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  • Primal Journal (Trixie) Trixie's Primal Plans

    Well, didn't read emails til yesterday afternoon so late to the party. Had had Sugar and Grain yesterday so my 30 days started today, Sept. 13.

    No Grains period.
    Follow Primal Plan as suggested.
    Don't whine.
    Look for outcomes that aren't just physical.
    such as couch to 5k reboot
    observe changes but don't obsess over them

    So far today?
    too much caffeine in the form of a Starbucks Pumpkin.
    B mixed veges and eggs
    L giant salad with greens, chx and berries and nuts. yum
    d will be more of the same
    snack a few nuts and a beef patty grilled.

    Also today's plans include:
    a menu and a trip to the grocery store for more supplies.
    a measuring and a weighing for starting purposes

    Todays workout?
    Walking and yoga.

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    Ok, so yesterday? I felt like someone threw me under a bus and I didn't care if I ever moved again. No I didn't hurt, I just really really didn't care. I did some research on "low carb flu" and slept. I seriously felt like "why bother" with anything on the planet, and I'm usually little ms sunshine so that people wanna smack me.

    Yesterdays food :
    B yogurt
    L nuts
    d eggplant/onion/celery/garlic stirfry
    flax bread
    ground turkey patty

    Today is looking better, I don't feel as much like crap.
    eggs, spinach, coffee for breakfast
    chicken, mushrooms, onions for lunch
    yogart snack and prolly more chx for dinner.

    I think the whole "dairy vs no dairy- 'No grains vs no white grains' -'fruit vs no fruit' is kinda interesting.


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      Week one down.

      I don't feel like crap!!! yeah, carb flu seems to be going away.
      No weight lost. (this is typical for me, it takes my system a while to adjust)
      inches lost! at least .5 to 1 inch in all the usual places. That means water, and my body is adjusting.

      First week? Too much beer prolly. had rice noodles one night, but did really well with food in general.
      Exercise sucked this week. Don't know if was carb flu or residual suckage from life getting in the way.
      am commuted to 30 days of yoga every day and hitting the gym tomorrow to start kicking some A


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        Time flies and all that. Still hanging in there. One big cheat, with no excuse. And other than that, pretty much sticking to food plan. Down four pounds. Up a lot of energy. Crazy busy. (and attitude is so improved)


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          Down Six pounds, so thats cool. Weekends are kicking my butt though. too much alcohol. The food was probably 80 percent, but I didn't eat a lot if the options were not good ones.

          I don't have cravings for stuff, and that's cool. (the first week was brutal)

          I had started smoking again in July and I threw those away today. Probably in a week or two I'll tackle coffee, the last of my deadly sins, (except for shoes, and cute boys and rum. (I have a good source for decalf coffee that is made by the drip process)