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    Hey guys,

    I'm from the Uk, 5'9 and 90kg- so a bit overwieght. I do dabble with the gym and running- but nothing consistent. Also have a love of sugary snacks! thats my biggest vice along with beer.

    Been around for a while now, a friend reccomended this to me and about 3months ago. I tried it for a week and lost 7 pounds! Was 'difficult' to carry on due to work commitents and a holiday and then illness. Back on my feet now though so i am starting this challenge to day (3 days late!)

    Can anybody reccomend any decent gym workouts as the weather in the Uk isn't appealing enough to train outside!

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    Update end of week one- whislt i havent weighed myself nor have i been to the gym, i feel a bit lighter with a spring in my step. Think im going to find it hard updating this daily. So i think i will do Monday and Friday reports as that suits me best.

    Breakfasts- Basically have been eating eggs and bacon and omelettes at breakfast- although this is quite a novelty i feel it will get tiresome. I did fall of the wagon slightly and had some toast, but i didn't let this get me down - just carried on.

    Lunch- I have prepared this every day, this has either been salad with meat or meat and stirfy vegetables.

    Dinner- I tend to have dinner cooked for me so am haveing extra meat and extra veg and skipping the potatoes or other carbs. finding this ok


    1. Cant bring myself to get back in the gym. How do you stay motivated- been watching Rocky training montages on Youtube and it has made me make the decison to go tonight!

    2. People bringing in cakes at work or offering you biscuits- How do you turn these down without sounding rude?

    I aim to post a picture of my torso as is this weekend- and then an after picture at the end of the challenge. I would like to lose 14 pounds- i know that mite be a bit too much to lose but last time i tried this i last half that amount in a week so surely 30 days is enough time right?


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      Totally fell of the wagon yesterday, was offered cake at work, had 2 slices.

      Went to gf's for dinner and was fed rice, soda and had ice cream- going to start this again properly now posting pictures nd everything and following it properly- well going to try.


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        Hang in there Dudley, just a minor setback. It helps to get right back into it and just forget about the bad day.
        I know how you feel because I work with guys who eat junk food all the time, candy bars, soda and crisps every day. I find it helps to resist this if you have some healthy food available. I love celery, carrots and grape tomatoes with blue cheese dressing to dip, cheese chunks and olives or even just pre-cooked bacon. There is nothing better then snacking on bacon!
        Also make sure your meals are satisfying. If you have a nice steak or salmon fillet or whatever is your favorite, you will be less likely to be hungry and open to the temptations.
        The first couple days of eating this way, you won't feel like you have too much energy so don't worry too much about exercise. Do what you can. After you have been eating this way for a while, you will be surprised at the amount of energy you have and will want to work out.
        Congratulations on taking the first steps to better health. I hope you reach all your goals!