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    So I started the 30 day challenge yesterday, and it seemed to go pretty well. I am coming off of a 3 month stint of situational anorexia so I didn't eat a whole lot, but here's what I did eat:

    DAY 1

    Breakfast: 1 Large chicken breast with evoo and tomato sauce
    Snack: green tea, handful of raspberries and pork rinds
    Dinner: curried pork loin and steamed cauliflower with butter
    Snack: 3 small pieces 85%cocoa dark chocolate 1/2c whole organic milk

    My body does not react horribly to dairy so I will keep it in my diet just smaller amounts than before and probably just the butter.

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    Welcome to the forums! Good luck with your 30 day challenge. I'm in too
    "As if you could kill time without injuring eternity"

    Primal Journal *WinkBlu*


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      Thanks! Good luck to you too. I have been eating this way most of the time, just using the challenge to force myself to exercise more and go 100% primal. How about you?


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        I was having a hard time keeping my appetite yesterday so this is gonna be short...

        Day 2

        B: 2 eggs and ham scramble with 1tbs butter, 1/2c organic whole milk
        S: pork rinds, raspberries, tea
        D: 2 hamburger patties

        Exercise: 5min squats, 3 Sets 5 Push Ups, 1hr house work(counts as slow movement right?) 20min walk


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          Day 3

          B: Salmon filet and asparagus 1/2c whole organic milk
          S: Handful of pecans and 2 carrots
          D: Hamburger pattie, broccoli, and raspberry muffin*

          *Muffin recipe modified from's strawberry rhubarb muffins
          Exercise 3sets 5push ups, 5 min squats, 5 min abs, 15 min hula hoop, 5 Min arm exercise w/baby
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            WOW haven't posted in a week, or exercised. I messed up a bit Sunday with a heath bar and a brownie, then again Monday with a biscuit. Not worth the tummy ache on Tuesday. Other than that I have done ok this week. I am sure its in my head but I feel fatter than last week. Probably from lack of exercise.