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80 hour weeks and a Primal Challenge

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  • 80 hour weeks and a Primal Challenge

    A few days late in noticing that there was a new challenge, thus it will begin on 9/15. 3rd year resident ready to be a bit more accountable this month. Did a pretty solid Primal period from Jan to June for my wedding and ended up looking and feeling great, weighed about 177 lbs, not my best, but pretty happy, despite probably drifting towards only 60-70% primal at the end from all the wedding celebrations/honeymoon etc.

    Post honeymoon and a new year in residency with 2 ICU rotations set me back....big time. No primal, no home cooked meals, nothing. Lunch and dinner every day was hospital food. Probably could have sacked up and made food daily, but it just wasnt going to happen with my schedule. Now Im 4 weeks from a vacation and just wanting to get back to feeling great again.

    Starting: 186lbs
    Hip: 37"
    Waist: 36"
    Bi: 14"
    Upper thigh: 26"
    Lower thigh: 20"
    Calf: 15"
    Neck: 16"
    BF: coming soon
    Pics: coming tomorrow

    Follow along.....

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    Welcome. We do the best we can with what we have. Good luck on getting back in the groove.
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      Great Day 1, as usual with PB. Generally work in a protein drink in the AM, had some sliced turkey with salsa for lunch, and a piece of grilled chicken with some red sauce for dinner. Full all day, no cravings, love it. Going to try and work in some IF early next week as well. Uploading some "before pics" ASAP.

      On a workout note, Ive been nursing a calf strain for about 4 days. I had started up the Insanity workout vids and was doing great for week 1, and tweeked my calf on a Plyo move. Tried to get moving again yesterday only to feel a twinge. Guess my 31 year old body isnt as quick to recover. Did a butt load of pushups, pullups, and situps yesterday instead, and hitting the pool today. Getting old gets old. Time to feel young again with some PB!!


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        Day 6 in the books and doing pretty well. Probably around 70% primal right now, and working on improving that daily. Breakfast of an omllette with turkey sausage, lunch of a big ass salad and grilled chicken, dinner of steak kabobs and some broccoli. Glass of red with dinner. Havent been on the scale yet but probably havent moved too much. Had some beers this weekend while watching my Bills tear up the Raiders, and had a few drinks Saturday night at a concert. No excuses, but it was the first weekend off with the wife since June, so we wanted to live it up a bit. Back on track today and feeling good.

        Good workout this morning. Did a full body workout of lifting at the gym then 10 minutes of interval stationary bike sprints (raining out). Keepin it goin!


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          It's great to see another person who works outrageous hours succeeding with the Primal Lifestyle!

          I'm not working quite as much as you - but my job and my 70+ hour work weeks were definitely something that I used as a crutch for my weight gain for a long time. No more excuses though!

          Grok on,



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            Back on board. Unfortunately not the way I wanted, however. things have been good, but not as primal as I may have liked. I can feel like the first 4-5 entries of Bane's posts, constantly fluctuating until taking some serious control. I cant kid myself and pretend that Ill be on here every single day posting, but things are starting to settle out and with a New year comes a New challenge for myself, and it all starts with attempting to get back to basics this year. I reread marks book, Im shooting for 80-90% primal, lifting heavy things, sprinting a few times a week, getting outdoors, and trying to love me some life!! While I dont really expect anyone to really follow, we'll see how it goes....

            My numbers are.....the same as they were in September. Crap. Here we go!!


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              Getting into it....slowly.

              Breakfast was ok...fairly large after a crazy overnight shift. Need to cut back on those. Included eggs, bacon, sausage, (some) potatoes, and a beer. Woke up today and have just had Think thin bar and a coffee....those think thin bars, while not primal, are low on the carbs and when the cupboards are empty, which they usually are, it seems to be an ok thing to fill up on. I need to cut back on them though.

              Tonight should be ok food wise, but its inevitable that I end up having some game downtown with the fellas. Ill try and keep it under wraps.

              Big lift and sprints tomorrow before another overnight shift for the next 2.

              Some goals for the next 30 days:
              No facebook- substituting my daily facebook with daily MDA
              Lose 5-7 lbs Primally
              Read one chapter of leisure reading per day
              Read 3 chapters of medical lit per week
              Workout 3-4 times per week
              Cut back on the booze- probably a big issue in me staying healthy....if I can limit myself to drinking with the crew once a week, that will be awesome
              No more breakfasts out after work, a COMPLETE sabatoge on the diet

              Lets do this!


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                Hello all! Things are going well. Just sent in my new Challenge pics to Mark, hopefully he got them in time and he will take them. If not, Ill just load them up here and go from there. The Diet has been easy, as it previously has, as expected. Enjoying the goodness of Primal foods. Even out to eat! Went out tonight, had a great salad, nice steak with broccoli, and a glass of red. Not gonna lie, had 2 bites of a lava cake, but honestly, there were no cravings for it, and after 2 bites I was good. It felt great. I also dont feel all bloated and gross after a night out at dinner, and I got to spend some QT with the wife afterwards instead of getting that carb-y gross feeling and passing out on the couch. Good night all in all

                Workouts have been intense and very good. As I said before, Im very much back into lifting heavy things, so much so that I do it 3 times a week; Im loving it. Still working in my treadmill and bike sprints when I can. The weight isnt really peeling off just yet, Im still hovering; but to be honest, I had a pretty big night on the town recently, that may have derailed me for a day. Im back on board though, thats why we shoot for 80%, right?


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                  Things going well over the past week! Ive been doing well with Primal for the past week, and have been about 80/20. I have had a few lapses as Im getting back into things, mainly with just some occasional slips. Ive basically cut out the booze, only down to a few glasses of wine this week at some work socials. Ive been out to eat a few times with these work recruitment socials, and with the exceptions of a few fries at the last place, and a few chips at the first place, Ive been ok. These have ended (thankfully- not for work, because they are a good time, but for my waist), and the next few weeks should be a lot more consistent.

                  Ive been using myfitness pal to keep track of my carbs primarily- and I have been pretty good at keeping around 100g/day which is pretty good. The weight is not necessarily slipping off as I want (still 189), but again, diet definitely not perfect, and doing LOTS of lifting heavy things. I know that Mark only wants us to hit it 2x/week, and Im doing my best to keeping these things in line. I also add a kettlebell workout in for 2x/week as well, more for stamina/cardio/lifting, and bike sprinting (HIIT) 2x/week. While the weight is not necessarily coming off quickly, my body looks and feels great, and my wife will be the first to say so, which Im loving.

                  Until next time....


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                    2 weeks since my last post, and things are....good. I have not lost much weight, but my body is transforming. I have become a little to addicted to lifting, im loving getting back into heavy lifting, which I think has transformed me from losing a lot just to shifting my body around, which my wife definitely appreciates so far. Current weight 187, but I FEEL great and and getting STRONG, which I love. until next time...

                    p.s. Arizona in 5 weeks. Get it done!


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                      Still feelin good and going strong. The weight is not shedding off, but the body is still transforming. Holding steady at 187 but my lifts are improving and I feel great. Have to get better though, I still have my bad days. Ill have good strings where Ill do some IF (occasionally), keep my carbs under 100, then Ill have some blow up carb days (200ish) that I am still yo yoing with. I recognize it though, and am working to eliminate it.

                      This past week at work was rough. Anyone else out there have a schedule that is all over the place? I work in an ER, my hours generally progress from morning to evening to nights with some random days off in there. I just got done working 10 of 11 nights, mainly 10-12 hour shifts, and just poor eating! Id probably weight 10 pounds less, argh. I need to get better!! I will. I WILL!!


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                        Ok ok! Pounds starting to budge a little bit, 186 this morning! feeling good, still being strong. Lots of work still that holds me back from some workouts, but trying my best to keep my diet in check. Generally about 70% primal most of the time, still working on getting that 80% consistently. Also, did some body fat measurements yesterday with some calipers, based on the J/P 7 caliper measurements, Im an even 23%. oy. i knew it was around there, but i hate that number. Thats the one im shooting to fix over the next year. the weight is what it is, but Id love to see that number between 10 and 15.


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                          Keep goin strong pawson!
                          Self-realization. I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "... I drank what?"


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                            NICE! someone read my journal! thanks to elco14, that is actually a cool boost. This has been a GREAT week. having a few days off to do some IF, cook some GREAT meals, and get in some killer workouts has been awesome. dinners this week have been Salmon and brussel sprouts, steak chili, stuffed peppers (with ground turkey- the wife doesnt enjoy the taste of ground beef), and chicken with red peppers and broccoli. on all of those days i have been able to fast from the previous night until dinner except for coffee and water. weight is around 185, down from starting at around 190. less concerned about numbers, more pumped about feeling good, and looking better.