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  • Melly Sue's Challenge

    Coincidentally enough, Mark's planned 30-day challenge exactly matched my own, independently-decided 30-day challenge. It must be fate.

    I changed my diet back in the spring, in response to anemia. After being vegetarian for 16 years, I could hardly bear the thought of eating animals. However, I was sick and tired of being, as you know, sick and tired. Fatigue, depression, constant cold--these were all things I wanted out of my life. I decided that I'd rather get iron from real sources rather than supplements and eat only whole foods.

    Yesterday was an awesome first day.

    Breakfast: 2 eggs and veggies
    Lunch: beef goulash, salad, and an apple
    Dinner: Tomato & clam chowder, mashed sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli, and spare ribs, with mixed nuts and strawberries for dessert

    Workout: 17 mins elliptical, 11 mins rowing, and enough weight lifting to kick my butt. I am very new to strength training, and am excited about doing a variety of "lift heavy objects" exercises, though in my case they are moderately-heavy objects.

    My biggest problem is sugar, so my own personal goal on this challenge is no added sugars--not even honey. That's one reason why I am not limiting myself as to fruit, especially since the fruits I eat are all fresh, local, and in season.

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    Day two of the challenge has gone well. Delicious food all around, and all meat, veggies, nuts, and fruit. Moving during the day was a bit of a problem--since I was in a lecture hall all day; not my normal routine--but I still managed to get outside in the sunshine.

    My favorite part of the day was an afternoon walk around a nearby man-made lake. Three-quarters of a mile of fresh air, sunlight, and birds. Saw a snowy egret, a great blue heron, tons of Canadian geese, and a tiny water bird I've never seen before. Hopefully I'll see it again so that I can identify it.

    Relaxing now, to the sounds of Beethoven's 7th symphony, to quiet down my mind before attempting to get 8 hours of sleep.


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      Wow--I woke up this morning alert and ready to go, without the usual haze. The most amusing primal portion of my day was trying to neatly and quietly eat ribs at my desk for breakfast. Not an easy task.

      For dinner tonight I made one of my favorite: lamb sausage patties. Grass-fed ground lamb, lots of herbs and spices, all bound together with an egg. I froze half of it for breakfasts later, then cooked enough for two meals, packing one of those away for tomorrow's lunch. So far today I've eaten four different kinds of leaves: green baby lettuce, red cabbage, lacinato kale, and collard greens.


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        Awesome to read about what you're doing. Relaxing to classical music before bed is a wonderful idea. I may do that with a small glass of wine or some rum or scotch

        I love lamb sausage patties too! The onyl way I've made them, and my personal favorite, was feta cheese stuffed. Easy to make, just roll the balls out of the patties and make little bowls out of them. put in green spices like oregano, thyme, basil, etc. a little bit of salt and then fill in with the cheese. Mold the balls closed and shape them into balls that you can flatten into patties. Don't worry if the cheese is poking through. Cook in primal oil of your choice until the cheese inside melts and the meet is nicely done (you need to find a good ratio of meat to cheese. The ones I made had too little meat in them so the meat got more on the dry side and the cheese didn't melt). If you try it out, let me know! Grok on!


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          I'm glad the challenge is going well for you Melly Sue. There are a lot of use ex-vegetarians here. Primal is very healing for us. Grok on!
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