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  • From the Sky to a Cave (Duckworth's Journal)

    I'm finally writing this! I think too much about what to write and then write nothing. I have been doing that since April!

    So the good news first... I have been 90% plus primal since April 2011. I am 42 year old, 6' tall female and started at 228.5 lbs. Gasp! Still amazes me that I ended up there. Never would have dreamed in a million years. Today I am 204 lbs and have lost over 15 inches overall and am down almost 2 pants sizes. And I feel 200% better! No more bloating, the depression is mostly gone, the carb cravings are mostly gone, and my ADD is better. Yay! Very proud of myself for sticking with this.

    No bad news- just history. I was a commercial pilot up until 5 years ago (hence the journal title). After I gave birth to my son I was not able to get my depression, ADD, and chronic fatigue under control. They don't like pilots flying like that, with good reason, and there is a VERY short list of drugs one may take while flying. I had to take medical leave and won't be able to fly anymore in the near future. Who knows what the future will bring? The depression was weird because I would score "severe depression" on the quiz my therapist gave me but had no thoughts of hurting myself or not wanting to live. It was more of a extreme fatigue and crazy mind fog thing. And, although nursing helped with losing weight in the beginning, that effect only lasted about 6 of the 13 months I nursed my son. I just kept slowly gaining weight.

    For as long as I can remember I have been the one buying healthy organic food at the grocery store and then ruining the benefits by giving into massive sugar cravings mostly in the form of Ben & Jerry's. A LOT. I felt out of control- I seriously couldn't stop! How ridiculous- an educated, nutritionally minded adult couldn't say no to ice cream. I got away with it until my mid 30's by running and stayed about 160 lbs. I never felt good at any weight though. Running exhausted me instead of energizing me. I was always tired. To top it off I have had acne, sometimes really bad, since I was 13. I have tried endless eating plans, supplements, etc. to try and remedy the depression and acne with no luck. I have seen numerous doctors. Nothing worked until one integrative physician said I tested positive for gluten intolerance.

    I started reading about that and discovered I had many of the symptoms of celiac minus the weight loss. I found a really great local doctor who is familiar with celiac. Tested negative. The GI doctor he sent me to said there was no such thing as gluten intolerance and said I have IBS. I ignored him. I already knew I felt better eating gluten free so I decided to figure this out on my own.

    A physical therapy assistant at the clinic where I was going for post ACL reconstruction said my diet sounded like the Paleo diet. The what? Never heard of that. Went straight to and on the home page was an article on how the diet gets rid of acne. I bought the book and devoured it. I noticed an immediate change in how I felt giving up grains. I don't remember how I found MDA, but it made more sense as a whole. I needed a little dairy, salt and my occasional glasses or red wine and I loved the guidance on exercise!! Permission to walk not run and workouts under 30 minutes. Awesome!!

    I still battle with extreme fatigue/brain fog on some days. I would love to eventually not need to take my Ritalin. I need to work on fine tuning my food to figure out what works best for me. So hard with a husband and 4 year old to feed! (Who- luckily are mostly primal with me). Also, my ^*&%$ acne comes and goes. maybe too much fruit on some days??

    My goals are to:
    have some go to recipes
    reduce Omega 6 (vegetable oils)
    exercise more frequently
    keep up with my journal. I have been lurking for over 5 months- figured it was time I contribute. i have really enjoyed reading many of the posts and love the great sense of "community"!