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    As I'm already tracking my efforts on a (fairly) regular basis at the highly recommended, I'll try and keep this short and sweet.

    I'm Fred, 40 years of age, living in Stockholm, Sweden with three kids, wife and a lovely pug dog. I've been on the program since mid-May this year - with some deviations during the summer holidays. Weather here is abysmal for most part of the year, so when the sun finally comes around one has to give oneself some leeway. Bad form, but there you have it.

    Since getting on the program I've made significant progress in reducing my waist, while at the same time widening my shoulders:-) The former despite wifely disbelief (she's convinced that I'll die of a heart attack before christmas from cooking in rendered bacon fat...) and the latter thanks to a couple of excellent bodyweight excercise books that are available out there.

    During the summer I got my fix of moving slowly by walking to work - a 18k roundtrip. Did that for as long as logistics would allow, but now that school and kindergarten is back in session, I had to find another way to achieve the same. I guess that I should really be thanking the local municipality, as they provided the solution. By raising the price of the local commuter pass by some 15% - making it the fourth most expensive amongst cities of similar sizes in Europe - they provided the perfect incentive to start commuting by bike:-)

    So, in short - I'm ok with the eating plan, I ok with the fitness plan, I work as best I can on sleep, I get to play with the kids and the dog. Unfortunately 15 minutes of daily sunlight isn't going to happen anytime soon. At least not on a daily basis. Winter is coming...

    Finally, as I'm one day behind, I'll do a double whammy for my first post:


    B. IF (had an espresso before riding to work)

    L. Raw lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber and mushrooms with some meatballs

    D. Pie with ham, spinach and eggs - non-grain crust (wife-made, so I don't have the particulars)

    NoNo's. 3 Marshmallows. when starting out on the Blueprint I had NO problems what so ever giving up sweets, snacks, cookies etc. Now, following vacations it seems that my self-disciplin hasn't really come up to speed. Hence the restart of using - it seems that I'm better at sticking to the program when I'm watching over my own shoulder...

    Slow. Biking to and from work - around 50min in to total

    WoD. Chins - 1x3 - I'm still really bad at chins. But as weight drops, they tend to get a bit easier:-)


    B. three-egg omelet with Schwartzwald ham and some mixed greens. Espresso.

    Slow. The usual 25min ride to work. Once inside the city proper, getting caught up in the peloton usually provides an incentive to do some sprint-work as well:-)

    L. Chicken sauté with pumpkin, apple and brussel sprouts - on the usual foundation of greens