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    I've gained 25 pounds. I'm ready to continue with my primal journey and set a good example for my husband and seven children.
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    Day 1

    Primal Food Intake:

    B: 1 egg + 3 egg whites

    S: Macadamia nuts

    L: Chef salad with olive oil/vinegar dressing

    D: Cottage cheese and cantaloupe


    1 hour on the elliptical
    2 mile walk in the evening

    Yesterday's Weight: 143.4 lbs
    Today's Weight: 143.0 lbs

    I need more water and less Coke Zero.


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      Day 2

      My goals are:

      1. Breaking the diet soda habit (No soda yesterday)
      2. Getting back to my maintenance weight.
      3. Add strength training exercises back to my routine
      4. Put more energy into my workouts
      5. Be a good example for my family

      Primal Food Intake:

      B: 1 egg + 3 egg whites, coffee w/ almond milk

      L: taco seasoned ground bison, romaine and tomato salsa

      D: Chicken breast, green beans w/ bacon and almonds fried.


      Hour on the elliptical
      2 mile walk at the park in the afternoon


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        Wow! 7 children!! I'm very impressed that you are able to eat "primally" with children! I just went on vacation for 10 days and gained 7 lbs and not water weight, either. boo. I was staying at my sister's and it was difficult to eat 'grain fee' at her house. She also attempted the PB way of life but couldn't do it because of all of the carbs her kids eat. I hope that when they get a little older she'll finally convert and then clean up her kids' diet, too.

        I'm going to add some goals to my journal, too.



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          Day 3

          "What can go wrong, will go wrong."

          That sums up yesterday. I didn't get to exercise. My poor dogs didn't even get their walk. My menu choices were primal, but lacked variety. I didn't get enough water. I had to much coffee. I ate after 7pm. I had a big bowl of strawberries and greek yogurt. I was rushed and short tempered all day.

          Here's to a better day!


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            Day 5

            I've lost 6.8 pound this past week. What a way to end the week!

            Yesterday, I bought a new toy. I got kettlebells. I was told to start with 10 pounds and it was probably a good suggestion for me. I bought 10 and 15 pounds. I bought them at Ross. Really! I tried a few of the exercises shown on a sheet that was included with the bells. I'm hoping to find a good DVD or even a class for a real workout.