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    Started out today.

    Breakfast - none.
    Lunch - homemade beef and bacon soup with lots of vegetables
    Dinner - a wine tasting - seafood cake, bbq beef on baguette, braised boar with penne (sorry, they were quite small plates and I did eat all the baguette (about three inches) and half the pasta (about a half cup) but we had booked it a month ago - and we did get to taste three 3 oz glasses of BC wines. Yum.

    Exercise: Now the bad news. I went out wearing my Vibram Five Fingers and walked along our seawall. Did 30 squats (without rest), then 12 pushups against a bench, and then three step ups to a park bench. On the third, as my right leg came down I felt a great cramping feeling. Not good news. Since then I've iced the muscle in the back of my calf twice but it hasn't helped. To walk I have to stand on my tiptoes (right leg). And when I stand up from sitting, I have to be very careful since it feels like I'm tearing something. Do I need a doctor's opinion?