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  • Primal Journal of Cozwolf

    I'm starting out this journal along with the 30-day challenge. I can't even imagine what the results of this are going to be. I don't have a big plan or anything other than eating paleo and making sure to play more often, I also plan to start practicing my martial arts again.

    I am a sophomore in college at the University of Montana Missoula, still living on campus attempting to eat paleo in our all you can eat buffet cafeteria, surprisingly hard to get veggies! I have never been one to lift weights or use the gym much. I have always been a generally fit person never had a hard time in a new sport besides holding myself back.

    I am 5' 4" and for a few years now have stuck around 130-lb. I am not by any means over weight but I can see a clear difference from 4 years ago when I had visible abs. My main goal is not to lose weight but I do hope to see a difference in my body and maybe drop to somewhere around 125-lb.

    I hope that this challenge can help kill my intense chocolate cravings (especially around that time) and set me on a better life path. I've already noticed a difference in my attention span (which could also be due to me quitting my birth control- for acne) and general ability to get stuff done more efficiently. It might be all in my head but I have been a more responsible student because I generally feel better, which I give to eating paleo.

    That may have been a bit much of an intro but oh well here I go!

    Day 1
    B: omelet with mushrooms, bacon, and tomato, grapes, cantaloupe
    L: not hungry
    D: not hungry
    Late night snack: apple, trail mix

    I also got wrapped into buying a new baseball mit for $25 and ended up playing with my friends for about 2 hours

    Day 2
    B: not hungry
    L: Salad and sunflower seeds, grapes, cantaloupe, green beans(I know)
    D: Salad, bacon, stir fry veggies! uncooked broccoli, tomatos, banana
    Snack: organic apple sauce, dark chocolate
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    Hey Cozwolf, just wanted to say that I'm a Junior here at UMT also doing the 30 day challenge. I live in Miller hall and eat at the food Zoo pretty much every day. I'd love to have someone to do some primal workouts with sometime if you're up for it! I started eating pseudo-primal over the summer and am trying to really button down with my nutrition during this challenge.


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      Hi Cozwolf, Congratulations on starting the challenge.
      You are really lucky to be aware of your diet and health now so you don't let the weight creep on in college. I made the mistake of eating not too good cafeteria food and lots of beer and pizza parties and did not have good results.
      Here's to a successful challenge and I hope you reach all your goals!


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        Hey everyone! Sorry I've been bad about updating, college life is busy.

        Day 3
        B: Banana
        S: Apple
        L: not hungry
        S: peanuts
        D: carrots, broccoli, yellow zuchini, salad with olive oil, sunflower seeds, and bacon

        Day 4
        B: not hungry
        L: Salad, apple sauce
        S: primal bar (can't remember the name)
        D: Local Feast; local vegetables, and meat.

        Day 5
        B: Banana
        L: Salad
        S: primal bar
        D: salad, grapes, broccoli, cauliflower, bacon

        Day 6
        Brunch: Omelet with spinach, onion, green peppers, and feta cheese.
        D: apple, cantaloupe, bacon, and salad
        S: apple sauce

        Not much in the way of exercise. Have been walking around town quite a bit. Haven't been taking the time to do my martial arts, but I have been going on an adventure every night.


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          That's awesome I'd love to meet up sometime!


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            Alright well several things have changed over the last 6 days. First off I've been reading Mark's book The Primal Blueprint. One day while I was reading it, there was a section where Mark was going a little primal nazi about fruit and I acknowledged that I couldn't follow him because I am a poor college student that simply can't be that picky about my food. Then I had a thought about summer.

            You have to understand that I work at a YMCA Camp during the summer where it ACTUALLY is healthier to be a vegetarian, hands down. There is mystery meat(who knows what it really is), and bread and high fructose corn syrup everywhere you look. I thought about it for a while and realized there essentially no way for me to continue my primal lifestyle at camp, without spending more money than I earn (which is just stupid). Also camp is not something I am willing to cut out of my life for some way of eating, no matter how good it is for me.

            This was concerning to me as well as the fact that all my cravings had simply increased since I started eating primally. Now I am sure that if I had done things 'right' and gone by the book this might not have happened. However, no matter how I look at it I was struggling way more than I should have on the inside. So what did I do? I allowed myself some ice-cream and a glass of milk. Boy did I regret that, I was sick afterwards. I've always suspected that I am fairly lactose-intolerant but that was a shock to my system by itself and my body was not happy.

            Since this I have decided that in order to not make it so torturous for myself I will allow myself some desserts every now and then so it wasn't such an absolute. This was a great idea however, every now and then has turned into every few days and I can see my primal tower falling around my head as I type. I know that I should stop myself but the feeling of restrictedness from not allowing any desserts is not something I want to deal with again.

            Meanwhile, I have decided to dedicate myself to our college's Alpine Ski Team, last year I attempted to be 'dedicated' but failed on a massive scale. Using a technique similar to PBF I have created a schedule for myself to get into shape for ski season. It consists as such;

            going for a long walk or hiking

            Stairs day I put it this way because I live on the 10th floor(out of 11) of my dorm. Also do some Karate.

            Gym day, mostly so I can use some of their machines and special equipment.

            Stair day and Karate. I found a free aerobic kickboxing class at my gym and can't decide how I feel about it after the first class, so this might become part of the routine.

            Long walk/hike.

            2 hours of activity doing something.

            *This is also implied that I do some playing throughout the week* most likely on monday and friday

            Now this is the most extensive plan I have ever come up with and I am feeling really good about it so far but it's only day 3, and I have a tendency to let things slide just once and then I never look back and abandon it. So my rule to myself is that if I don't do a workout I have to eat strictly paleo, no indulgences. So far it's been great motivation the only flaw is, if I do the work outs how much do I get to indulge? It's tricky, by the end of lunch today I had somewhat unknowingly eaten 2 small pieces of pumpkin cake, ice-cream[testing the lactose, which is totally true ] and a brownie. I am completely appalled that I ate all of that and I have already paid the consequences.

            I guess overall I have hit a low point, and need to find some motivation to get my PB back on track. Any suggestions on what to do about my sugar craving?