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Lori's 30 day commitment

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  • Lori's 30 day commitment

    As I already eat 85% primal and get 3-5 hrs moderate exercise weekly from my (almost) daily 5 mile cycle ride to work, here are my goals for the next 30 days:

    Add 2 x weekly bodyweight exercise in the form of yoga sessions, already doing this but not consistently.

    1 x weekly HIIT - probably sprinting in local park - been meaning to start this for ages.

    Cut back on dairy - I struggle with thinking something as delicious as unpasteurized soft cheese can be bad for you! But I'm wonder if it may not agree with me as despite lots of pre and pro-biotics (I make lacto fermented veggies, kefir and ginger beer with a SCOBY) I still suffer from constipation. Am beginning to think might be more of an emotional than dietary issue but I've never tried to go without dairy before so worth a shot.

    Eat greater variety of veggies - I noticed the other day at the supermarket that I consistently pick up the same things, broccoli, beans. I will try each week to add 2-3 new varieties of vegetables to my shop. Wish we had great farmer's market with interesting things nearby but c'est la vie.

    Eat more organ meats. Trying for liver 2x weekly.

    Have more fun! This is always on my list.

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    Update - so far

    Cutting back on dairy: not too difficult. even drank my tea without milk for a few days but have decided not to be so hard-ass about that. However, am not eating cheese and think that has contributed to a modest amount of weight loss since last week. My belly is definitely getting flatter. I was eating a lot of cheese!

    Didn't manage the extra exercise sessions last week, realised I need to get some new sneakers as I had chucked my old ones out. Can't afford 5 Fingers at the moment and not quite brave enough to risk the prospect of stepping in dog mess! Have ordered a yoga DVD and will start that this week.

    Extra veggies last week - parsnips and cavolo nero. Yum. Had liver pate but was naughty and ended up putting it on a cracker. how else can you eat pate???

    AFM - Am still getting a fair amount of indigestion after eating. Bit of bloating and wind. Not sure why that would be?



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      I almost forgot! I also did some foraging, picked up a bag full of hazelnuts , most still in their calyx's, from the ground under a tree at the top of the hill I cycle up daily. The nuts are delicious, even in their green state! However, you don't get many and it's a lot work for those you do get. Nuts are too easy to overeat, scarfing by the handful. Feel sure they would have been eaten more sparingly when not available by the bag.