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    Hi all!

    I'm starting this journal as a way to hold my self accountable or this new journey I am embarking on. I decided yesterday to join the Primal 30 Day challenge after being referred to MDA by a close friend. I purchased the Primal Blue Print and finished reading it recently so everything has happened in good timing. Too Big for Your Box has been my mantra throughout the year to break away from stereotypes and other people's ideas of me so I can be free to be myself. I feel the philosophy Mark brings about health and conventional wisdom really fits this as well.

    I am 25 years old and just made my move to a new city (Tampa, FL). Back home I worked long shifts, was in school, and ate out constantly. Now that I'm in a new environment and currently only have to focus on school, I hope this new block of time I have free will allow me to focus more on my health. I am 325 pounds and have been steady with it for about 2-3 years now. My biggest fear is gaining more weight, or worst meeting the love of my life at this size and getting pregnant. I just know I want to be able to raise a healthy family and while I'm still single and have the time to focus on myself I'd like to take advantage of that. My main goal is to lost at least 150 pounds and I'd set my short term goal at 40 pounds by the end of this year. I know I have a long journey ahead of me but I know I'm not alone. My fitness goal is to get down to comfortable size where I can try pole fitness. NO I dont want to become a stripper but one of my secret fantasies growing up was being a dancer. However I was always too big. Now I see modern pole dancers who are sexy, fit, classy and really move gracefully and that's what I want to have. Being able to sustain your own body weight as they do I assume is a very primal goal ^_^.

    Anywho, I went grocery shopping yesterday and today I started my new way of eating. Later on I'll be posting my food journal but for now I thought I'd introduce myself properly. Below is me in July on a cruise. By next year's vacation I don't want to even look like the same person!

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    Okay so I am HORRIBLE at this whole consistent blogging thing but I'll go ahead and post what I ate the last couple of days.


    B: Breakfast Salad (boiled egg, hand full of trail mix, Lettuce) and Protein Shake (whey protein, pineapple, banana, coconut milk, almond milk)
    S: Go Go Squeeze natural apple sauce
    D: Leftover Country Boil (crabs, shrimp, sausage, cauliflower, mushroom, lemon juice)
    Dst: first attempt at coconut whip cream and fruit (grapes, cherries, pineapple, kewi)


    B: Bacon, fried egg, tomato slices, spinach
    L: Went to Dunderbaks for a friends birthday. Had Saurbrauten (German Pot Roast) green beans and a raisin walnut cole slaw.
    S: Went for icecream (rum raisin ice cream on waffle cone)
    D: Coconut crusted pork chops on a bed of peppers/mushroom with mango salsa
    Dst: Second attempt at coconut whip cream. I added 88% chocolate bar, on mango, pineapple and banana.

    I'm wondering if I'm eating too much fruit. I know pineapple should be used in moderation so I will freeze the rest of what I have. (I still have a watermelon to get rid of). I also see that I'm not having enough veggies for my liking so I'll start of by trying to at least have one salad everyday until I get more creative with my meals.