12 lbs down.

          CW: 275
          SW: 286
          I'm now three weeks since I went partly primal and have shed eleven pounds. This is about three percent of my starting weight of 286, "like throwing a deck chair off the titanic" a friend of mine reminds me. I'll take it. I've had no cravings for my old favorite foods, and am really amazed that I am not hungry, seems like in the past I spent the days either tired or hungry, chasing my tail. I'd feel tired, so I'd eat a carb loaded treat or meal, whic would satisfy me for a few minutes after I had stopped eating, then I'd feel a loathing remorse for eating what I did, followed by a fuzzy head, inability to concentrate on literally anything and fatigue. I went through my days needing either a snack or a nap. I literally thought that I may have ADHD, since I couldn't focus on anything o very long without becoming distracted. That was then. Snce going primal, I've given up all breads, grains, fruits aside from berries, beans and that's about it. Oh and most dairy. What I hadn't given up was alcohol. I seemed like every night there was some event, a birthday, a dinner Party, there Was a road trip for my alumni, just too much. So I did switch to low carb beer, when I did drink beer, and ordered vodka and soda, as I had heard that was a very low carb beverage, if you had to have one. I imagine I would have been down another five to ten pounds if I had stopped boozing. This month I've decided to take it easy and abstain altogether. I have lost ten pounds by diet choices alone, imagine if I had been more strictly primal! I haven't even started working out regularly, which will be my next hurdle. I feel so much more in control of my life. I am starting to get the first hint of breathing room in the waistband of my 40-42" waisted pants. Today, I had a small spinach salad with chicken for lunch, then a carnitas plate at dinner, in which I ate just the meat with some salsa and greens mixed in. Even took all the kids to yogurt land without so much as a taste.

          Actions I need to take to further improve my life:
          Start regularly exercising
          Stop drinking alcohol
          Unplug the electronics in the evenings
          Go to bed by ten



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            23 pounds in six weeks! Tired for the right reasons!

            SW: 286.5 lbs.
            CW: 263 lbs.

            One milestone down ( each 20 lbs lost) two to go. Twenty three pounds lighter in six weeks, with great energy levels, no cravings, and wearing clothes that haven't seen the light of day in a few years. Reduced the alcohol ( didn't quite fulfill my abstinence vow, but did better than 80-20) I've been stand up paddling again, went four days in a row this weekend (twice on friday!) and how's this for energy levels? I put two 25 LB. Dumbbells wrapped in a towel into my backpack and took my son on a three mile hill climb trail. I took them out at the top and carried them down in each hand, doing a set of presses each time I stopped to wait for my six yr. Old to catch up. I've also begun training in Gracie jiu jitsu, three days a week ( I've been sitting on the sidelines watching my son during his sessions, and decided I should be learning this as well. Still not one day in a "gym" just getting exercise any way I can naturally. My guilty pleasure is berries with whipped cream in the evenings, so I've been trying to cut down or eat them earlier, as I think the sugars affect my sleep. Also switched to decaf for second cup of coffee in the morning. I will post the hideously shameful and embarrassing "before" pix along with the "progress" pix when I hit 256 lbs.
            grok n roll.
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              Really great progress! I think increased energy is the best part about eating this way - even better than the weight loss.

              I look forward to seeing your continued success
              Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )



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                Thank you. the value and power of even a single response is immense to me.



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                  Hey Mike, it's very inspiring to hear about your progress so far! I am also combating fatigue, though it's probably due to adrenal issues. Going primal has helped quite a bit
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                    Just wanted to say you're doing great Mike! Keep up the good work

                    Cheering you on


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                      47 POUNDS DOWN-PLATEAU IN full EFFECT

                      Male, 6' 5" age 45
                      SW 286...CW 239 GW 225 (SO FREAKING CLOSE!)
                      I'm still not sure if this is the right way to update this thread, but I've put it off long enough... Months back, I promised to post my heinous before and ( only slightly less heinous) during pix when I hit 256 lbs (a 30lb milestone). Starting picture last sept.

                      When I started, I was so disgusted with what I had let myself become. I finally realized that I hated being fat and tired way more than I loved carbs, so it was a hate fueled conquest, like someone scorned and out for vengeance. I lost 25 lbs in a few months, the during pic is from nov. about 260lbs.


                      I have been dragging along the 240lb mark for a couple months now, swinging from 238 low to 244, today back down under 240. In the beginning I was doing pushups whenever and wherever I got the chance, with a cumulative goal of 100 per day (even if it was only 5 at a time, or knee pushups) somewhere, I've lost the fire/hate and need to re-set my motivation. it's easy to let myself think i'm doing fine after all, I'm down to an XL from a XXXL shirt, I had to buy new pants with 36 waist and donated a ton of 40-42 pants and shorts. Life's good right? BUT why settle for good when you have one life to be great? I just started P90X last week ( i can't even do one pull up). I'm on a 24hr fast today and not hungry at all. I went to have my coffee this morning and thought-"I should measure how much half&half I put into my cup....AAGH! I have been having about 160 calories (4 TBS per 8oz. coffee) with every cup, and my intake has increased over the last few months... I have been pouring up to 600 calories just in half and half a day into my coffee! and here I thought it was "low carb".... SO-I have been pounding out the P90X to the best of my ability and do not plan on taking any shakes, or supplements or meal replacements. PB + PX90 is going to allow me to achieve my goal

                      The 286 pound guy is gone.
                      the 256 pound guy is gone.
                      the 245 pound guy is gone, and this flabby 240 pounder has got to go. I will put up my new "before" picture this week. not for vanity, but for shame.
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                        Dude, awesome reading! Totally. Inspiring!

                        Oh, and you're hot. Totally hot.

                        Your wife's a lucky woman. I hope she buys you steak.


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                          Woo! Dang! Nice work!!
                          You don't have to be sick to get better.
                          Female, 31 years old, 5'8"
                          Primal start: 1/2/2012
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                          Living, loving and learning.


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                            wow! What an awesome transformation!


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                              Holy crap - what a change. You look amazing!! Are you still feeling great?

                              Please make sure to post this in the "Before and After" thread as well so everyone can be inspired by your story

                              Using low lectin/nightshade free primal to control autoimmune arthritis. (And lost 50 lbs along the way )