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  • Out of the Lyme Light

    I've been in and around these forums for a coupla-few years. My story in a nutshell: four years ago, I was vibrant, Crossfitting, cycling, running 52 year old athlete. Then I got sick. Arthritis struck me so severely I had to have two spine operations to save my spinal cord from being permanently damaged by the arthritis spears of bone pressing into the cord. I never recovered.

    Four years ago, I weighed 140 lbs. of strong muscle and bone.

    Today, 56 years old, I weigh a soggy, sorry 200 lbs., I can hardly walk, much less run. Can't balance enough to cycle. I'm a mess.

    I have been so frustrated for the past 4 years because no matter what I did, how hard I tried, I couldn't lose weight, feel healthy, have energy for regular life, much less the grand adventures I'd wanted. I was so defeated, I even stopped caring.

    (All this is complicated by the fact that I am a caregiver to my 21 year old son who has been on death's door from years of undiagnosed and untreated LYME DISEASE and COINFECTIONS. His blood work reads like an infectious disease textbook: Borrelia. Bartonella. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Mycoplasma. He started antibiotics a few months ago, and he is slowly drawing back from that horrific death's door. Thank you, Dr. L and thank you God.)

    Anyway, FINALLY I got myself tested, and lo and behold: I have the infections, too. No wonder will power alone wasn't enough. No wonder I've had such severe arthritis. No wonder I am weak, tired, ill.

    On top of all this...I also just got diagnosed last week with cancer cells on a breast biopsy, from a routine mammogram. Since chronic Lyme infections can depress the immune system, this does not surprise me. I am very relieved to know that the recommendation is for surgical excision only, no chemo or radiation needed. I consider this part of the same battle as healing from Lyme.

    Ok.....but now the enemy has a FACE. Ok, so bacteria don't have faces but you know what I mean! I know what I am battling. .......WIN.

    In my healing arsenal: powerful antibiotics, good probiotics, a good mind, a will to live and a will to live well, and the knowledge of what a good diet is.

    Here is my healing plan to come out of the LymeLight:
    1. 30 day STRICT Primal diet with an emphasis on leafy greens, fish, good quality organic free range eggs.
    2. Powerful antibiotics.
    3. Powerful probiotics: VSL#3 capsules, Florastor, plenty of lacto-fermented veggies.
    4. SUPPLEMENTS: Burbur (herb for detoxing liver), multivitamins, alpha lipoic acid, CoQ10, fermented cod liver oil.
    5. Daily rest.
    6. Careful daily activity as tolerated, especially work in the warm pool followed by sauna/steam. (Bacteria do not like heat, they die off.)

    If I can feel better in 30 days of this Challenge.....well, it will be a blessed miracle. I have been so very, very sick.

    I'm in it to win it.

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    Day One:

    Meal 1: big plate of cooked greens with onions and garlic, 1 egg, pine nuts and 2 brazil nuts.

    Activity: PT in the pool: stretching, a little strength work, a sweat in the steam room. Feel good!

    Have first appointment with breast surgeon today, am in good spirits and feel quite positive!

    Out of the Lyme Light
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    • #3 I have breast cancer. Just to be thorough, I did a little research on diets and cancer. Here's part of what I learned:

      Growth and progression of cancers of the mammary, brain, colon, pancreas, lung, and prostate has been reduced following energy restriction.

      - Due to accumulated genetic mutations, cancer cells lack metabolic flexibility, so shifting the metabolism makes sense.

      - Many tumors have abnormalities in the genes and enzymes needed to metabolize ketone bodies for energy so ketogenic diets are especially potent.

      - It is well established that dietary energy restriction protects against cancer in many animal models, but…

      - Freedland and coworkers transplanted prostate cancer cells into mice. The mice were then divided into one ketogenic group, one low fat group and one western diet. After 51 days the tumor volume in the low carb mice was 33% smaller than the other two groups, despite similar energy intake [5].

      - Zhou and coworkers put mice with malignant brain cancer on a ketogenic diet meant for epilepsy and showed that the diet decreased the intracerebral growth by 65% compared to mice on control diet [6].

      - LJ Martin and coworkers randomized women to a low fat diet or a control group, hoping to affect the risk of breast cancer. They did. But not how they wanted. Over an average of 10 years low fat eating led to 118 invasive breast cancers while the control had 102. Carbohydrate intake was found to correlate with cancer risk [7].

      - A group of Japanese researchers [8] hypothesized that the increase in colorectal cancer in Japan could be due to increased fat intake. So they told 373 people with previous cancer to restrict their fat energy ratio to 18-22%. After 4 years the researchers were surprised to find that fat restriction had increased the risk of cancer recurrence.

      - A group of Italian researchers found direct relations between dietary GI and GL and risk of renal cell carcinoma [9].

      - In 1995, two pediatric patients with malignant Astrocytoma tumors were put on a 60% MCT diet to induce ketosis. PET scans indicated a 21.8% average decrease in glucose uptake at the tumor site in both subjects One patient exhibited significant clinical improvements in mood and new skill development during the study- continued the diet and remained free of cancer progression [10].

      - An Italian case control study from 1996 found that the risk of breast cancer decreased with increasing total fat intake and that the risk increased with increasing intake of available carbohydrates [11].

      - Eugene Fine at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, have been using a 1 month Atkins diet in cancer patients, hoping to see a reduction in tumor size. Results have not been published yet.

      - Stephen J. Freedland at Duke Univeristy is currently testing the hypothesis that an Atkins diet will prevent or at least minimize the metabolic consequences of androgen deprivation therapy in prostate cancer treatment.

      - The University of Würzburg Hospital has recommended a low carb, ketogenic diet for cancer patients since 2007

      Today I am having to make phone calls to get my surgery scheduled ASAP. Once I get that done, I will feel more settled. IN THE MEANTIME...


      B: 2 eggs, cooked arugla with onion, garlic, hot pepper, ginger, turmeric and cumin. Great cancer fighters!

      D: going out to dinner with our employees for end-of-season celebration. It's a good restaurant, so I plan to start with a raw green salad, have some seafood and a plate full of vegetables. No alcohol--the antibiotics I am on are stressful to the liver.

      Activity: Since I may not have time to get to the Y for my pool therapy, I will take a walk. It's a lovely day.

      To life!


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        Wow! Thanks for listing all of that info. Good luck and I'll be rooting for you!


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          Hi Pea -- I'm sorry to hear about the health problems you and your son are undergoing. I'm recovering from Lyme disease too -- while I've been off antibiotics for over a year and have been working full time, I'm still not 100% the person I was and I'm also carrying around a ton of extra weight. And this without a diagnosis of breast cancer on top of it! I hope you are doing well. Take care.


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            You should see this thread,

            and get yourself on Vitamin D3 ASAP.
            Epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency sweeping the world

            See the Vitamin D Report below,


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              Thank you, Primal folk, for the thoughtful and supportive replies.

              Grizz, I am taking Vit D3.....10.000IU/day. There is some speculation that chronic Lyme acts a little like HIV in the body, suppressing the immune system. (As does stress; I've had more than my share of THAT!). I do need to get my levels checked soon---they were marginal before I started supplementing.

              Kim, I'm just starting the antibiotics and YUCK. That's all I can say. Lyme is compromising my quality of life more than cancer!

              I'm starting to look forward to tonight's dinner. I have only eaten one lacto-fermented pickle since breakfast and I am not hungry. (The magic of low carb!) I am hoping to snag me a big, tasty piece of fish or some lobstuh. With butter. And veggies. Lots of beautiful, colorful veggies.

              Too bad I have to skip the martini!



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                Hugs Pea... hang in there! You might want to PM Paleobird - she's a BC survivor - rooting for you! btw the Lobster sounds delish!
                The most depraved type of human being is the man without a purpose. ~ Ayn Rand
                What's your purpose? Mine is Optimal Health.

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                25 Sep 2011 160lbs
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                GW ~135lbs
                Mother of 2, and wife to a kick ass husband...trying to contain chaos and havoc on a daily basis

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                  I did well at dinner: king crab legs with butter, loads of veggies.

                  This morning, I had my usual 2 eggs on a bed of cooked greens, onions and garlic.
                  For lunch, I ate a tin of sardines in olive oil.
                  I have stock simmering on the stove----big, beautiful grassfed, organic beef bones. I will eat the marrow with salt and pepper before it totally disintegrates. Then I will make a sort of Persian soup out of it, with dried limes, spinach, eggplant, and little meatballs. That will be dinner.

                  I am wiped out today. Probably stress. My surgery is Monday---a lumpectomy done as an outpatient.

                  I'm going full tilt to health.

                  To life!


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                    Surgery is behind me; I should have final pathology results by Monday at the latest. I am exhausted.

                    B: 2 eggs, LF red cabbage, sauteed onions with tumeric, garlic and ginger; 5 oz. sweet potato with butter. (about 30 net carbs---aiming for 50 or less).

                    L: small ass salad..

                    D: chicken, LF veggies. Nuts and a few raisins.

                    No activity today; I need rest. I am going to skip my antibiotics today; I just deeply feel my body needs to detox from all the sedation I had during surgery.

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                      Today I feel it necessary to get moving a little. I am allowed to shower today, first shower post-op! Going to the market will be sufficient exercise. I'm going to make a big pot of meat chili and call it a dinner.

                      B: 2 eggs, LF veggies, coupla Brazil nuts

                      D: Chili.



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                        I'm feeling better than I have in a long time. Now that the stress of worrying about the immediacy of cancer is over, I can tell that the antibiotics are working; the heavy veil of fatigue that hung over me for so long is lifting, ever so subtly, but definitely there is improvement.

                        PLUS...wowza.....does going grain-free do some marvelous things to kill appetite. I had about 4 oz. of leftover cooked salmon this morning and now I'm sipping some homemade chicken broth and I AM NOT HUNGRY. Really nice.

                        I think a small shift in my thinking about My Primal Plate has been helpful: I know I will do better if I focus primarily on VEGETABLES and FAT as the foundation of a plate, with smaller amounts of protein. (Since I cannot exercise with any real intensity yet, it makes sense not to consume excess protein and fuel gluconeogenesis.)

                        So....with my two morning eggs, I make sure there are cooked veggies with butter, ghee, or oil. My lunches and dinners feature soups, salads, and stirfries, heavy on the veggies.

                        Now that I have been diagnosed with Lyme & Co., and am being treated, I have hope that I can feel better enough to get my ass moving in a meaningful way.

                        To that end....I am off for a walk.



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                          Sitting here eating some herring and chopped hard boiled egg over bitter raw greens. Healing foods.

                          Yesterday was a Lymie day, but this morning there are those hints of my old energy, tantalizing and somewhat evanescent. But it gives me hope. Now that I know I have something TREATABLE that has been making me ill, I have more motivation to eat Primal and well. I can heal!

                          I did a whole lot of physical stuff in the house yesterday, despite the fatigue, but paid the price in the evening. Couch magnet.



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                            Originally posted by Grizz View Post

                            You should see this thread,

                            and get yourself on Vitamin D3 ASAP.
                            Epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency sweeping the world

                            See the Vitamin D Report below,
                            Grizz you should be recommending vitamin K2 along with D3. if you have bone issues go with 45 mg a day of uktra k2 from or the buy one get one free deal here
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                              Here are natural food sources for K2.

                              IMO, a good balanced diet will provide all the vitamins we need, and then take a daily multi-vitamin pill to cover any deficiencies.

                              Most people are severely deficient in vitamin D3 and a balanced diet + a multi-vitamin cannot resolve the problem. Only sunlight or Vitamin D3 can resolve this issue.