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From FAT & Happy to FIT & Happy - RefiningMe and WVUJosh's Journal

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  • From FAT & Happy to FIT & Happy - RefiningMe and WVUJosh's Journal

    Hi primal people! My husband and I started the challenge together and decided to share a journal. We just celebrated our 10-year anniversary and have 3 kids.

    My background:
    • I was always very active growing up, played many sports, including college crew, and was never overweight despite eating the typical SAD diet.
    • Married my beloved and began the typical weight gain. Lost a bit doing "Body for Life."
    • Got pregnant, gained about 40 lbs, and lost it within a few weeks of delivery.
    • Got pregnant again 9 months later, gained 45 lbs, and the weight absolutely did not come off as easily as the first time. Worked with a personal trainer and lost most of it.
    • Pregnant again when baby #2 was 10 months old (yes, all three were planned), and gained about 45 lbs. I should add that my eating habits were horrible during all my pregnancies - I had NO nutrition knowledge. I should also add that all 3 deliveries were C-sections.
    • Took much longer for the weight to come off, and never completely did. It didn't help that I was eating complete CRAP and was totally inactive.

    What I've done so far:
    • About 1.5-2 years ago, Josh & I started learning more about whole foods vs. processed foods (Weston A. Price, etc). We made an effort to change our consumption of processed foods and I'm happy to say that we have made an enormous change. We eat very little boxed/processed food, almost never eat out, and are much more informed about what we eat now.
    • In January 2011 I started thinking about losing weight, but my heart just wasn't in it. I don't think my new knowledge & willpower had met yet. Between January & May I lost 10 lbs.
    • In May something clicked, and I really got down to business. (I think it was the realization that I weighed the same as when I delivered our first child.) I started the Couch to 5K plan (I know cardio isn't highly encouraged, but I needed a goal), and I stopped eating fast food altogether. (I would occasionally eat fries/sweet tea or onion rings - no CAFO meat but almost as bad!!)
    • From May - Sept. 12 I lost an additional 20 lbs. for a total of 30 lbs. lost.

    My Goals:
    • Go without dairy for the first week of the challenge
    • See how my body reacts to no dairy
    • See how my body reacts to no grain
    • Sprint - I have NEVER sprinted before - unless it was to a dessert buffet!!
    • Lose weight - an additional 30 lbs./possibly less
    • Come as close as possible to cutting out our family's consumption of processed food.

    I'll try to post my daily food journal & thoughts along the way!
    My Primal Journal

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    I meant to add these above, and also say that I have a very muscular build. My dr. never believes my weight and the nurse always weighs me twice - that is why my weight goal isn't definite. I just want to be fit and lose fat rather than depend on the scale for reference. I would love to have a scale that measures body fat, but that isn't in the budget right now.

    Here are my weight stats:

    Winter 2010-11: 202 (Size 14 / XL)
    May 18 - 192 (Size 14 / XL)
    Sept. 12 - 172 (Size 12 / L is getting a little loose)
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      The scales that measure body fat are probably severely inaccurate, so it would really be better for fat loss to make measurements with a measuring tape. Just from cutting out grains and fast food, you WILL see a difference.

      Welcome aboard! Have you already cut out grains or is that part of your process?
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        You know, I had heard that before but didn't know if it was true. We forgot to take measurements on Monday, but plan on doing it today. I haven't eaten fast food since May (except Chik-fil-A on vacation - I couldn't resist!) and I know that made a huge difference.

        I haven't had any grains since Monday! It is SO weird - I am definitely a hardcore carb addict (sourdough bread, oatmeal, etc). Thanks for the welcome!!
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          Food Log // Monday // First day of challenge:

          Breakfast - coffee/water
          Early lunch - Mixed greens salad with chicken, hard boiled egg, orange bell pepper, cucumber, & homemade Ranch dressing (my first dairy slip-up)
          Snack - Honeycrisp apple
          Dinner - Green beans, sauteed in olive oil, with onions, garlic, and a chicken apple sausage.
          Snack - celery with almond butter

          Workout // Monday:

          Level 3 of Jillian Michaels' 30-Day Shred - very plyometrics-based
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            Food Log // Tuesday:

            Breakfast - 2 eggs, scrambled with zucchini and sprinkled with a bit of goat cheese & chives.

            Lunch - Chicken Salad - chicken with mayo, celery, onions, cucumbers, peppers

            Dinner - out on the boat, so it was a little iffy: rotisserie chicken, mixed almonds, cashews, pistachios, raisins & dried cherries.
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              Ok all, its my turn.

              • I have been a healthy active person my whole life, although like my wife I have had bad eating habits for most of my life.
              • I have found it harder to keep weight off and keep a consistent weight as I have went through my 30's.
              • My weight has fluctuated the past 10 years quite a bit as a have tried different diet plans (240 high to 190 on the low).
              • I have had years along the way that I completed a round of p90x and worked out extensively.
              • In 2009 I trained for and completed a full marathon.
              • In 2010 I gained 35 pounds I as went from a reasonably healthy diet and lots of running to no running and back to my old eating habits.

              What I have done so far in 2011
              • From Jan - May I lost 30 pounds with a mostly low carb diet. I had found Mark online and was generally following some of the advice on the website.
              • On June 14 I was involved in a lawn mower accident resulting in severe trauma to two toes on left foot. Thankfully I didnt lose my toes or any long term mobility, but it has been a long 14 weeks as I have slowly recovered.
              • I have maintained my weight (~215) through the recovery.

              My Goals
              • Go without dairy for the first week of the challenge
              • See how my body reacts to no dairy
              • See how my body reacts to no grain
              • WOW type workouts 2-4 times a week
              • Gradually begin to run again
              • Lose weight - an additional 30-40 lbs.
              • regain practical fitness

              My Stats
              • weight today is 212.5
              • waist was 39 in. at the hips and around the belly I was 41.5 in.

              Thanks for reading.

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                Well I identify with your story for sure. Similar weight gain with pregnancies and such. So crazy, we have the same name and actually have similar numbers . I'm currently at 172 (people never think I weigh that much) but I'm still snug in my larges,

                Best of luck to you on this journey. Let's stay in touch!!


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                  Thanks Stephanie!! Glad to meet you...and isn't the weight thing frustrating sometimes? I carry extra weight pretty well and am always embarrassed by how much I actually weigh - which all seems to reside in my midsection. Really looking forward to having a waist again!
                  My Primal Journal


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                    I am going to try and post food a food log also, but I will just start with yesterday.
                    • B- skipped
                    • L- tuna with some almonds and a little mayo
                    • S- celery with some almond butter
                    • D- big salad with eggs, goat cheese, peppers, almonds, cucumbers, etc

                    No workout on Wednesday, but I did ride my bike to work this morning for the first time since the injury (~8 miles or so). All in all it was ok, but I experienced the usual first time back and neck pains.



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                      Food Log // Wednesday:

                      Breakfast - skipped

                      Lunch - salad - baby greens with grilled chicken sausage, peppers, cucumbers, hb egg, & balsamic vinaigrette

                      Snack - celery w/almond butter

                      Dinner - chili w/grass-fed beef, tomatoes, onions & beans (dried/soaked, not canned) - tried to eat around the beans

                      Workout // Wednesday:

                      Ran 2.5 miles (including 7 mins of walking to warm up/cool down...week 7 of C25K)

                      Feeling a little bloated yesterday and today due to my time of the month, but I can tell it's significantly less than it usually is....I am sure part of the bloating is also due to the salty chili from yesterday. I never realized what an effect salt has on my weight (bloating/water retention) until I really started journaling my food this summer. I can easily weigh 3-5 lbs more the day after eating tortilla chips/super salty food. I'm anxious to see if this also affects my cramping - I've read that others have reduced period symptoms and I'm hoping for the same thing.
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                        Food Log // Thursday:

                        Breakfast - hb egg, coffee, water

                        Lunch - Roasted Turkey Harvest salad @ Panera (turkey, tiny bit of gorgonzola, pear, pecans, cherry vinaigrette)

                        Snack - Carrot sticks w/almond butter

                        Dinner - Roasted chicken with carrots & onions, very small glass of red wine (maybe 1/3 glass?)

                        *I didn't eat as many veggies as I should have today - I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off, but did make it to the store and bought lots of fruits & veggies.

                        *The carcass from the whole chicken we roasted is in the crockpot with some onions, celery & carrots to make broth overnight. I read on the Nourishing Days blog that if you start with cold water and put a little vinegar in there and let it sit for an hour before cooking it helps better release the minerals from the bones. Good to know!

                        *I'm having SERIOUS cravings, angry, mad, unreasonable cravings for carbs and sweets. I didn't cave, though!

                        *No workout today
                        My Primal Journal


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                          Thurs Food Log
                          B- skipped
                          L- chicken ceasar salad
                          S- peanut butter
                          D- roast chicken, roasted carrots and onion, green salad, and a yummy sam adams octoberfest



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                            Food Log // Friday:

                            Breakfast - HB egg, 2 homemade sausage patties

                            Snack - 1/2 nectarine, handful of almonds/pistachios/cashews, couple grapes

                            Lunch - 2 beef hot dogs, 1/2 nectarine, blueberries

                            Dinner - mixed baby greens with goat cheese, toasted pecans, blueberries, chicken & homemade strawberry poppyseed vinaigrette.

                            *I ate way too much fruit today, but we went to the market and they had the last of the peaches/nectarines out and I couldn't help myself. We got about 25 lbs of apples to make applesauce & apple butter, too. I am craving sweets hardcore and I figure a handful of blueberries is far superior to a piece of cake.

                            *Picked up some grass-fed ground beef at the market also, and plan on making beef curry tomorrow. (subbing green beans for peas & cauliflower for potatoes).

                            *The chicken bone broth turned out wonderfully....I've never let it cook that long before. It's a beautiful golden brown color. We already had some made that we haven't finished up, so we have a pretty good stockpile. Any good suggestions on recipes? I'd kill to add some noodles to it right now.

                            Forgot to add - no workout today.
                            My Primal Journal