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My Primal Journey-Loving Me

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  • My Primal Journey-Loving Me

    Eating Healthy, getting exercise, good nights sleep, being positive and filled with joy, living with intention, being in the NOW, deep breathing - these are signs that I love myself! When I eat the 'bad' food, food that my body doesn't need (though my cravings may tell me different!) I am not loving myself. If you want to love others, you must first love yourself and that means being good to yourself, first and foremost. One of my 7 sisters (yes 7!) has been struggling with weight issues for 50 years. It wasn't until the past year that she realized that by not eating healthy, by not exercising, by not losing the excess weight, she was not loving herself. When you love something or someone, you take care of it like a precious jewel. That is how we need to take care of our bodies, which is a temple for our spiritual higher self. I've heard some people express that their physical bodies don't matter, they are temporary, that out spirit is the only thing we need to worry about. But loving ourselves means taking care of the vessel that holds and supports our spirit. Loving me means I'll make conscious smart decisions everyday about my body, which will lift me up and provide nutritional and encouraging food-for the body mind and soul. It means I'll move it everyday, in some way. And I'll feed my soul inspiring positive thoughts. I love me!