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    B: almond milk, whey protein
    S: primal protein bar
    L: sirloin steak salad, light balsamic dressing
    D: grilled chicken and vegetables, tomato basil salad, olive oil, kombucha
    S: green tea, dark chocolate, cherries

    8.5 hrs sleep, no coffee

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    9/13/2011 - Day 2 - primal challenge going strong and feeling great! definitely feeling better than yesterday when I was dealing with a weekend carb hangover (enjoying a few days off of p90x and knew i was starting the challenge on Monday)

    B: almond breeze, whey protein, few walnuts
    S: primal protein bar
    L: grilled margarita chicken salad with light balsamic dressing
    S: dried edamame (Primal? need to look into this, feeling snacky and ate more than I needed...)
    D: homemade bison meatballs (minimal bread crumbs), tomato basil salad, olive oil, roasted brussel sproats
    S: few frozen cherries, frozen dark chocolate square, green tea

    I'm eliminating coffee for several reasons: I like cappuccinos with a lot of milk and I am trying to reduce dairy, and I save money when I'm not in the habit of buying a coffee out every day.

    I'm used to having a glass of wine or more every day but I was also doing P90X for the past few months and realized that drinking much at all on such an extreme fitness regimen really didn't work well. Now that I am starting another round of p90X (probably the last for awhile) I am going to try and not drink much at all simply to make my life easier. Anyone else have a harder time recovering with one or two drinks, even if working out in the morning?


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      Bison meatballs? That's awesome! Keep up the good work. ^^


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        Welcome Geo. Fresh edamama, like other fresh legumes, is fine. I'm not sure what to tell you about dried.

        It would be ideal to eat more at meals so you don't feel like snacking.
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          Thank you for your comments @Anaroriel and @Hedonist!

          FYI dried edamame are something like this: Seapoint Farms Dry Roasted Edamame, Lightly Salted, 4-Ounce Pouches (Pack of 12): Grocery & Gourmet Food


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            9/14/2011 - Day 3:

            B: whey protein and almond milk,
            S: primal protein bar
            L: half of grilled chicken cesar salad, vegan chili (ate out and this was best choice option)
            S: peach
            S: pumpkin seeds (ate a bunch before a networking event), one glass red wine at event and a few almonds
            D: grilled chicken and vegetables, almonds, dark chocolate square


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              9/15/11 Day 4:
              B: whey protein, almond milk, primal protein bar
              S: pumpkin seeds
              L: grilled vegetables, veggie burger, clementine
              S: 2.5 oz mixed nuts
              S: few bites of friends oatmeal cookie
              D: baked bluefish, curried baked sweet potato (maybe 1/4 potato in slices), lettuce with balsamic
              S: homemade kombucha!