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  • 30 Day Challenge Journal (Vetti)

    A quick overview about me.
    A 42 year old Uni student on a low budget with a hipline that has gotten stuck at more than pleases me. Weighing approximately 80kg on my dodgy secondhand scales, I'd like to see the indicator hover between 65 and 70kg so I can slip back into the outfits that I love.
    I've been reading about Primal and been trying to live Primally without making too much effort to stick to it. I don't miss grains, but when I see some artisan baked sourdough everything falls in a heap!
    I also get side tracked by wanting to make my friends comfortable (not challenging the foods they offer me even though they know I'm avoiding grains and processed foods), and my 20% margin for error becomes 50% far too easily.
    I want to develop discipline in all areas of my life:
    • Study(what I should be doing now)
    • Food
    • Cycling as transport (if only that 8km to my placement school wasn't so hilly)
    • Money (I'm saving for an end of year trip)

    Day 1: Okay, so things didn't go as well as I'd hoped.

    Breakfast: shake with whey protein, coconut milk and a vitamin blend. Left overs essentially. I can't afford to throw stuff away!

    Snacks (morning & afternoon): 2x boiled eggs, 2x small mandarins

    Lunch: chicken, cauliflower & spinach soup (home made. 2 chicken carcasses "chicken bones" were $1.50! With plenty of meat to make a good soup. I wish I'd discovered this bargain during winter.

    Dinner: re-named 'the long binge' Set off by a sesame seed and honey bar from the supermarket: Cheese. Banana. Dark chocolate. A glass of red wine. 2 chicken drumsticks cooked in spices.

    WOD: cycled the 8pm home from school on my heavy neighborhood bike.
    Oh those hills! It might begins to clean up the road bike... The only trouble is it's not practical to wear work clothes on it or carry all my heavy folders for teaching. Well, I have 3 weeks off from my placement now to think about how to make it work. Cycling meets my budget for travel and healthy activity!

    Not so very terrible overall, considering I only decided to do the challenge after seeing the blog when I got up this morning.
    Today's learning: steer clear of sugar in all forms, be mindful of why I am eating and why.
    Plan for things to go right instead of hoping they'll go right!

    Aiming for a fully planned and prepared day 2.

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    Day 2 was going well....
    Breakfast: chicken leg and a banana
    Lunch: Chicken in spices with Brussel sprouts (yum)
    Snacks: boiled eggs.

    Then, BAM! I took some poison to get an assignment churned out: 1x Toblerone bar. Yuk.

    Halfway through, my mouth was burning from the sugar, but I ate the whole thing anyway.
    Luckily, it worked, my thoughts started spinning and my unmotivated brain spat out what I needed into the computer. But now I'm too jumpy from sugar to start on my next assignment.

    I'm thinking I'll fast till breakfast... But I don't want to be punishing myself. I just wish there were a way to cancel out that nasty sugar attack.
    If only vending machines had one primal option in them! Just some jerky or nuts maybe.

    Okay, so I can't blame the machine. I was looking for something to push me, and sugar was the drug I chose.
    For the $2.50 I spent on chocolate, I could have bought some chicken wingettes for dinner.

    So, I'm adding a goal: the next 7 days I will not eat or drink anything that was not prepared from scratch by me.
    The exception will be my weekend espressos at my local cafe, which are my only poor student social event for the week.
    This will work toward my goals of eating primal AND saving money.


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      Day 3.
      Breakfast: Bacon, eggs with heavy cream and avocado.
      Lunch: 3 chicken legs
      Snack: black coffee
      Dinner: 3 chicken legs

      Today was sooo much better! A couple of friends were eating chocolate fudge cookies and chocolate brownies that looked very rich and tempting, but I stuck to my coffee.
      I had a look at Krause's leptin reset information and thought I would give that a go to shake the processed carb cravings.
      I have to get some mineral supplements, but I will try for 2 weeks at low carb primal to try to shake the sugar addiction.

      Had the coffee when I usually have my afternoon dip. I think that and the engagement in activities in my Visual Art tutorial fought off the drop in energy.
      I really didn't feel much hunger today. Had one chicken leg for 'early lunch' when I was a tad peckish.
      No money spent on food... But I also don't have anything for lunch and dinner tomorrow yet. Lucky it's a later start for Uni

      WOD: cycled 8km return to Uni


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        Going to a cheese & wine tasting tonight-not so primal, but I'll be avoiding the bread & crackers!
        Made a version of the MDA Moroccan Chicken with cauli rice yesterday. It s great & my non primal sister loved it.
        That was my lunch dinner & snacks. More later!