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too much experimentation = Paleo burnout!

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  • too much experimentation = Paleo burnout!

    My second post of the day... addicted much? Anyhoo, I am EXHAUSTED with Paleo. I've tried a lot of new things this week (I/F, making no-grain bread and no-grain pie crust, entertaining on Paleo), and I've had a lot of rough experiences this week (being abnormally hungry, being abnormally not hungry, dealing with criticism from others about my nutrition, and a delicious but slightly guilt-inducing encounter with an un-Paleo fruit tart... mmm)... and I am tired. Tired. Still 100%-Paleo convinced, but tired.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Any tips, other than sleep and getting back into routine?

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    Play. Go outside and do something fun.
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      So you're advising me to chill out, basically.

      I do need to chill out. Thanks.


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        Just keep it simple. Don't try to do too much all at once.


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          Originally posted by Knifegill View Post
          Play. Go outside and do something fun.

          Also eat some meat, veg, and fat.
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            I think that the ersatz this and ersatz that is fine for a special occasions like a birthday or holiday but that it's easier and healthier to just not have bread/pizza/pies etc regardless of the ingredients. It's just the flip side of the whole meat analog food that vegetarians come up with.
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              What Ivy Blue said. You don't need to make any recipes at all. Next time you get out the eggs, fry up some extras (break the yolks so they don't stay liquid) and keep in the fridge. Throw a hunk of meat and some veggies in between fried eggs for the bread.

              Have a recipeless week. Just eat meat, eggs and veggies.


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                I agree with the others. Simplify, simplify. Eat meat, eggs and veggies and good fats. It might be plain, but it is easy and will give you the fuel you need. Eat as much as you need.

                I find it easier to stay away from baked substitutes. It seems to trigger the sweet cravings for me rather than satisfy them.

                Focus on something else in your life. What do you want to do that's fun? Go do it!
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                  I went through this, I was soooo stressed out trying to find things to eat while learning how to cook it simultaneously. I agree with the others, veggies, meats, fats. Easy meats are strips of beef or pork that fry up in oil within minutes, baked salmon, nuked bacon. You can have big salads or sautee veggies in the same pan as your meats. If you want to start off keeping your more bready-like carbs, try switching to white rice and nuked sweet potatoes. You can load them up with oils and butter. Once I quit trying to bake, I was much more relaxed. More fats will reduce cravings for them anyways. Oh, and treat yourself with some good dark chocolate.

                  Once you get into a groove, then you can enjoy playing with recipes.